How Much Does It Cost To Build a Metaverse?

Metaverse is one of the many mediums that has managed to change the face of technology in the past few years. It has also brought the world closer. So, businesses are constantly looking to incorporate metaverse in their fields. If you’re planning too, the first question is probably “how much does it cost to build a metaverse?”

There are a number of elements and features that determine metaverse development cost. And this varies from business to business. Needless to say, the cost will also change over time based on how people explore and incorporate the metaverse into their lives and businesses.

Let’s first consider how elements make up the metaverse. And the role of these elements in the overall cost of the project!

Elements Of Metaverse

There are a number of elements that define the metaverse development cost. These elements are more or less similar in most metaverse projects, given their use of them. They are like building blocks of your virtual world and hence play a key role. These elements are listed below:

  • Blockchain
    A decentralized metaverse is commonly based on a blockchain. It is a disseminated record innovation that takes into consideration secure, straightforward, and permanent exchanges.
  • Smart Contracts
    A smart contract is a program that runs itself and is stored on a blockchain. They make it possible to automate certain metaverse operations and transactions, like the transfer of virtual assets or the execution of game rules.
  • Decentralized Storage
    Without the need for a centralized server or database, large files and data can be stored and shared in the metaverse using decentralized storage systems.
  • Virtual Money
    Within the metaverse, virtual currency is utilized to facilitate transactions and the exchange of value among users. It can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies and typically uses blockchain technology.

Now that we are well-versed with the fundamental elements of the metaverse, let’s take a look at an estimate of metaverse development cost!

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How Much Does It Cost To Create A Metaverse?

Creating a virtual world in a metaverse requires a lot of time and expertise. It also requires the most cutting-edge technologies. A custom metaverse project generally costs between $20,000 and $300,000. This includes the cost of the tech experts, time and effort required to build and launch it. 

Different industries have different requirements, hence their metaverse platforms have different features. Certainly, specific technologies will also be needed and the cost to develop these features also varies. 

And a basic idea of how much does it cost to build a metaverse is given in the table below. It shows the cost difference based on some industries. 

Industry Features/TechnologyMetaverse Development Cost (Average)
Gaming Immersive Experiences Via VR/ARBlockchain
Virtual Currencies3D ReconstructionIoT
$30,000 – $300,000
Social Media Blockchain
Live EntertainmentCollaborationCommerceImmersive Experiences Via VR/AR
$25,000 – $400,000
Real EstateBlockchain
Immersive Experiences Via VR/AR
Virtual Currencies
$20,000 – $300,000

Last, but not least, let’s examine the factors that affect the development cost in various industries. 

Factors Affecting Metaverse Development Cost

When you think of how much does it cost to build a metaverse, you must also factor in variables. A number of factors keep changing and that creates a difference in the final cost of the project. This is not just the case with metaverse development, but for any app or platform, for that matter. 

  • Tech Stack
    Metaverse is like every other business application. It has a tech stack and other essential components. Therefore, if you intend to develop a metaverse application for your company, you will need to incorporate the distinctive tech. 

This will increase the price of building a metaverse app. Because of this, experts always recommend making all decisions before creating a Metaverse application.

  • Security
    Cyberattacks are always possible on anything connected to the internet. And they are more prevalent than ever in the current world. 

So, you should work on the security, protection, and digital ethics of metaverse development. Certainly, this will require you to spend a little extra, but it’s worth it.

  • Digital Avatars
    Digital avatars are self-representations that can impart expressions and opinions in different ways. The vast majority of internet users will be able to communicate in a gamified manner with the assistance of these avatars. 

Clearly,  they are a crucial part of the metaverse experience. But, their development and implementation can contribute significantly to the overall cost of creating a successful metaverse app.

In a nutshell, the factors have a great impact on metaverse development cost. But that’s not it, integrating certain factors is one thing, but the more the complexity of the app, the more is the cost. And certain businesses require less complex features than others, it also depends on you to make this choice.


If your brand/business is planning on creating a metaverse application, you might probably be wondering how much it cost to create a metaverse. Well, it’s not a clear number. The average range of development can start from as low as $20,000 and go up to $300,000. 

Metaverse development cost, like any other app development, depends on a number of factors. The technology used is also a variant because the tech stack makes up for the different elements. Different industries also require different features and technologies, so the cost may differ for all of them. 

The only way to finalize a definite cost of your metaverse app is to research. This way, you’ll also know what you need! And this simple guide gives a general idea to anyone who is questioning how much does it cost to build a metaverse.

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