Top 10 Loyalty Program App For Small Business in 2023

Fostering customer loyalty is more important than ever in today’s competitive business landscape. Small businesses face unique challenges in this regard because they frequently lack larger corporations’ resources and marketing budgets. Small businesses, however, now have a powerful tool thanks to technological advancements: loyalty program apps. These cutting-edge applications enable small businesses to strengthen customer relationships, increase repeat purchases, and drive growth.

A loyalty program, not a referral program, is a type of reward program. Customer loyalty programs reward customers for making frequent purchases to increase customer loyalty. A customer loyalty program provides a discount, a free item, or specific merchandise as a reward. This occurs once a customer has made a certain number of qualifying purchases. Loyalty programs are used by a wide range of businesses, including airlines, restaurants, and e-commerce retailers.

The benefits and opportunities of loyalty program apps for small businesses in 2023 will be discussed in this blog post.

List of Top 10 Loyalty Program App For Small Business to Explore

  • Belly
  • Spring Rewards
  • Spendgo
  • OpenTable
  • FiveStars
  • LoyalTap
  • LoyalZoo
  • Foursquare
  • Linkable Networks
  • LevelUp

Best Loyalty Program App For Small Business

1. Belly

Belly, one of the market’s largest loyalty apps, provides customized rewards, email campaigns, social exposure, and integration.

  • Belly provides three different plans based on the features your company requires. Each plan includes a digital loyalty program that works with Apple Passbook and Google Wallet, a customizable iPad for signing up customers, in-store marketing materials, and inclusion in the Belly mobile app, where potential customers can find your business. 
  • Social media integration and email marketing automation campaigns are among their additional features. 

2. Spring Rewards

Spring Rewards is a powerful loyalty and marketing analytics platform that enables businesses to acquire new customers and better engage with existing ones in a simple and seamless manner.

  • The Spring platform connects to the credit and debit cards that consumers use daily and operates on the technology already in place in your stores, requiring no additional hardware, setup, or training.
  • Spring tracks members’ spending in real-time when they swipe their cards, allowing you to reach the right customers with relevant messaging and time-sensitive incentives or rewards, transforming it into a rewards app for small businesses.

3. Spendgo

Spendgo provides personalized customer engagement programs, with a focus on the food and restaurant industries. 

  • Spendgo assists in the development of loyalty programs that can be used in-store, online, or on mobile devices to generate new customers, retain existing customers, and win back lapsed customers.
  • Jamba Juice, for example, uses Spendgo as a loyalty reward app for small businesses based on point accumulation to provide personalized offers such as free birthday smoothies and discounts.

4. OpenTable

This type of restaurant reservation site also provides a dining rewards program, which adds to the fun of dining. 

  • Users earn points for online reservations that are honoured, and these points can be redeemed for future dining rewards, loyalty points software, and Amazon gift cards.
  • Using this site for restaurant reservations can encourage repeat diners to participate in the rewards program.

5. FiveStars

This app is recommended as the best loyalty program for small businesses because it assists you in creating a rewards program that is tailored to your specific needs.

  • If a customer can sign up on-site with a tablet device, check in with their phone number on subsequent visits.
  • FiveStars sends personalized reward messages to your customers via email or text message based on their preferences, including special messages for birthdays and infrequent customers.

6. LoyalTap

LoyaltTap provides small businesses with community-based loyalty programs.

  • Although it offers similar rewards to other loyalty programs; this solution focuses on building loyalty among a group of businesses rather than a single business. 
  • LoyaltTap has designed community loyalty programs for downtown associations, shopping malls, and airports.
  • This list contains some of our top loyalty reward program recommendations, but feel free to add your own in the comments section.

7. LoyalZoo

A simple loyalty solution for small businesses simplifies the implementation of an in-store loyalty program for customers.

  • The merchant app, which can be used on a tablet, smartphone, or point-of-sale terminal, provides detailed customer analytics. 
  • Your customers can use an app to check in and receive rewards and offers via email, SMS, or push notifications.

8. Foursquare

When someone claims their business on Foursquare, they can provide incentives such as discounts, freebies, or upgrades.

  • Foursquare allows you to reward both existing and new customers who search the app for local business offerings. 
  • To redeem the offer, customers simply need to show it on their phones.
  • Customized punch cards, push campaigns with customer rewards and incentives, social engagement, customer chat and feedback, and new customer acquisition tools are some of the options.

9. Linkable Networks

Customers can link their offers to their preferred credit or debit card through the linkable loyalty program, which is also known as a loyalty reward app for small businesses.  

  • This eliminates the need for a second loyalty card as well as the need for a delay in activating the program and receiving rewards. 
  • Linkable Loyalty accepts a wide range of loyalty incentives, such as points, cash back, e-gifts, and others.

10. LevelUp

Targeting the restaurant market, LevelUp enables customers to offer multiple mobile payment options and rewards programs.

  • When customers pay with the LevelUp app, they can receive flexible rewards such as repeat visits and birthday incentives, making it the best customer loyalty program for small businesses.
  • The system includes comprehensive customer analytics and demographics.
  • LevelUp sends customers personalized rewards messages via email or text, including messages for birthdays and infrequent customers.


In 2023, loyalty program apps will be a game changer for small businesses, allowing them to compete with larger corporations on customer loyalty and engagement. Small businesses can use these apps to create personalized experiences, reward customer loyalty, increase repeat purchases, and collect valuable customer insights. 

Small businesses can foster stronger customer relationships, differentiate themselves from competitors, and ultimately drive business growth by investing in loyalty program apps. In an increasingly digital world, loyalty program apps are becoming an essential tool for small businesses looking to thrive in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a loyalty program app, and how can it help small businesses?

A loyalty program app is a mobile app that enables small businesses to strengthen their relationships with their customers by providing rewards, personalized offers, and exclusive deals. It improves customer engagement, encourages repeat purchases, creates a personalized experience, increases customer referrals, and collects valuable customer insights. Small businesses can compete with larger corporations regarding customer loyalty and retention by utilizing a loyalty program app.

How can a loyalty program app assist small businesses in gathering important customer insights? 

Apps for loyalty programs collect and analyze valuable customer data such as purchase history, preferences, and engagement patterns. Small businesses can use data analytics to gain insights into customer behaviour and trends, allowing them to make better decisions about their products, services, and marketing strategies. These insights assist small businesses in optimizing their operations and providing a better customer experience, ultimately driving growth and success.

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