What Does it Mean When Someone Has Notifications Silenced

Apple always keeps up with what its users want. So, it comes up with hot and happening features each time, in its latest versions of iOS. Following up on that, it has now focused on the need to communicate when people cannot, well, communicate. The latest feature that is available on iOS 15, is the notifications silenced option. The way it works is that when you open someone’s message chat thread, you will see “contact has notifications silenced” on their phone. Read on if you need to understand what does it mean if someone has notification silenced? We’ve quite the answers for you!

What Does it Mean if Someone Has Notification Silenced?

The enabled focus mode displays the message “has notifications silenced” when a user turns off their iPhone’s notifications. This means that the user is unavailable to chat or text back. By using this feature, the user isn’t directly telling you that they cannot talk. But it indirectly tells that they might be busy elsewhere.

A common question is about what does it mean when someone has their notifications silenced? Apple claims that the new feature was made to help users concentrate on what they are doing on their phones. If you want peace while working on something important, this can be great. 

So, if someone has notifications silenced text messages, it’s your cue to get that they’re busy. Of course, you can still text them, but they won’t receive the notification. Hence, they will respond in their own time.

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Do Notifications Silenced Mean Blocked?

To answer it briefly, no you haven’t been blocked if you come across the ‘has notifications silenced text messages’. When you see this message, it does not indicate that the user you are attempting to contact has blocked you. It indicates that they have paused notifications for text messages, so they won’t see your message right then.

The label is visible on the iMessage contacts with whom you spoke. On the other hand, you will also be able to see it if other people enabled the label on their end. So, calm down, it’s nothing personal.

Majorly, if you’re wondering what does it mean when someone has notifications silenced, here’s everything that could have happened.

  • They are using Focus Mode, but they don’t know it’s on.
  • They have disabled Focus Mode, but they have enabled “share across devices.”
  • They are offering the Focus Mode status to other people, which causes obstruction with getting notifications.
  • As a result of an update to one of the applications, while Focus Mode was turned on, that app’s notifications stopped working (a system bug).

If you’re still wondering about the has notifications silenced iMessage’ meaning, here’s how you can get it working.

Using the feature

Now that you understand the ‘has notifications silenced meaning’, here’s how to use the feature. One has the option to either allow or silence apps and people they want to receive notifications from when setting up a Focus.

For people – 

  • Select a Focus from the drop-down menu under Settings > Focus, such as Do Not Disturb, Personal, Sleep, or Work.
  • After selecting People (or Choose People), perform one of the following:
  • Allow specific people: Tap Allow Notifications From, then choose the Add People button, and finally select from your contacts.

Additionally, you can activate options to permit repeated calls, and calls from specific groups.

  • Silence specific people: Tap Silence Notifications From, tap the Add People button, then select from your contacts.

The good part is, one can also turn on Allow Calls from Silenced People.

For apps –

  • First, go to Settings, then choose Focus, here you’ll see options like Do Not Disturb, Personal, Sleep, or Work.
  • Now, tap Apps, and do one of the following:
  • Allow specific apps: Tap Allow Notifications From, then the Add Apps button appears, and finally, you can choose the apps.
  • Silence-specific apps: Tap Silence Notifications From, and you’ll notice the Add Apps button, to wrap it up, select your choice of apps.

Additionally, you can enable Time Sensitive Notifications, which enables all applications to immediately send time-sensitive notifications. Just like the name suggests.

Turning off Focus in messages –

In your iPhone, go to the iPhone Settings and choose ‘Messages’. After this, you’ll be able to turn Focus off under ‘Allow messages to access’. It’s that simple!

Now you know what does it mean if someone has notification silenced on iPhone and how it works. So here’s what you definitely need to know!

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Why Does It Say Someone Has Notifications Silenced?

The enabled Focus Mode displays the message “Has notification silenced” when a user turns off their iPhone’s notifications and shares the information with others. Even if you do not manually enable it, the Share Focus status feature is enabled by default in all Focus modes. 

Additionally, because all of your Apple devices are logged in with the same Apple ID, this notification will be displayed on all of them if you have enabled focus sharing on one of them.

Has Notifications Silenced Text Messages Keep Showing 

A number of people have been found complaining about the fact that their chat threads keep showing ‘has notifications silenced’. The issue is that these controls are overly strict or complicated to the point where they become confusing. And so, Apple’s focus on privacy can sometimes backfire.

Here’s how you can fix it –

  • Make sure to disable the Shared Across Devices toggle under Settings. Your Focus modes and status will be shared between Apple devices that use the same Apple ID when this option is enabled.
  • Turning off your iPhone’s “Focus” mode is the second thing you can do to get the alerts back on your screen. Your apps can send you notification messages while Focus is active, but you have to open them to see them.
  • Your iPhone can be set to use Low Power Mode to help conserve battery life when it is running low. It can be useful if you’re on a long road trip or in an area without WiFi or service, but if you rely on notifications from certain apps, it can also be problematic.
  • You should also check your iOS notification settings in addition to app settings. You’ll find these by tapping “Notifications” in Settings. There is a section on this page for each app that lets you control where notifications appear and whether or not they sound. To access all of Apple’s customization options, simply tap an app on this page and toggle “Allow Notifications” if it is disabled. 
  • There’s an option called “Share your Focus status” that can be found in Settings on the Focus Status page. Apps will notify users that your Focus Mode is active and that you are unable to respond to messages when this option is enabled. Therefore, you must disable the option.


Apple has always been concerned about user privacy, but in recent years, that concern has significantly grown. Every recently updated app in the App Store has privacy labels that indicate the kind of data the app collects. This App Tracking Transparency gets better by asking the user if they agree or don’t want an app to track them before it can do so. Similarly, ‘Focus’ gives the user more control over notification settings.

If you’re thinking about what is notifications silenced in your latest iOS versions, then it’s just another step for the same idea of privacy. And mostly it’s a delight. But there are times when it can get confusing and you do not know how to fix it. 

After you understand what does notifications silenced mean, it’s simple to get going. And this guide can help you understand everything from details to functioning. 

And we’ve got you covered, with this question and more questions like what does it mean when someone has notification silenced? So go on and explore these features today!

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