Top Consulting Firms in Chicago in 2023

The requirements of a generation keep expanding, and hence, so do business. Given that there are too many fields and firms, they require constant help. And that’s where consulting firms come into play. 

What is a Consulting Firm?

A consulting firm is a business run by experts in a particular field who provide expert guidance, practical advice, and solutions to problems that cannot be handled internally for businesses. There will always be issues with any business, and so they are contracted out to consulting firms.

There are also businesses that specialize in a variety of trades and practices, such as finance, advertising, healthcare, engineering, architecture, technology, and even the public sector. Chicago has a number of these, and if you and your business is located in Chicago, you can benefit from a consulting firm. 

Some of the leading consulting firms in Chicago can help you with most practices – everything from issues in your business to enhancing your business. And we’ve listed them out for you!

List of Top Consulting Firms In Chicago

  • Anchor Advisors
  • IAR Consulting
  • KPMG
  • Synergy
  • The Auctus Group
  • Grotto Marketing 
  • Sherman
  • Sellerlit
  • Carver Peterson
  • Get Real XR
  • Blue Bist
  • A3 Environmental 
  • Bain
  • Industrie Reply
  • Jumpseat
  • CBS System Corporation
  • Cultivate Advisors
  • Paro
  • BCG

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Top Consulting Firms In Chicago

1. Anchor Advisors 

Anchor Advisors helps owners of businesses with 10 to 100 employees grow, move with confidence, and make decisions more quickly. They provide their clients with a solid foundation on which to grow by assisting them in strengthening the four pillars of their business: purpose, people, process, and performance measures.

They have materials, blogs and case studies to learn more about businesses and how to grow them. Other than that, this is one of the most trusted boutique consulting firms in Chicago, and they offer tailored services to companies.

2. IAR Consulting 

Everyone on the IAR team has led companies with high growth. This combination of executive-level management experience and entrepreneurial recruiting expertise makes it one of the leading consulting firms Chicago. 

They meet with stakeholders in the style of interviews to learn more about the specifics of the need and, in the end, determine the evaluation criteria. They use a set of tools that can be used repeatedly as their client’s scale, enabling them to hire better candidates sooner even after the engagement has ended.


The consulting division of KPMG, KPMG Advisory also has offices in Chicago. KPMG focuses on risk consulting and strategy, deal advisory, and management consulting. They work for clients in fields like data analytics, operations, technology, digital transformation, risk management, and corporate strategy. 

Their approach, which is insight-driven and makes them one of the top consulting firms in Chicago, enables the future-focused organization to accomplish its goals quickly and safely.

4. Synergy

As a creative marketing agency and one of the top Chicago consulting firms that is fully integrated, Synergy is a pioneering organization that is on the cutting edge of ideas, concepts, marketing, and technology. It constantly reinvents the standard of service and delivers superior performance. 

They are basically bridging the gap between the conventional consulting firm and creative agency. Sales process enablement, organizational structure, eCommerce, and product strategy are the primary areas of focus for the business advisory firm.

5. The Auctus Group

The consulting Chicago company focuses on the business side of practices, the Auctus Group gives dermatologists and plastic surgeons opportunities for growth. They provide clients with the necessary administrative, operational, and financial support so that surgeons and physicians can concentrate on what they love while we handle the business end.

6. Grotto Marketing 

Grotto Marketing is a strategic marketing and one of the consulting firms Chicago that focuses on working with entrepreneurial clients. Their basic approach is following a step by step process of strategy, planning, and execution method.

They view marketing as an endeavour from top to bottom. They believe that businesses benefit most from having a clear understanding of how everything fits together. Because of this, their mission is to provide expert guidance as well as practical implementation.

7. Sherman

Other than public relations, they’re also one of the management consulting firms in Chicago for startups. In order to comprehend and resolve your issues, they employ a holistic approach. The firm has a team of skilled storytellers, marketing specialists, and business consultants all rolled into one.

They can help if you’re introducing a new service, product, or entire company, changing your company’s name, want to stand out from the crowd and communicate with your audience more effectively, and more.

8. Sellerlit 

They’re  Amazon experts and one of the trusted Chicago management consulting firms. Sellerlit can launch the product as well as manage the account. They have launched products in all Amazon categories, including sports, groceries, home and kitchen, automotive, and more.

Services they offer include, Research and Validation of the Product, examining suppliers and purchasing, logistics, managing seller accounts and More

9. Carver Peterson

Their work is based on more than 20 years of hands-on sales experience and building, leading, and managing large sales teams in Chicago, Boston, and San Diego, and stands as one of the leading consulting firms Chicago. 

They work with clients who need B2B, professional, technical, and creative services. In order to achieve sustainable growth and predictable revenue, the company aims to develop the revenue compass of its customers. Additionally, their advisory base membership gives clients access to their online community, content library, monthly book club, monthly seller emails, and quarterly insights reports.

10. Get Real XR

Get Real XR provides consulting in Chicago and collaborates with industry-leading partners to offer clients fully immersive technical solutions. These solutions focus on data visualization, training in technical and soft skills, collaboration, events, and other areas. 

In addition, if you are interested in entering the metaverse but are unsure where to begin, they offer training and consulting to guarantee that your business can make use of these technologies to enhance your work processes.

11. Blue Bist

Blue Bist is one of the trusted boutique business consultancy firms in Chicago. For the benefit of local businesses, industry leaders, and individuals, they provide comprehensive, individualized solutions. This means that to help small businesses present their creative end, they follow a tailored approach. 

Market strategy and product management are just a few of the many solutions offered by their services, which also offer advice on purchasing cutting-edge software and developing cutting-edge solutions of your own.

12. A3 Environmental 

This is a full-service, woman-owned small business that focuses on providing high-quality environmental services. Private businesses as well as federal, state, and local government agencies are among their customers. 

They conduct due diligence, site assessments, and carry out remediation across the United States. In today’s complex regulatory environment, they also provide turnkey solutions to environmental issues. It is one of the very few Chicago consulting companies that deal in environmental concerns.

13. Bain

Bain is without a doubt one of the top consulting companies in Chicago. Clients of Bain Chicago range from Fortune 1000 corporations to mid-sized Midwestern businesses. Social sector work, particularly education reform, is also emphasized here. Their customers are companies working in consumer goods, energy and natural resources, healthcare, industrials, financial services, and other sectors.

14. Industrie Reply

The company that is part of the Reply Group provides cutting-edge, technology-based solutions for customers’ most difficult supply and value chain requirements. Through comprehensive consulting and technology solutions, Industrie Reply helps customers achieve the highest levels of efficiency by focusing on Industrie 4.0 methodologies.

Supply Chain Execution (SCE), Manufacturing/Internet of Things, and Customer Experience (Cx) are the three main areas of expertise at Industrie Reply. This makes it one of the better consulting firms Chicago.

15. Jumpseat

JumpSeat provides high-performing revenue-generation teams to rapidly expanding technology companies. They understand the need to market and solve problems, in a way, take a stand. So, this approach helps clients look better in the market.

They are an experienced group of strategic advisors who have previously led demand teams that were extremely successful. Through a wide range of highly interactive and tested methods, they upskill and align all members of the marketing, sales, business development, and partnership teams together. 

16. CBS System Corporation

CBS System Corporation develops digital growth strategies for businesses. They offer a top-notch free customer relationship management system, tools for sales and lead generation, email marketing services, an e-commerce solution and development, domain registration with web hosting, and other related services.

It’s not only one of the management consulting firms in Chicago, but also helps small and medium-sized businesses increase growth, efficiency, and profitability by providing a comprehensive web solution.

17. Cultivate Advisors

They have assisted thousands of businesses in over 200 different industries worldwide in achieving an average revenue and profit growth of 65%. The firm’s advisors become more than just a coach or consultants. Rather than taking any equity in your business, they work with you to develop a growth strategy and pace that is tailored to your ever-evolving requirements as you grow.

Cultivate Advisors is also one of the trusted consulting firms Chicago. And, the company offers solutions for boosting revenue and profits, talent management, marketing, leadership, and performance improvement.


FORVIS was established as a result of the merger of equals Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP (DHG) and BKD, LLP. It is motivated by the commitment to use its forward vision to provide unparalleled client experiences. 

It is also one of the best consulting firms in Chicago and employs over 5,400 dedicated professionals who provide services to customers in all 50 states. The assurance, tax, advisory, and wealth management services that FORVIS will provide will be comprehensive.

19. Paro

Paro is a growth platform and one of the consulting companies in Chicago that brings together businesses and talent. They aim to solve immediate problems and create a strategy for long-term success. Paro matches businesses with the expert and solution that best fits their needs in order to solve problems and drive growth. It is powered by its own in-depth industry knowledge and AI technology.

A wide range of services, from bookkeeping and accounting to highly specialized corporate development and strategic advisory, are provided to clients by their community of finance and accounting experts.

20. BCG 

BCG in Chicago has more assignment options than is typical in the consulting industry due to the large volume and variety of client work. Pro bono projects, which include work in education, economic development, the environment, human services, and the arts, are also a big draw here. 

Many consultants work with clients in and around the Chicago area, but they can also travel internationally or within the United States. The informal and collaborative culture of BCG Chicago builds on the entrepreneurial and creative atmosphere with clients. This also makes it one of the top consulting firms in Chicago.


A consultant is someone who is an expert in a specific area of business, such as how to increase sales, streamline management, increase network security, or establish a corporate strategy. There are management consulting firms in almost every industry and location on the planet. As a result, numerous businesses can be found in cities in the United States, like Chicago. The number of businesses in a region is largely responsible for their existence.

However, selecting a company and determining whether or not they are a good fit is difficult. That’s exactly the purpose of the list above! These management consulting firms in Chicago hold great experience. Therefore, you can now make the right decision.

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