How To Start a Mobile Fingerprinting Business? [Updated Guide]

There’s an increasing breach of security and hence more crimes. So, there’s a growing market for live scan fingerprinting. And the common question is – how to start a mobile fingerprinting business. But first, let’s understand what it is.

Livescan fingerprinting is an inkless, electronic method for catching fingerprints in a digitized arrangement and afterward sharing them with a state vault, for example, the FBI or the State police.

This is a better method than ink prints because over-inking, under-inking, smearing and smudging are avoided. Additionally, the results are fast. With this growing demand, a number of people consider starting such a new business. 

And starting the mobile live scan fingerprinting business is not much of a hassle! Here’s how you can do it. 

How To Start A Mobile Fingerprinting Business?

1. Come Up With A Business Plan:

A business plan will help you organize all of your ideas and provide a clear path for starting and expanding your business. Researching your local area and interests is essential at this stage to choosing the types of fingerprinting services to provide.

This also helps in looking around for licensing plans and funding. A business plan will force you to carefully consider your objectives and your strategy for achieving them.

2. Licenses & Permits: 

Other than the FBI and the Branch of Equity, each state has various regulations. Usually, a background check will be required, in addition to training and certifications.

In addition to fingerprinting for specific licenses, general business registrations may be required. This includes an employer identification number, a sales tax permit, and other related documents.

3. Get Funding:

To start your own fingerprinting business, having a solid plan for financing is essential. Even though there are a number of options for financing, it’s important to carefully consider each one because it could affect your business’s finances in the long run.

You may only require a few hundred dollars to cover your initial expenses if you are just getting started. The most important thing is to make well-informed choices that are best for your current situation. Before making any final decisions, talk to your accountant.

4. Set Up Software & Equipment:

The requirements for software will differ based on the services offered. To process digital fingerprint capture, a specific piece of software will be required to run a mobile live scan fingerprinting business.

Find out what tools, supplies, and equipment you’ll need to run your business well. Make a list of all the big and small things you’ll need. Finally, research different suppliers and crack the best deal.

5. Build A Team:

It’s possible that you won’t need employees at the beginning of your home-based business. However, you will probably require a manager, fingerprint technicians, and a marketing lead as your business expands.

Make sure you hire the right people. You might also hire multiple workers for a single role or a single worker for multiple roles, again depending on need. 

6. Insure Your Business 

While setting up the business, it’s just as important to get a reliable insurance. Insurance shields one from unforeseen circumstances that have the potential to severely damage the company. You should first investigate any state requirements. General liability insurance is usually required to obtain state licensing in order to offer fingerprinting services.

There’s also an increasing prevalence of biometric scanning. So, data breach or cyber liability insurance can assist in safeguarding against customer losses incurred as a result of using your service.

7. Build A Website:

One of the important questions that stem from how to start a mobile fingerprinting business is how to market it? And a well-designed website is essential for any business to succeed in the digital age, including a fingerprinting business.

Your customers will be drawn to and engaged by your website, which will also present your goods and services in a professional light and present your brand.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Fingerprinting Business?

To start a mobile live scan fingerprinting business, without a physical location can cost as little as $5,000. On the other hand, starting a physical business with a vehicle for mobile services and a fingerprint technician will cost approximately $20,000 and more. 

Licenses are permits that cost an average of $150. Whereas insurance can cost as much as $650, whereas setting up a website can cost anything between $1000 – $1500. These costs may range based on different locations and your requirements. 

The following are some of the typical costs that come with operating a fingerprinting business:

  • Insurance & Licensing Fees
  • Employee Wages & Benefits
  • Marketing & Advertising Expenses
  • Legal and Professional Fees
  • Rent/Lease For Office Space
  • Technology & Equipment Costs

With all these costs, the question arises if the business is profitable or not. And that’s an important aspect in any industry – to gain profit. 

Is Fingerprinting Business Profitable?

Depending on the size, type, and demand in the area, fingerprinting businesses can make a lot of money. Contracts for employee background checks are frequently awarded to these businesses by law enforcement and government agencies. Additionally, a fingerprinting company may serve as a provider for many larger businesses that pay for extensive fingerprinting requirements. 


Digital fingerprinting and other more advanced identification methods are in high demand as technology advances and security concerns rise. Since the market of live scan fingerprint sensors is expanding, it’s a great field to start a business in. But how to start a mobile fingerprinting business?

This simple guide has everything you need to know to start your own business. It’s also a profitable business as mentioned, with a basic understanding of funding needed to begin. And if you have a solid understanding of the laws governing fingerprinting, you will be able to confidently offer your services and build a successful business.

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