Web Based Car Reservation System [Top 10]

Any business requires a number of tools for smooth function. And this is also the case with car rental businesses. Hence, a web based car reservation system helps perform functions that regulate the tasks at hand. Car rental solutions make it easier for companies to manage their bookings and fleet from a single application. 

Customer data, location mapping technologies, and availability forecasts are all easily accessible via dashboards. Rental companies can easily set up their system to handle damage reports, automate toll or parking ticket charges, and send maintenance alerts.

Modules Of Care Rental Reservation System

  • Booking Engine: The engine gets the most recent list of cars that are available for the dates, along with their prices, accessories, and specifications. This takes place after the data is synced. It performs functions like managing payment procedures, reservations, and distribution channels.
  • Fleet Management: The fleet needs management as well. Starting from keeping track of all of the tasks related to maintenance as well as locating to and distributing vehicles to people.
  • Task Management for agents: Agents have a to-do list which needs to be followed up. In a way, this module regulates and oversees what happens behind the scenes. The software dashboards allow car rental agents to manage their errands. A number of tasks, including car maintenance, oil changes, and annual vehicle inspections, are automatically remembered by the system.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Any business requires good customer feedback and experience. This module keeps a track of it. CRM notifies customers and stores statistics based on their responses. It sends out evaluation forms and runs satisfaction checks.

In the current day and age, you can easily find web based solutions, and that’s also the case for a car rental reservation system. 

List of Top Web Based Car Reservation System

  • HQ Rental Software
  • ScheduleBull
  • Lime Anywhere
  • Easy Rent Pro
  • Rent Syst
  • ARSLoaner
  • CarHire 
  • RentWorks 
  • Rent Centric
  • MyRent

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Best Car Rental Reservation Software

1. HQ Rental Software 

HQ Rental Software makes it simple to record vehicle maintenance costs, check real-time availability, and update rates, in addition to the standard customer and fleet management features. 

Depending on your plan, you’ll get various features to help you with car rental solutions. This includes utilizing a plugin to integrate the reservation system with your website and generate personalized confirmation emails on an automatic basis.

2. ScheduleBull

The web based car reservation system offers a number of free modules for scheduling management and contract generation. ScheduleBull’s robust application programming interface makes it simple to connect it to your current systems. 

The software is free to use, if the rental companies have up to two users and five cars. One of its unique features include the use of API to quickly lower or raise prices for specials or seasons.

3. Limo Anywhere

Special software is needed by limo companies to help owners communicate with drivers and ensure prompt airport pickups. Limo Anywhere is the best option for limousine rental companies because it offers real-time tracking, the best mobile booking platform in its class, and branded applications.

There are five plans for a monthly subscription at Limo Anywhere. To set up your service, you’ll have to pay $299 upfront. Additional monthly fees are required for certain features like texting or branded customer apps. It is also the most popular limo reservation software.

4. Easy Rent Pro

With its comprehensive solution, Easy Rent Pro makes it easier to manage a large fleet and multiple locations with an unlimited number of vehicles. The referral agent and commission function of Easy Rent Pro make it the best option for large businesses.

The rent planner and vehicle utilization graph in Easy Rent Pro provide you with a clear view of availability at any location, and you can use the quick lookup feature to locate any car.

5. Rent Syst

RentSyst operates entirely online. It is compatible with all browsers and devices. This is the best cloud-based car rental business software because you not only get the software but also a cloud CRM program.

This software is designed for mobile business owners. From any device, you can access rental checklists, run reports, and track your vehicles. Features of the cloud include a website plugin for WordPress, with a built-in planner and task manager.

6. ARSLoaner 

The ARSLoaner tool is the easiest system to use due to its straightforward interface and the company’s willingness to assist you in configuring your software. You can access your dashboard with ARSLoaner from any device, browser, or location. 

It works well on desktops and small mobile screens. The focus is on being easy to use and simple. The features include tools for fleet tracking that uses the global positioning system (GPS) in real-time. Additionally, you can accurately charge customers for tolls and fines.

7. CarHire

The car rental book software that offers solutions at all levels: functionalities for the front office, backend, and customer service. Additionally, Carhire uses an API to connect the rental car company with its partners and access their rates and promotions. This allows you to reach customers outside of your current clientele. 

One of the outstanding features of CarHire is its self-service portal for customers to check on vehicle availability in real time.

8. RentWorks

This web-based car reservation system was made for rental companies that need a lot of advanced features to help corporate customers or handle a lot of business. RentWorks has comprehensive software that can speed up your reservation process, automate fleet management, and create custom workflows. 

It stands out for its advanced features, which can be configured in a variety of ways, such as by adding modules for texting customers or processing credit cards.

9. Rent Centric

Rent Centric is a vehicle rental company’s all-in-one software solution. The software is a solution for car, motorcycle, P2P, and RV rentals. 

Automated tools like digital signature agreements, snap vehicle inspection, videos, and photos, and automatic driver’s license input are just a few of the software’s many standard features. The car rental management software focuses on making the business run smoothly and making automation improve efficiency.

10. MyRent

MyRent is a first-of-its-kind piece of software for managing car rentals. Its excellent features help businesses run more smoothly and make more money. It places an emphasis on database records analysis and planning, which aids in comprehending the entire car rental system. 

The software focuses on speeding up and smoother contracts and rental organization. MyRent provides all the essential tools for success, whether there are hundreds of cars or just a new business.


It’s not easy to keep track of your fleet. Car rental reservation software, on the other hand, makes it easier to manage vehicles and drivers while also making online reservations more enjoyable.

Using an intuitive dashboard, you can quickly assign vehicles or record damage with point-and-click tools. The above-mentioned software offer a robust experience, so go find the perfect system for your business today!

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