Top Cash App Clone Development Companies in 2023

Cash App is a peer-to-peer payment app that allows people to rapidly  send, receive and invest money. And a Cash App clone is a great business idea! It additionally offers the choice to buy stocks and bitcoin through its foundation, and is more than a mobile banking app. Through its Cash App Taxes feature, the company has even made it possible for you to file your taxes. 

Given its potential and increasing use, creating a Cash App clone is something to consider. With its development, firms can not only get the features of the popular payment app, but add better ones to the clone!

Cash App Clone Development Companies

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Verified Top Cash App Clone Development Companies List

Consagous Logo
Founded In: 2008
Employees: 250+
Rate Card: $25 - $50/hr


Consagous is committed to providing solutions for financial software development and it is perfect for a Cash app clone. With their specialized and proficient involvement with the monetary area, you should be rest assured about getting complete answers for all your peer to peer app development, all of which empower an extraordinary change indeed.

For the banking and insurance industries, this financial software development company offers a wide range of Fintech software services. Additionally, the company offers strong value propositions for business expansion and global experience.

Sidebench Logo
Founded In: 2012
Employees: 250+
Rate Card: $100 - $150/hr


Sidebench is another peer-to-peer app with technologists, finance programming engineers, and strategists. To meet the ever-evolving requirements of contemporary finance, the organization offers comprehensive financial technology solutions and outsourcing services for the development of Cash App clone app.

It makes it easier for government agencies to provide first-of-a-kind experiences for major consumer brands and cutting-edge fintech software solutions for the healthcare sector.

ScienceSoft Logo
Founded In: 1989
Employees: 1000+
Rate Card: $50 - $100/hr


The organization works on extraordinary fintech applications for conventional monetary specialist co-ops and helps fintech businesses. It also focuses on monetary app development like creating a duplicate Cash App.

ScienceSoft offers full-cycle fintech programming improvement administrations, covering programming plan and venture arranging, UX and UI configuration, testing, advancement, and modernization. 

The consultants at ScienceSoft offer guidance regarding opportunities for cost reduction, software capabilities that add value, security, and compliance. The senior fintech developers at the company are skilled in AI/ML, big data, blockchain, IoT, augmented reality, and virtual reality. All of this to create contemporary payment apps.

Itexus Logo
Founded In: 2013
Employees: 250+
Rate Card: $25 - $50/hr


Itexus focuses solely on providing services to businesses that operate in the financial sector. It has assisted both new and established fintech businesses in the cost-effective and rapid development of digital financial products over the years.

You can rely on the skilled developers at Itexus to be with you at every stage of the development process, from initial planning and UI/UX mockup to design and deployment.

This peer-to-peer app development company truly excels in assisting businesses in automating their financial procedures or launching new services that may assist them in potential market expansion. So, you can also get your Cash App clone app development.

UppLabs Logo
Founded In: 2014
Employees: 50+
Rate Card: $25 - $50/hr


UppLabs has established itself as a household name, in the fields of healthcare, real estate, and fintech. There’s a team of expert developers with a focus on mobile and web-based application design that work at the company.

By providing intelligently engineered financial products, they have assisted numerous enterprise finance businesses in closing customer service gaps. UppLabs has been behind many masterfully made money-related exchanges and internet exchanging stages. This also includes a number of similar projects as Cash App development.

Miquido Logo
Founded In: 2011
Employees: 250+
Rate Card: $50 - $100/hr


Miquido provides fintech app development using cutting-edge technology to turn businesses into exceptional digital products. It has provided major brands with more than 150 business solutions all over the world.

Big Data Analytics, mobile app development, user experience (UX) designs, product designs, and Fintech-based strategy are all provided by the company. Finance is the company’s primary area of focus to create a clone Cash App. Given its exceptional development niche, it is the best option for both small and large businesses.

Uptech Logo
Founded In: 2016
Employees: 250+
Rate Card: $25 - $50/hr


Uptech is one of the top fintech app development firms that support the transformation of an idea into a fully functional product. So it can easily help you with a replica of Cash App source code. It deals with innovativeness, skill, and an item improvement approach.

Also, it offers instinctive, easy-to-use IT administrations, including portable application development, web application advancement, UX plan, and fintech programming development. Additionally, it works in the beginning phases of advancement for result-driven yield. The best part is that it contributes to the project development cycle, from concept to completion.

10Clouds Logo
Founded In: 2009
Employees: 250+
Rate Card: $25 - $100/hr


Fintech software development and consulting are the company’s specialities. They put a lot of emphasis on making banking and fintech solutions that are easy to use and up to date. They also help in creating payment apps like a Cash App clone.

10Clouds created solutions that meet the strictest security standards. They can be used to speed up the process when working with businesses and fintech companies. 

Additionally, the fintech team at 10Clouds supports customers as they construct platforms for secure data sharing, extends their partners’ blockchain and mobile development teams, and assists fintech companies in moving to the cloud.

Diceus Logo
Founded In: 2011
Employees: 250+
Rate Card: $25 - $50/hr


Diceus is a software development company specializing in insurance, banking, and fintech software. They utilize big data, and cloud solutions to boost the monetary programming they make. They offer services like building online banking systems, mobile banking solutions, payment solutions, and blockchain banking solutions. 

The company guarantees competent technical support and advice. Diceus are experts in peer-to-peer app development, online payments, payroll processing, B2B insurance services, and modernizing banking legacy applications. And hence, can easily help with a Cash App clone script.

Avanade Logo
Founded In: 2000
Employees: 10,000+
Rate Card: $200 - $300/hr


Avanade is a worldwide expert administration organization offering top IT counselling administrations and fintech software development services. The company manages all enterprises, including banking, producing, retail, well-being, and so on. On the other hand, it also gives organizations the best peer-to-peer app development solutions. This makes it a trustworthy firm for Cash App clone development. 

Using cutting-edge technology and the power of people, their professionals and team are experts at resolving problems associated with payment and similar fields. Through growth-driven mobile app development services, Avanade’s sole objective is to make a genuine human impact on its customers and employees.

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The future scope of custom payment app development like Cash App, is promising as everyone moves toward the digital age. Such an app offers a lot more features than people were used to, with regular banking. So peer-to-peer payment apps are exactly what we need, and the increasing use of Cash App is proof of it! And, if you’re looking to create a Cash App clone, then this list is exactly what you need!