Web3 Social Media App or Website Development Company [Top 10]

Want to build efficient social media apps in an easy way? Read along to go through the list of web3 Social Media app development companies. 

When talking about emerging technologies, how can we miss “web3.” Wondering why we are emphasizing this term. Well, because web3 is the latest technology. And everybody is keen enough to experience it in one way or another. With the help of web3, we can develop games, social media apps, websites, mobile apps, real estate software, and much more. Basically, it is an amazing combination of other technologies like AR, VR, and AI. For these reasons, industries believe incorporating web3 platforms can ease their process. 

However, you may need to find the best web3 Social Media app development company to get the best results. So, to know the renowned names, read further. 

List Of Web3 Social Media App Development Companies 

  1. Leewayhertz
  2. Innowise Group
  3. Pixelette Tech
  4. Pixelplex
  5. Consensys
  6. Itrex Group
  7. Crypto Developers
  8. Pixelfield
  9. Unicsoft
  10. Dxb Apps

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Top 10 Web3 Social Media App Development Companies

1. Leewayhertz – Web3 Social Media App Development

LeewayHertz is an award-winning Web3 Social Media App Development Company based in the USA. They provide digital solutions, including Defi platforms, NFTs, custom blockchains, smart contracts, NFT marketplaces, crypto wallets, metaverse spaces, play-to-earn games, and social media app development worldwide. With their motto ‘You Dream It: We Build It,’ the company has rendered its services to 30+ top fortune 500 companies. LeewayHertz is a house of 250+ full-stack developers and holding an experience of 14 years of; the company has worked on 50+ blockchain projects and accounts for 150+ digital solutions built. Their extensive portfolio comprises various esteemed brands such as Seimens, Leica, Hershey’s, NanaWall, Nascar, and more.

2. Innowise Group – Web3 Social Media Website Development

With its inception in 2007, Innowise is a profound web3 Social Media application development company, providing IT consulting and Software solutions to IT & Non-IT organizations. In the company’s tenure of 15+ years, their team of 1000+ IT professionals has successfully delivered over 600+ projects and has incorporated their services to 200+ clients from 30+ countries. Their achievements have bagged various awards in the global marketplaces, such as Top developers Clutch Poland in 2020, Top web development companies, App development companies 2021, Top mobile app developers, and many more.

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3. Pixelette Tech – Web3 Social Media Platform Development

Among the list of web3 Social Media app development companies, Pixelette Tech is one of the most renowned companies. Why? Pixelette Tech has been 3 times named “Top SEO Agency” by Global communities and business star awards. Their team of experts provides tailored data-driven web marketing services to create digital potential and generate maximum revenue for their clients. Their industry-leading services include digital marketing, web development, mobile app development, staff augmentation, blockchain development, UI/UX design, and social media app development. They are a verified Digital Agency Partner with SEMrush. Further, their extensive case studies reciprocate their credibility and potential for having a partnership with Experts, Proven Experts, Clutch, and more.

4. Pixelplex – Web3 Social Media App Development

Pixelplex is a web3 Social Media app development company in USA, standing long in their industry vertical for more than 15 years. The company has been providing value-driven services such as IT consulting, web development, mobile development, UI/UX design, QA & testing, blockchain development, & custom software development. It has a boastful 450+ client success stories. Pixelplex is a hub of 150+ professionals who have successfully achieved 150 million end-user engagements. With their expertise and in-depth knowledge, they have worked with a plethora of business niches such as Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Retail & E-Commerce, Logistics & Supply Chain, and FinTech & Banking. They are proud tech partners with grand brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Oracle, Pepperdine, Kakao, and more.

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5. Consensys – Web3 Social Media Website Development

The company is an Ethereum software and web3 social media website development company offering services to assist enterprises, developers, and the public in building next-generation applications, accessing the decentralized web, and setting up modern financial infrastructure. With their boastful product suite consisting of Infura, Quorum, Truffle, Diligence, Codefi, and MetaMask, they strive to construct tomorrow’s digital economy. Founded in 2014, the company has forged its global presence with its team of top entrepreneurs, software developers, computer scientists, protocol engineers, and experts in enterprise delivery. 

6. Itrex Group – Web3 Social Media Platform Development

An IT-based web3 social media platform development company, ITRex also curates solutions such as Data, artificial intelligence, automation, augmented reality, blockchain, metaverse, and more. Their establishment in 2009 has successfully delivered 500+ solutions to their 150+ clientele. They are a strong and experienced team of 300+ IT professionals, having offices in Los Angles, Chicago, Warsaw, and Kyiv. The company’s foremost aim is to provide innovative, full-cycle, and quality management services to its clients worldwide. Their main focus on industry verticals is Healthcare & Biotech, Retail & E-Commerce, EdTech & eLearning, and Logistics & Transportation. Additionally, they have rendered their services to huge brands like Walmart, Universal Electronics, 21st Century Fox, Dollar Shave Club, JibJab, and more.

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7. Crypto Developers – Web3 Social Media App Development

Crypto developers, a web3 Social Media app development company in UK and other parts of the world, was created with a vision to lead the market into decentralization. With its foundation in 2012, the company has gained expertise in providing tailor-made NFTs, ICO, STO, tokens, exchange platforms, smart contracts, and other enterprise blockchain solutions. Wait, there’s more. They have also provided expert solutions for services like digital marketing, PPC Campaigns, creative graphic designing, margin trading, web development, coin development, and more. They have partnered with experts like Planet Crypto, Trianglecove, and Binance. 

8. Pixelfield – Web3 Social Media Website Development

Next, we have Pixelfield, a web3 Social Media application development company in UK known for growing, developing, and designing mobile and web apps, apps, and games for augmented and virtual reality. Filip and Michal coined the company during their university days in 2013. They began their journey from working on small PPC & SEO Campaigns to working on VR & AR in the health, e-commerce, and entertainment sectors.

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9. Unicsoft – Web3 Social Media Platform Development

Out of the list of web3 Social Media app development companies, Unicsoft is one of the leading web3 Social Media app development companies, providing an array of services like blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, natural language processing, biodata, data analytics, and computer vision. From startups to enterprises, they have come a long way in assisting businesses to drive business outcomes. Unicsoft has also acquired great expertise in their 15 years of experience working with business categories like Fintech, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Retail & E-Commerce, Automotive, Media & Marketing. They have an extensive international reach, with their offices established in the UK, Singapore, Cyprus, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, USA, Denmark, and Ukraine. Started in 2005, Unicsoft is home to 150+ specialists diligently curating solutions powered by Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and other rising technologies.

10. DxB Apps – web3 Social Media Development Company

DxB is a web3 Social Media app development company in UAE, providing time-proven app development services for Android and IOS. They have gained popularity in delivering customized app development services in Dubai. Over time, DxB apps have delivered user-friendly apps for food delivery, grocery delivery, home services, pharmacy, maintenance, dog-walking, beauty & saloon, e-Learning, medical appointment, fashion e-Commerce, and many more business categories. Other than mobile development services, DxB Apps also provides:

  • Mobile app redesign services.
  • Location-based app solutions.
  • Mobile app maintenance services.
  • Blockchain development.
  • Artificial intelligence.

Some known brands from their clientele are EMA, Tajmeel, VHelp, Pura, Mitsumi Distribution, Temploy me, and many more. 

Final Words

As social media app development has been gaining the utmost importance and popularity in contemporary times, many companies are chipping in their contribution to providing one-stop social media app development services. After extensive research and in-depth analysis, we have penned the list of the best and most renowned companies above. But it is always wise to thoroughly review the list and know which company will fit your budget. And, if you want to get more updates on emerging technologies, stay tuned with “Apps For Startup.” Also, if you think you have the potential to express and explain the latest technology, you can do so by writing for us. Your article will be published on our website. So, why wait? If you are searching for the best web3 social media app development company, contact any of the above. And if you want an opportunity, contact us!

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