Top 10 White Label Reputation Management Platform And Software

With the advent of the Internet, reputation has become much more tangible. Customers can easily share their unbiased thoughts on social media and online review platforms like Yelp or Google Reviews. They also opened up the possibility of reputation management. Companies can influence how the general public perceives their brand, and white-label tools can assist them in doing so.

Businesses require effective tools to manage their reputations as consumers rely more on online reviews and ratings. White label reputation management platforms and software provide a solution by providing businesses with customizable and scalable solutions for monitoring, improving, and protecting their online reputation. 

The following article will look at the top ten white label reputation management platforms and software on the market.

What Is Reputation Management?

Reputation management affects a brand’s public image by making information about it available online. Many marketing agencies and companies specializing in reputation management provide this service to their clients. 

Reputation management is a multifaceted process that includes numerous practices and strategies. Among these strategies are the following:

  • Reviews management and generation.
  • Reputation measurement and marketing.
  • Social media marketing.
  • SEO
  • Customer experience management.

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What Is White Label Reputation Management?

White-label reputation management is a system or software that enables businesses or agencies to provide reputation management services under their branding. It entails utilizing a platform or software that can be customized and rebranded to match the identity of the business or agency providing the service.

Using the platform’s tools and features, white label reputation management solutions enable businesses to manage, monitor, and improve their online reputation. Review monitoring, sentiment analysis, review response management, social media monitoring, and analytics are common features of these tools.

White-label reputation management software may include the following features:

  • Monitoring and tracking online reviews from various review sites and social media platforms.
  • Sentiment Analysis is the process of analyzing the sentiment and tone of customer reviews to identify trends, areas for improvement, and potential problems.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Creating detailed reports and analytics to assess the effectiveness of reputation management efforts and track key performance indicators.
  • Multi-location Management: Assisting businesses with multiple locations in managing and monitoring their reputation at each location individually or collectively.
  • Review Response Management: Streamlining the process of responding to positive and negative customer reviews to demonstrate engagement and improve customer satisfaction.

List Of Top 10 White Label Reputation Management Software For Agencies

  1. Sell SaaS
  2. GatherUp
  3. Flyte360
  5. Arrivala
  6. Vendasta
  7. Reviewshake
  8. Brandify
  10. ReviewTrackers

Best White Label Reputation Management Program For Business

1. Sell SaaS

Sell SaaS is a well-known white label software provider with a diverse product portfolio. Their software is reasonably priced, fully customizable, and simple to install. 

  • Sell SaaS specializes in SaaS options and is an excellent choice for all types of businesses, from sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 corporations.
  • Sell SaaS provides online review management software that allows anyone to monitor and generate reviews easily.
  • This tool enables you to add social proof notifications to your website, thereby increasing your credibility and overall reputation and allowing you to gain the trust of new clients more quickly.  

2. GatherUp

GatherUp is a reliable provider of white label reputation management software.

  • GatherUp includes all the standard features, such as monitoring and generating reviews, data management tools for creating engaging and organized reports, SEO, marketing, etc.
  • GatherUp assists in providing constant updates and informing users of upcoming upgrades. 
  • The support staff is quick to respond and attentive. The software they provide is highly customizable and dependable.  

3. Flyte360

Flyte360 is yet another excellent white label reputation management solution.

  • Flyte360 provides review generation and monitoring, performance insights, social media monitoring, and sentiment analysis, among other services.
  • Flyte360 can provide all of the valuable data on one dashboard, and the design is clean and simple to use.
  • Another distinguishing feature is choosing a unique subdomain to brand your control panels, such as


The team consists of review management professionals. SEO and local agencies are the company’s main customers.  

  • The software is simple to use, and new customer accounts can be created quickly. You can even create multiple profiles for each account, each with its own set of permissions.
  • is not very good at communicating upgrades to its customers. They tend to move and rearrange their features without being noticed.

5. Arrivala

Arrivala is primarily a review-related application. It enables you to collect or distribute them automatically across over 30 different review platforms. 

  • It is simple to keep track of one’s feedback statistics and learn their average feedback score, and it also provides reputation management software for small businesses.   
  • By entering your clients’ contact information in the control panel, you can send review requests to them. Text messages can also be used to make these requests. 
  • One distinguishing feature is a charitable donation incentive for reviews.

6. Vendasta

Vendasta is the best white label reputation management software for selling various digital solutions. 

  • Vendasta has useful review monitoring features, and reviews get reported in real-time so you can respond promptly.
  • Vendasta cal also provides various review templates to facilitate the process of engaging with customers.
  • One can easily track reviews and feedback on over 100 platforms. It’s the best white label Google review software for mention monitoring across the Internet.

7. Reviewshake

Reviewshake is yet another review management platform.

  • The software and reputation management software is simple to use for agencies because everything is centralized on a single dashboard. More than 85 relevant websites are linked from this dashboard. 
  • This useful application can create, manage, market, and analyze reviews.
  • Positive and negative reviews are separated to make dealing with the negative ones easier. 
  • Text messages and email can also be used to set up drip marketing campaigns. Another convenient feature is the ability to share positive reviews on social media automatically.

8. Brandify

Brandify is a top white label reputation management platform that effectively helps businesses manage their online reputation.

  • Brandify enables businesses to monitor online reviews, respond to customer feedback, and generate valuable insights.  
  • The white-label capabilities of the platform allow agencies and businesses to brand the platform.

9. provides comprehensive white label reputation management software to businesses to help them take control of their online reputation.  

  • The Whitelabel solution from enables agencies to offer reputation management services under their brand. 
  • Businesses can use its user-friendly dashboard to monitor and respond to reviews from multiple review sites, analyze customer sentiment, and generate actionable reports.

10. ReviewTrackers

ReviewTrackers is a powerful white-label review management software that assists businesses in streamlining their reputation management efforts. 

  • Businesses can use the ReviewTrackers platform to monitor online reviews, respond to customer feedback, and analyze trends and sentiments across multiple review sites.
  • The white-label feature of ReviewTrackers allows agencies and small businesses to present a unified and customized reputation management solution.


White-label reputation management platforms and software give businesses and agencies the tools they need to monitor, manage, and improve their online reputation while maintaining brand consistency.

The top ten white-label reputation management platforms and software mentioned in this article provide various features and capabilities to meet various business needs. These solutions enable businesses to monitor online reviews effectively, respond to customer feedback, analyze sentiment, and generate valuable insights. 

Finally, using white-label reputation management platforms and software enables businesses and agencies to take control of their online reputation and establish a positive brand image. The top ten platforms and software mentioned in this article are valuable resources for businesses of all sizes, offering comprehensive features, customization options, and dependable performance. By investing in these solutions, companies can build trust, engage with customers, and ultimately thrive in the digital landscape.


What is the definition of a white-label reputation management platform or software?

A white-label reputation management platform or software is a solution that can be customized and rebranded by businesses or agencies to provide reputation management services. It enables businesses to monitor, manage, and improve their online reputation while maintaining their brand identity. Review monitoring, sentiment analysis, review response management, and social media monitoring are typical features of these platforms.

What are the benefits of using white-label reputation management software for businesses?

White label reputation management software has several advantages for businesses. For starters, it enables businesses to provide their customers with a seamless and integrated reputation management experience, thereby improving their brand image and credibility. Second, it saves time and resources by leveraging specialized tools and features designed specifically for reputation management. Finally, it allows businesses to adapt and expand their reputation management services as needed.

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