List Of Networking Companies In Dubai [Selected Firms]

A system of cables, wires, and other hardware that connects the infrastructure of the company’s communication systems is called structured cabling. And phones, video cameras, computers, and data centers are all examples of this. Basically, unorganized cabling systems frequently result in issues with connectivity, which can cause network downtime and reduced productivity. So we’re constantly searching for trusted networking organizations. And if you’re in the UAE and looking for networking companies in Dubai, we’ve got you covered!

A detailed list of networking companies is exactly what you need, and we’ve done that!

List of Top Networking Companies in Dubai

  • TransSys
  • Tacme
  • Metadata Technologies
  • Redington
  • Etisalat
  • Omnix International
  • Vector Technologies
  • Glotech International

Top Networking and Structured Cabling Companies in Dubai

1. TranSys

Oracle Technology solutions are designed and implemented by TransSys using experienced methods. So, businesses use TransSys worldwide for everything from the design and installation of an Oracle database to performance tuning and database security audits. 

Its work portfolio with small businesses and multinational corporations (MNCs), makes it one of the leading IT networking companies in Dubai.

2. Tacme

TACME is a leading technology service provider based in the United Arab Emirates. It provides comprehensive IT solutions and business solutions to businesses in the Middle East and North Africa. 

The network cabling company in Dubai has a lot to offer solutions-wise. Software, hardware, networks, telecommunications, electronics, and other areas are the primary areas of focus for their team.

3. Metadata Technologies

Metadata centers around CRM consulting and support to smooth out business tasks through the Microsoft Stage. As a result, they help clients with CRM executions regarding programming, as well as give preparing and direct CRM reviews. 

As another one of the networking companies in Dubai, it has a different approach. They use Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to help centralize the communication between organizations and their customers and leads. 

4. Redington

Redington Gulf offers supply chain solutions from beginning to end for all types of IT products. Basically, this includes PCs, PC building blocks, networking, software, and enterprise solution products. 

Serving 38 emerging markets, the network cabling company in Dubai offers solutions to more than 290 international brands in the IT and mobility fields.

5. Etisalat 

This structured cabling company in Dubai operates in 16 countries in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Etisalat Group is a Fortune 500 company which offers cutting-edge solutions and services to 155.4 million subscribers. 

Smarthub data centers in Dubai and Fujairah, service on demand (SDN/NFV), cloud services and cloud connect and IPLC & Ethernet are some of their services. And all of this makes it the largest telecommunication corporation in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council).

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6. Omnix International

In leading the digital transformation of processes, procedures, and operations, Omnix International has collaborated extensively with numerous government and private partners. It is also the leading provider of Computer Aided Engineering solutions and one of the authorized distributors for Autodesk. 

And to provide world-class solutions, Omnix International collaborates closely with its global technology partners like IBM, HP, Oracle, SAP, and others. 

7. Vector Technologies

Vector Technologies have extensive competencies in supporting HFC networks, helping Tier1 MSOs to track and solve access network bottlenecks. And, of the services that the network cabling company in Dubai offers, some include – tests of remote PHY devices and CCAP cores, principal core, data core and video core integration. Additionally, remote PHY and out-of-band signal communication is also one of these many services from the company. 

8. Glotech International

Glotech International is an outsourcing, technology services, and consulting firm in the telecommunications industry. Dubai serves as the headquarters of the business. Some of their most important services include telecom implementation, project management, network planning, and optimization and quality assurance. 

Plus, the network cabling company in Dubai has varied involvement in services, based on their clients. This could range from providing expert resources to completing turnkey projects and solutions.


The success of an IT environment for any business depends on a cabling system that has been designed by professionals. And over time, it will be more than worth the money put in. Therefore, you need to get in touch with well-known businesses that are skilled in their field. So, for anyone in Dubai, the above list of networking companies will help. We say, go on and find your suitable IT networking companies in Dubai!

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