Metaverse Enterprise Solutions Service Providers [Top 10]

The metaverse can be considered as modern technology because it relies on cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain, and artificial intelligence to create a fully immersive digital world. The ways in which we interact, work, learn, play, and even socialize could all be altered by it. Metaverse enterprise solutions are therefore one of its many features.

Read on, to find out what it exactly means. 

Metaverse Enterprise Solutions & How It Helps?

Metaverse enterprise solutions refer to the use of metaverse technology and infrastructure to solve business problems and improve organizational efficiency. Businesses can use these solutions to take advantage of the metaverse to create new growth opportunities, boost revenue, and increase customer engagement.

The metaverse’s global reach is the most appealing feature for businesses. Businesses have made significant progress in breaking through geographical barriers and entering new markets as a result of the internet. However, there is still a gap between experiences in the virtual world and the real world. And that is where metaverse enterprise solutions come into the picture.

There are a number of companies that offer enterprise solutions through metaverse. 

List of Top Metaverse Enterprise Solutions Service Providers

  • Groove Jones 
  • Tsukat
  • YORD 
  • Born Studios
  • Lucid Reality Labs
  • CM&D
  • Fair Worlds
  • Advin 
  • Subvrsive

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Best Metaverse Enterprise Solutions Service Providers

1. Groove Jones 

Their award-winning work in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), webGL, and 3JS app development has made them well-known., AT&T, Comcast, Ford, Google, HP, IBM, Intel, Lexus, Mastercard, McDonald’s, Nestle, Samsung, State Farm, Salesforce, Toyota, and Under Armour are among the well-known brands that they’ve worked with.

2. Tsukat

Tsukat is a multidisciplinary team of XR experts who are passionate about cutting-edge interactive, virtual reality, and augmented reality technologies and their significant impact on the modern world.

Their company excels in both the design and development of the metaverse, interactive XR solutions, computer vision applications and interactive AEC solutions.

3. YORD 

They focus on the most difficult interactive projects, developing their own products, and creating high-end immersive experiences. Metaverse enterprise solutions are among the services they provide. 

The company is of the opinion that entering a brand-new, highly immersive reality aids businesses in both acquiring new customers and maintaining existing ones. In addition, they enable users to socialize, learn, work together, and play in ways we never imagined.

4. Born Studios

By bringing businesses’ metaverse visions to life, Born Studio moves them forward. Born can assist your company in the construction, artisanship, and production of materials that will be indispensable to the digital landscape, such as metaverse architecture, wearables, avatar accessories, and content that truly engages.

The construction of the metaverse entails much more than digital architecture. Their in-house programmers and designers begin creating a space with personality after collaborating closely with clients to fully comprehend their goals.

5. Lucid Reality Labs

Lucid Reality Labs is the world’s leading Immersive Technology consulting, design, and development firm. They specialize in the production of immersive XR training and simulations for the pharmaceutical, medical technology, and healthcare industries.

They create gamified virtual reality (VR) solutions for training, education, and collaboration scenarios that allow users to explore, interact, learn, and master procedures associated with the role in a controlled, risk-free environment.

6. CM&D

They assist clients throughout the entire process of creating stunning immersive experiences (VR, AR, and 360 Video) as a full-service virtual reality production studio. Distribution Brand Strategy, Immersive Brand Activations, Backend Support, Database Management, Analytics, and Performance Optimization are some of the services they provide. 

In addition, they keep up with the most recent immersive tools so that they can build experiences for brands. This includes 360° Video Production, Virtual Reality Development and more.


FFFACE.ME is an international studio that helps businesses integrate cutting-edge technologies into their marketing and PR communications. Augmented Reality and Instagram/Snapchat filters are among their products. 

As a result of this, brands can engage their audiences both online and offline. The company also has important NFT and metaverse projects with well-thought-out designs, effective PR support, and an efficient communication plan.

8. Fair Worlds

XR app and web experiences that engage, sell and solve problems are created by the full-service immersive agency. They have backgrounds in digital, web, and film, which sets us apart from typical gaming immersive development firms. As immersive technologies rapidly advance, Fair Worlds focuses on projects that have a direct impact on the bottom line and serve also as a consultative growth partner for their clients.

9. Advin

They incorporate complex augmented and virtual reality integration projects into brand marketing communications. Additionally, the metaverse enterprise solutions service provider has a specialized 3D modeling and animation studio responsible for creating augmented and virtual reality scenes.

Over 250 AR/VR/3D projects of varying complexity have been implemented by their team for companies like Coca-Cola, Visa, Havas, TWIGA, Ocean Plaza, Respublica, Lacalut, Citrus, and Biosphere, among others.

10. Subvrsive 

Subvrsive utilizes Virtual and Augmented Reality, to assist some of the world’s most prominent businesses in achieving positive ROI. Staging and hosting creation, development, analytics setup, feature prioritization, QA testing, and other services are among their offerings during the creation phase.

They offer everything on the metaverse spectrum – from playful augmented reality lenses to fully immersive virtual worlds and seamless 360 videos.


The metaverse is a virtual world that many people use and has its own rules, economy, and social structures. Various software, platforms, and services assist businesses and organizations in utilizing the metaverse’s power. This enhances their operations, marketing, and customer engagement and is referred to as metaverse enterprise solutions.

Metaverse technology and its solutions are aiming to revolutionize businesses, and so a number of firms are involved in doing that. A number of metaverse enterprise solutions service providers have been listed above. 

So browse the list and choose the right suit for your business!

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