How To Know If Someone Unfollowed You On Facebook

Our lives now revolve around social media, and Facebook continues to be one of the most widely used tools for keeping in touch with loved ones. Facebook recently evolved into a hub for rumours. It appears that Mark Zuckerberg has given user privacy a lower priority than the company’s expansion. Facebook has evolved over the past few years from a social media platform where users could connect to a business network that links thousands of consumers with companies.

With all the controversy raging in the political and entertainment worlds, it has become common for people to show their allegiance by adhering to a particular set of individuals. Additionally, people frequently follow and unfollow users on Facebook.

Now, you might want to unfollow them back if they do so on Facebook after checking how to see who unfollowed you on Facebook. If someone doesn’t follow you back, you might want to unfollow them as well.

The issue is, how do you get a list of Facebook users who unfollowed you? What to do if someone unfollows you on Facebook, for example?

We’ll look at a few ways to find out How To Know If Someone Unfollowed You On Facebook in this blog post. By comprehending these techniques, you can gain perspective on your online interactions and decide on your online relationships with knowledge.

What is the Difference Between Unfollowed, Unfriended, or Blocked on Facebook

Is it true that the person has unfriended, unfollowed, or, worse yet, blocked you on Facebook? This is the first and most crucial question.

When you unfriend someone on Facebook, their account is completely removed from your news feed. If you unfriend a Facebook user, you won’t be able to see their feed, follower list, or any other data. Additionally, it implies that you won’t receive a message from this user directly, despite the fact that their message request will be visible in the “message request” section. 

However, unfollowing works a little differently. Although you won’t see anything they post, you will still be on their friend list. You have access to their friend list and can receive messages from them. Basically, it is a more subtle way to remove someone from your Facebook page.

The block option is available at last. This feature might be well known to you already. If you block a user, they are unable to send you messages, find your account in the search bar, or view your feed. They will be totally removed from your Facebook. Keep reading and you’ll get to know how to see who unfollowed you on Facebook.

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Can You See Who Unfollowed You on Facebook?

Unfortunately, you can’t see who unfollowed you on Facebook unless you habitually monitor the followers regularly. Additionally, manually checking each follower can take a lot of time and is not a practical option for people with a large number of Facebook followers. Learn how to see who unfollowed you on Facebook with a few simple methods.

However, we have listed some alternative ways to help you know if How To Know If Someone Unfollowed You On Facebook. 

How to Know if Someone Unfollowed You on Facebook

1. Manually See Who Unfollowed You on Facebook

You can manually check your friend list to see if the person who you believe unfollowed you is actually on there. It is pretty obvious that they have unfollowed you on Facebook if their name does not appear. Avoid jumping to conclusions too quickly because it’s possible that the user may have deleted their Facebook account or temporarily deactivated it. If that’s the case, they will not appear on your friend list anymore.

A manual search, however, may not always reveal the list of Facebook users and you cannot justify that How To Know If Someone Unfollowed You On Facebook. When someone unfollows your Facebook account, the platform doesn’t notify you. If you don’t manually check it or use a third-party tool to better understand who unfollowed you, you’ll never know if someone did on Facebook.

Checking your followers on Facebook is another way to find out if the target has stopped following you. Click on the “more” button located right next to your profile icon and select “followers”. The absence of the person from your list of followers indicates that they have stopped following you on Facebook. It should be noted that if someone has blocked you on Facebook, they will not even appear in the search results. In the search box, enter the target’s username and press “Search.” If their name does not appear in the results, that’s a sign they have blocked you.

2. How To Know If Someone Unfollowed You On Facebook with Browser Extensions

You can thank tech wizards for always coming up with simpler solutions because it can be really difficult to manually find out who is on your Friends list but not on your Followers list.

You can add and install numerous extensions to your Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. The app saves the list of your friends and followers the first time you log into your Facebook account after installing the extension on your browser. This way, you can check how to know who unfollowed you on Facebook.

It will now notify you right away whenever someone unfollows you. Additionally, it will let you know if someone deletes, blocks, or unfriends you. It is as simple as that!

With an extension, you won’t have to be concerned about friends who decide to Unfollow you after you follow them. You can maintain control over your interactions on social media and always be aware of which friends you should re-make and which ones you should cut off.

You should keep in mind that Facebook disapproves of third-party websites, applications, and extensions. Therefore, make sure you aren’t breaking Facebook’s terms and conditions before installing a third-party extension on your browser.

What Happens if Someone Unfollows You on Facebook?

Friends frequently get into heated Facebook debates and arguments over public posts. It’s possible that one of your friends felt offended by your last argument and decided to unfollow you because everyone responds to anger and hurt differently.


On social media sites like Facebook, maintaining connections is a difficult and constantly changing process. You can better understand the dynamics of your online relationships by knowing if someone unfollowed you and make the necessary adjustments. In this article, we looked at several ways that How To Know If Someone Unfollowed You On Facebook. Each technique provides information about the state of your online connections, whether it be through manual observation, using the friend list, using third-party tools, or watching changes in interactions. You can navigate the digital world more skillfully and get the most out of Facebook by using these techniques. How to know who unfollowed you on Facebook by the above methods?

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