How to Track Someone’s Location Without Them Knowing?

When it comes to our loved ones, more specifically children, it’s normal to be worried about them. And in order to know that the person is safe, or to check if they’re doing something wrong, it’s normal to rely on tracking apps. So, an important question often arises – how to track someone’s location without them knowing?

And we not only tend to answer that but also help you with finding suitable apps to keep a check on the people you love!

How To Track Someone’s Location Without Them Knowing?

If you’ve wondered about things like “Can I track a phone number without them knowing” or “How to track someone’s location without them knowing”, then we’ve got you covered. A tech-savvy and modern way to do it is by installing a spy app on the target phone in secret. 

These apps allow you to secretly monitor a person’s location. Plus, almost all of the activities on the targeted phone are tracked by these phone spy apps, including calls, SMS messages, the location on Google Maps, and web history. Some even keep an eye on social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Telegram, among others.

For people you know and care about, you might want to track a phone without them knowing for a number of different reasons. In any case, it’s important to utilize such tracking apps morally and for well-wishing reasons. 

In the rest of the article, we will list some of the best apps that will help you get someone’s location without them knowing!

Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

  • KidsGuard Pro App
  • FollowMee GPS Tracker
  • TrackView
  • EyeZy
  • Family Locator
  • Hoverwatch
  • uMobix
  • iKeyMonitor
  • SPY24

1. KidsGuard Pro App

KidsGuard is one of the most trustworthy apps for people to track a phone without them knowing. The target phone’s almost every action can be closely monitored. This application accompanies several inbuilt features which allow you to review call logs, program history, recordings, photographs and different information put away on the objective telephone. 

This application’s real-time location tracking feature is mostly accurate. The app’s dashboard also displays the location history. Its unique factor is that it goes in disguise when it is installed on the mobile phone, so the person wouldn’t realize that their mobile phone is being checked.

2. FollowMee GPS Tracker

The smartphone app, FollowMee GPS Tracker, enables real-time device location tracking. It offers a list of important features, including geofencing, area history, and notifications for when your gadget enters or leaves a particular region. Additionally, this app is a great option for individuals who need to monitor the locations of multiple devices because it can be used to track multiple devices from a single account.

This tracker is helpful for people who need to follow a gadget without the user’s information. It works well even in areas with poor internet connectivity and can be installed discreetly. So, this makes it possibly the best free phone tracker app without permission.

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3. TrackView

TrackView is a mobile app that provides remote access to the phone’s camera and microphone and tracks the location of a specific phone. Families who want to safeguard their loved ones and get someone’s location without them knowing will find this app useful. While the basic app is free, there’s a premium plan which is paid.

Users can use this app to remotely access a web interface, turn their devices into IP cameras with GPS locators, and monitor the location of family members in real-time. The app provides access to social media feeds, geofencing, stealth mode, and other features in addition to location tracking. 

4. EyeZy 

EyeZy is the best cell phone tracker app without permission because it can be installed subtly on a target device. So the person you want to check on won’t know you installed something on their phone. You will have the option to see their approaching and active calls. 

It will also give you the option to see where the person is actually located in real-time, and you’re likewise going to have the option to see what they’re looking for on the web. They provide round-the-clock customer support. This is also a great option to spy on kids. As it lets you keep an eye on your kids’ online activities and you can even block certain websites.

5. Family Locator

This is a free phone tracker app without permission that lets you view the current location of any family members using the app. There’s also a built-in messaging service that allows you to communicate with other users.

Family Locator has an SOS button for parents, which is crucial for child safety. It will immediately display their children’s location on a map when pressed. People can set up warnings for when their kid arrives at a specific spot. Additionally, the app facilitates the creation of secure and risky zones.

6. Hoverwatch

If you want to know where the target phone is geographically, the Hoverwatch app is an excellent option. The best part is that you can monitor everything that happens on the target device while remaining completely anonymous. And this app will start working as soon as you install it. 

This app even allows you to monitor up to five devices at once. In addition, you can accurately locate the phone, making it the best iPhone tracker app without permission. It’s also used by some people for their kids, which is great when you want to see what they’re doing without them knowing.

7. uMobix

uMobix is another free best phone tracker app without permission. It utilizes a GPS area tracker to screen somebody’s telephone without them knowing. Geo-fencing also lets you mark areas as safe or no-go zones by setting parameters. You will be notified of the activity whenever the target device enters or exits one of these areas. 

Additionally, you can see how long the target device stays in various locations. uMobix also offers a number of extra abilities including call checking, keylogging, internet browser controls, and web-based entertainment checking. The mSpy app works reliably, but if you run into problems, their customer executives are available to help.

8. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor provides the fundamental features of any other tracking app, such as location monitoring. It also has the capacity to examine both previous and current location data, and time stamps that indicate when the phone was in a specific location and for how long. The app lets one keep an eye on text and calls, which is an added advantage.

This app has basic phone monitoring features that allow you to track your family’s location using their mobile phones. You can also hear what’s going on near the target device by remotely activating its microphone. It easily answers all your doubts around ‘how to track someone’s location without them knowing’, and is free to use.


LetMeSpy is a phone spy app that is only available for Android. It starts monitoring calls, SMS, and GPS locations as soon as it is installed on the phone that is being monitored. The data it screens can be seen effectively by using a phone, PC, or any other gadget. LetMeSpy works well and is the best phone tracker app without permission.

It also works quietly in the background to keep the user of the targeted phone in the dark about its presence. The app gives control to employees and parents, while also allowing location monitoring in real time. Additionally, the best part of this app is its free membership. 

10. SPY24

SPY24 is an easy way to get someone’s location without them knowing. And it works with Mac, Windows, iOS, iPhone, Android, and iPad, among other operating systems. It offers a variety of strong features that let you spy on someone and track their exercises on their cell phones. This includes seeing their call history, messages, and downloaded applications.

SPY24 can also set up geofences, which will notify you whenever the person enters or exits a specific area. So, parents who want to monitor their children’s safety and ensure that they stay in specific locations will find this feature particularly useful. In addition, the app provides users with a 30-day free trial plan and a free demo version to test it out.


When you need to keep an eye on a loved one on their smartphone to make sure they have been tracked, a spy smartphone tracking tool is a good choice. A number of parents and families are considering such apps these days in order to keep a check on their children. You can easily download these apps on a person’s device and track a phone without them knowing.
In any case, for whatever reason might be, we’ve also got options to find the free phone tracker app without permission. And this list is your answer to “how to track someone’s location without them knowing!”

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