Trucking Accounting Software For Owner Operators [Top 15]

Trucking accounting software assists businesses in managing their day-to-day operations and increasing efficiency. This is done by having all the companies’ aspects integrated into one system. Basically, all or most accounting needs are managed by and kept in one place. These softwares are not just meant for big companies. There are a number of trucking accounting software for owner operators as well. However, many of us are unaware of this software. So, in this article, we will know all the essentials of trucking accounting software. 

Use Of A Trucking Accounting Software

It’s the same thing whether you call it trucking software or a transportation management system (TMS). Whatever you want to call it, trucking companies greatly benefit from it. Software for real-time trucking boosts profitability, efficiency, and business expansion directly.

With mileage tracking, flexible billing, fleet management, dispatching services, and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting, trucking accounting software makes operations management simple. Payroll accounts receivable, and profit and loss reporting are all included in the best all-in-one services.

Owner-operators who operate a single truck face the same day-to-day challenges in the trucking industry as large corporations with vast fleets. However, due to the distinct requirements of each trucking company, they may require distinct strategies and solutions. This is where technology comes into play. Trucking companies can take help from accounting software to handle all such requirements. 

Good accounting software for trucking businesses or transport companies offer a fast solution to daily needs. Most of them allow invoicing, payments, reports, and other aspects of financial management and back-office administration. Additionally, they usually consist of some analytical capabilities.

So, let’s have a look at some of the leading software for accounting in trucking!

List Of Best Trucking Accounting Software For Owner Operators

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Best Trucking Accounting Softwares

1. Axon

This is a trucking accounting software for owner operators and reduces the invoicing, fuel bills, and driver pay by half while meeting the most challenging and complex requirements of the industry. Since every application is fully integrated in real-time, all of the company’s trucking management information can be updated immediately by entering data once. Axon does not use the cloud. Instead, it is installed locally on a desktop computer, and only that computer can access it.

Core feature – Calculation of IFTA taxes is done automatically.

2. FreshBooks

One can quickly and safely manage their business online with FreshBooks trucking accounting software. The good thing is that it lets one create straightforward financial reports that delve deeply into your company’s overall performance, such as profit and loss and accounts aging reports. 

The FreshBooks app can also be used to make professional estimates and invoices while on the road. Additionally, taking pictures of receipts, and checking the status of payments also becomes easy. The app even lets one respond directly to feedback and comments left by customers. 

Core feature – It includes double-entry accounting, a feature that is standard in the industry and helps businesses keep track of all credits and debits.

3. Q7 – Frontline Software Technology

Order management, fleet maintenance, payroll, accounting, freight billing, and dispatch (for truckload, brokerage, and less than truckload) are some of the features of this trucking accounting software. There is a fee for additional upgrades like the mileage interface and to avail notifications for shipment status.

Besides, a cloud-based setup or a site license is among the two available options. However, only Windows 7 or later supports the site version.

Core feature – The software offers a free demo to get a hold of it.

4. Fleetx

Their software uses a single platform for real-time location, route optimization, and safety, along with regular GPS tracking. The Control Room facilitates real-time analysis of ETAs and delays, which in turn enhances productivity. 

It also assists in making their most important tasks, such as job sheets, lodging costs, and daily fleet maintenance checks, simpler. Additionally, by notifying the drivers in real-time, one can better the accountability of the company and the drivers. 

For delivery management, the driver has access to a single-page view of all consignments and delivery addresses – making it one of the best accounting software for transportation companies. 

Core feature – The software allows the creation of geofences around risk areas to receive alerts whenever a vehicle crosses them.

5. Tailwind TMS

The ability to manage customers, track carrier details, and generate orders for customers are just a few of the trucking management capabilities that Tailwind TMS offers. While it is not a complete bookkeeping solution, it is excellent for bill payment and invoicing. 

It has extensive features for accounts that allow one to track payments from vendors, employees, carriers, customers, and other personnel involved in the company’s operations. As a robust accounting software for transporting company, it helps to track the shipper and shipment information, such as appointment times, and pick-up and delivery windows.

Core feature – Customers can access information about their accounts, shipments, and invoices through the customer portal that can be set up by companies.

6. Rigbooks

Rigbooks is a cloud-based accounting software for a trucking business that lets one keep track of business expenses, fuel mileage, trips, and orders. Further, it is ideal for businesses with up to five trucks. Small trucking companies need to track cost per mile and know which of their loads are most profitable, and this is an affordable option. 

It also makes it simple for businesses to report IFTA data by tracking miles by jurisdiction. Besides, Rigbooks keeps tabs on both fixed and variable costs. To get a better understanding of your loads’ profitability, you can add trips, loads, and revenue and expenses. All of this makes it one of the most trustworthy trucking accounting software for owner operators.

Core feature – It helps to keep track of how much gasoline and oil the company spent on each truck by recording its fuel purchases.

7. TruckBytes

TruckBytes is an accounting and fleet management tool for small to medium-sized trucking companies. The solution includes fleet maintenance, scheduling, dispatching, and accounting.

There are cloud-based and on-premise versions of TruckBytes. Moreover, its cloud-based version makes it possible for users to access essential documents and information from any device that is connected to the Internet. It is one of the best trucking accounting software, given that it’s also free of cost.

Core feature – It provides three-monthly free IFTA fuel tax reports.

8. TruckingOffice

It is one of the leading fleet management companies and mobile apps. TruckingOffice has over a million trucks in use and offers a wide range of features. This includes everything from straightforward vehicle tracking to comprehensive tools for the dispatcher and trip planner.

TruckingOffice software makes it easier to create invoices, calculate mileage, track and report IFTA, and more. Additionally, employees of trucking companies can use it without having extensive accounting knowledge. With automatic record backup, it ensures content security and ranks among the best accounting software for trucking companies.

Core feature – It allows unlimited users. 

9. Rose Rocket

Rose Rocket uses Customer Portals, EDIs, APIs, and Google address auto-fill technology to simplify and automate order entry. Filters, custom views, and custom order lists make it easier to find any order or document.

In their TMS, brokers can dispatch to a carrier, and carriers can dispatch to drivers with just a few clicks. They receive all necessary orders and manifest information automatically so they can carry out their duties.

Core feature – It allows driver scheduling, wherein one can create and manage shifts from a calendar view.

10. Dr Dispatch

Dr Dispatch is a trucking and brokerage dispatch software solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Dispatching, cash flow management, equipment scheduling, and other tasks are made easier with this trucking accounting software. Performance and revenue management, payroll for drivers and salespeople, and IFTA compliance are some of its features.

Core feature – A free trial of 15 days is available.

11. ProTransport

Accounting, routing and dispatch management, fleet maintenance, and other features are all included in ProTransport, a trucking software package. A company’s operations will be integrated into a single system with its solutions. This makes it easier to analyze the performance and make better decisions.

Petty Cash Accounts, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Billing, and Profit/Loss Statements are just a few of the many accounting uses included in ProTransport. This fully-configurable accounting software for trucking business was created with the goals of reducing expenses and increasing efficiency.

Core feature – It has a live dispatch board and two-way text messaging.

12. Truckers Helper

Accounting, dispatch, fuel taxes, log checking, maintenance, and other services are provided by Truckers Helper. Further, the Truckers Helper has a version for companies that helps drivers and owner-operators, basically, it is for all.

One can access their business from anywhere, including the office or on the go, with this safe trucking accounting software for owner operators. Their mobile solution makes it simple for the entire company to comply and encourages compliance.

Core feature – Safety compliance is also included in their comprehensive driver record system and log-checking module.

13. TruckLogics

For tracking expenses and income, it is the best trucking accounting software on the market. With TruckLogics, one has a virtual Truck Zone where one can track and schedule truck service intervals for all of the company’s equipment. 

Other features include the following:

  • Managing Invoices (Including Factored Invoices)
  • Tracking Income And Expense Transactions
  • Managing Payments
  • Receiving Driver Settlements
  • And One-Click Financial Reports

Companies can also program this feature to notify when the trucks or trailers require maintenance.

Core feature – From within TruckLogics, one can use DAT Power to search for loads.

14. Xero

The software’s account reconciliation feature is simple to use and lets one complete a task that used to take a long time in a matter of minutes. Additionally, there are more than 300 third-party business apps that Xero can connect to. With this flexibility, companies can combine project management and client relationship data with the company’s accounting.

Core feature – Customers can pay their invoices digitally using Xero’s customizable invoices and real-time accounting transaction tracking.

15. QuickBooks

Most companies and small businesses consider QuickBooks as one of the best trucking accounting software. They can use it to keep track of expenses and income, create invoices, pay drivers, create GST reports, and update balance sheets, among other things.

It automatically records all of one’s transactions by connecting the banks and other accounts. Additionally, dashboards and customizable reports make it simple to monitor the company’s performance. It also helps to keep a check on labor costs.

Core feature – It allows companies to run real-time tax and workers’ compensation reports that show how much they owe and how much they’ve paid over any date range.


Basically, there isn’t a single trucking management or accounting software that can meet all of the needs of truck drivers and fleet managers. However, a number of them help with most accounting needs that businesses require. 

A robust trucking accounting software for owner operators helps in managing the main goals of the company. These include keeping a check on the payroll, profit/loss statement, billing, and more. 

It’s best to adopt such a software for faster, clearer, and mistake free accounting process. 

So, if your trucking company needs accounting software, choose one today! We’ve got you sorted.

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