Metaverse Casino Game Development Companies Worldwide in 2023

There is a strong connection between gaming and the Metaverse, primarily because commercial VR technology is well-established in online gaming. And when we think of online gaming, casino or gambling is what comes to mind. So, metaverse casino game development is the logical next step. 

And there are a number of experienced firms that are involved in this development. A metaverse casino game development company must be skilled in AR/VR and other technological changes in the metaverse. 

A number of companies have come up lately that not only create metaverse casino games but do a lot more. We’ve listed some for you, and it’s all the information you need!

List of Top Metaverse Casino Game Development Companies

  • Superba AR
  • Maticz
  • Stepico
  • ChicMic
  • Cominted Labs
  • TrackGenesis
  • Gesp IT
  • Minddeft 
  • Infograins
  • Quanterall

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Best Metaverse Casino Game Development Companies

1. Superba AR 

Superba AR develops cutting-edge augmented reality experiences for some of the leading brands. Their work combines high-quality content with current technology – from massive marketing campaigns to effective enterprise visualization solutions.

By combining the digital and real worlds, augmented reality (AR) enables brands to tell their stories and present their goods and services in ground-breaking new ways. This is what Superba AR takes leverage from and can also indulge in things like metaverse casino games development.

2. Maticz 

Maticz is the leading metaverse casino game development company. They offer long-term software services and solutions for making metaverse casino games with immersive features that give players a wonderful gaming experience. 

The game has some fantastic features thanks to their development team. Additionally, this provides users with an engaging experience. Progressive jackpots, multiple-screen plots, and 3D graphics are just a few examples.

3. Stepico

In the US and Europe, Stepico is a leading partner in game development. They have a team of experts to provide game development solutions at all levels, working with companies like NBC Universal, Rovio, Section, and others.

They not only work on development such as to create metaverse casino games. But also take part in pre-production analyses, QA and testing, and game analytics for your project.

4. ChicMic

For both the web and the major mobile platforms (iOS and Android), the business provides complete development and consulting services. They have extensive knowledge of blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrency-based solutions, metaverse, Web3, and cryptocurrency wallets. Additionally, they have the best game development experience, having produced more than a thousand mobile games, many of which are available in a variety of App Stores. This includes, but is not limited to, the metaverse casino software.

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5. Cominted Labs

By co-creating engaging 3D experiences, they assist disruptive brands and IP owners in entering the major metaverse platforms. They have worked in metaverse architecture, gaming, events, and many other areas. The company also works on minute details like making game-related collectibles. Therefore, this is the metaverse casino gaming platform development company you need.

6. TrackGenesis

With its headquarters in Scotland, UK, TrackGenesis is a leading blockchain development and augmented and virtual reality consulting firm. User experiences are immersive and interactive with their augmented reality and virtual reality apps. Using augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) boosts customer communication and promotes your company.

They work on metaverse development for food, fashion, and gaming industries. Therefore, their specialized team makes it entirely feasible to work on a metaverse casino development.

7. Gesp IT

Gesp IT is full-service development and branding company that can meet the needs of any global organization. They have a strong professional background. They are able to provide customers with the best experience possible by focusing on their needs and offering a range of services that add real value to their business.

The company also works on website and app design, UI/UX design, and other projects. You can rely on them for metaverse casino game development because gaming development is also their forte.

8. Minddeft 

Minddeft is one of the leading metaverse game studios that focuses on using Blockchain technology in game development. It stands out from other gaming companies because of its distinctive approach to game development that makes use of the power and potential of blockchain. 

Businesses’ interactions with metaverse games can be revolutionized by their innovative services – like develop metaverse casino games. 

9. Infograins 

Infograins is a well-known metaverse game development company that creates a one-of-a-kind metaverse NFT-based game by utilizing its blockchain, AR/VR, and IoT expertise. Their professional group has worked on 3D games for a long time. 

The company has extensive expertise in creating and analyzing security applications, a thorough grasp of Blockchain technology, and a thorough awareness of the gaming industry, among other qualifications.

10. Quanterall 

Quanterall has a global clientele that includes market leaders as well as scaleups and startups. They create blockchain-based solutions, IoT infrastructure, and bespoke enterprise software. They have successfully completed more than forty projects in a variety of industries, including gaming, telecom, healthcare, and fintech.


Online casinos offer a variety of games, including dice and dominoes, slot machines, card games, and others, all of which have seen an increase in popularity recently. The introduction of metaverse into online gambling is an exciting idea. Metagamblers can select their preferred roulette, blackjack, and other games here.
Like gaming, metaverse has an impact in every field. And since it offers a more enriching experience, a number of companies and brands are turning to that side. So, gaming sites are constantly looking to expand with the help of metaverse casino game development companies. And we’ve listed some of the best ones for you!

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