How To Unfriend Someone On Discord

Being a part of the digital world of the present times calls for you to be aware of this great app, discord. Whether you are a gamer or interested in digital gaming, discord will surely be one of your favorite applications. Having an account on discord helps you connect with your friends while gaming. Or, in general, you can chat with them through text or voice and stream movies and music. It is a highly advanced app with many features enhancing the user experience. 

Among the many features of this app, one is unfriending on discord. Can you do that on this application? You sure can! And the processes or the methods for it are straightforward and effortless. The following discussion will be about this app and the feature of unfriending on discord. We have put forth all the necessary information regarding this topic, so follow the given decision to know more. 

What Is Discord?

In technical terms, we can define discord as a VoIP and instant messaging social forum. Here, you can readily communicate via voice calls, text messages, video calls, media, and shared files in private chats, which the communities call “servers”. 

The application gained popularity because of its application in online gaming. Almost all gamers use discord to communicate and interact with each other while they are enjoying an online game. Besides this, the platform is an ideal source of streaming videos and movies and listening to songs with numerous people. 

How To Unfriend Someone In Discord?

Let us now know how to unfriend someone in discord. We will discuss different methods and ways in which you can do so. So, we will start with two primary methods of unfriending someone in discord, and let us look into the processes now.

Method 1: Using the “Remove Friend” option on discord 

  • Step 1

Open the discord application on your device and launch it. You will find the hamburger menu or three stack-like lines on the top left corner of the app. Click on that menu. You will find the “Home” side panel on your screen’s left side.

  • Step 2

On the “Home” menu, click on the “Direct Messages” icon. You will be sure of this step when you see that the button has taken the shape of a speech bubble. Further, you can proceed to the next step when the button turns into a speech bubble. 

  • Step 3

You will have a list of the friends you have discord with, which will appear on the “Home” panel’s right side. From that list, you can search for the friend whom you want to remove from your friend list on discord. After you find the username of the person, tap on the name, and it will take you to the chat room of that person on discord. 

  • Step 4

You will find the “Friends ” icon on the top right corner of the what room page. Click on that icon. It will further take the shape of the outline of two persons.

  • Step 5

Click on the friend’s username again on the ride side panel. It will help you reach the profile page of the user. Then, you will find the profile page of the user 

  • Step 6

In the profile page of the user appears, you will have to click on the three-dot options menu. 

  • Step 7

A drop-down menu will appear. Further, you will find two options, one is “Block”, and the other one is “Remove Friend”. And because you want to unfriend the person, you will have to choose the option of “Remove Friend”. But, if you wish to block the person’s profile on your discord, you can opt for the “Block” option. With this, you have got an answer to how to unfriend someone in discord in seven simple steps.

Method 2: Using The Bottom Menu On Discord 

Now, let us look into the simple steps of the following method.

  • Step 1

Launch discord on your device and reach out to the hamburger menu or the three-stack menu option on the top left corner of the app. It will lead you to the “Home” menu.

  • Step 2

When you see the “Home” side panel, you will also find that the bottom menu has appeared. You will find numerous options on the bottom menu, and you must select “Friends” or the icon showing a person waving. The exciting and assuring feature here is that once you click on this icon, the person starts waving, and it also ensures that you have chosen the right option.

  • Step 3

You will then go to your “Friends” list on discord. Search for the username you want to unfriend and then click on the username.  

  • Step 4

You will then head to the profile of that person. Then find the three-dot menu in the top right corner of the app. 

  • Step 5

The menu will drop, and you must find the option “Remove Friend”. Once you find that option, click on it. And you are done! You will readily remove or unfriend the person in five simple steps. 

What Is Some Other Way Of Unfriending Someone In Discord?

There is an indirect way in which you can daily unfriend someone in discord without really removing them from the “Friends” list. The method is Muting the friend. So, you do not receive notifications of the messages the person sends you. In a way, it is an excellent method of unfriending someone, but indirectly. The steps of this method are as follows. 

  • Step 1

Open the discord application on your phone or any other device. You can readily use a web browser as well. Log in to the app with your credentials. Reach out to the server you share with the person you want to unfriend on the app. Do you not have a server with the person? Nothing to worry about! You can readily opt for a chat or DM with the person. So, open the DM.

  • Step 2

You find the discord tag; click on it. You will find it when you right-click while using a computer or PC. 

  • Step 3

Try to find the option of “Mute” and click on it to check the box. If you are accessing this option through the DMs with this person on discord, you have to swipe to the left. Then select the option “Notifications” and click on a time frame or the time for which you would want their messages to be on mute. And you are all good to go. You will no more receive any message notifications from this person. 

Will Someone Know If I Unfriend Them On Discord?

One of the many questions you might come up with is, “Will someone know if I unfriend them on Discord?”. The answer is safe and satisfactory, which is no! Anyone you unfriend from your discord does not receive any notification or message informing them that they no longer belong to your “Friends” list. So, you need not worry about them knowing when you’ve unfriended them on the discord. 

You cannot view any messages with this person if you share any servers with them. They will no longer be on your “Friends” list as well, and at the same time, they will no longer be able to send you any discord messages. 

If You Unfriend Someone On Discord Does It Delete The Conversation?

The next question is- If you unfriend someone on discord does it delete the conversation? You need not worry about the messages on the chat with the person you unfriend on your discord. The conversations or the chat wipes for both sides of the party. What happens when you unfriend someone in discord is that they no longer be your friend on discord and do not belong to your “Friends” list on the app. 

When you unfriend someone in discord, the messages from your side of the chat and the person’s side wipe out entirely and automatically. The chat also closes with the friend after you unfriend them on discord. 

What Happens When You Unfriend Someone In Discord?

Here are the different things about what happens when you unfriend someone on discord.

  • The person whom you unfriend no longer stays on the “Friends” list of your discord.
  • The chats automatically wipe out immediately after you unfriend someone on discord.
  • The chat closes between you and the person when you unfriend on the app.
  • You can no longer chat or send text messages to the person your unfriend. Neither can that person send you any messages when you unfriend them. 

You must also know that the person doesn’t receive notifications when you unfriend them on your discord. 

Final Words 

Discord is a fantastic app that helps you stay connected to different people, known and unknown, globally. It has widespread popularity and utility as well. One crucial feature you require to keep unwanted people from sending you messages on this app is unfriending them or muting them. Thus, we have discussed all the same in our above discussion, starting from the question if you unfriend someone on discord does it delete the conversation to all the different methods for unfriending? We have discussed three different ways to help you unfriend anyone in discord. So, follow any one of the methods and unfriend anyone to refrain them from texting you anymore in discord.

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