Web3 Mobile App Development Company in USA, UK, UAE

Web3 is a blockchain-powered decentralized version of the internet that allows individuals to control their data. With the expanding worldwide interest in web3, there is a greater need for distinctive and futuristic web3-based apps. Startups and organizations invest in proof-of-concept (POC) and full-fledged web3-based solutions. Because the web3 industry is constantly growing and new competitors are entering it, finding the right team to transform your vision into a working web3-based application may be difficult. You may wind up signing a contract with a web3 mobile app development company that does not meet your web3 development requirements. To avoid this, we have thoroughly investigated and created a list of web3 mobile app development companies of 2022 for you, considering their portfolio, expertise, pricing, technological skills, and development team.

List Of Web3 Mobile App Development Companies 

  1. Leewayhertz
  2. Maticz
  3. Hyperlinkinfosystem
  4. Solulab
  5. Itrexgroup
  6. Andersenlab
  7. Pixelplex
  8. Innowise-group
  9. Unicsoft
  10. Consensys

Top Web3 Mobile App Development Companies

Now that we know the list of top Web3 mobile application development companies, it is time to go through them in detail. 

1. Leewayhertz – Web3 Mobile Application Development Company

With Leewayhertz, you can enable innovation and development. It is a web3 mobile app development company that offers custom software for DAO’s startups and enterprises. With the right combination of experience and expertise, they can curate creative solutions for the internet. Moreover, in 14 years, they managed to design and develop platforms for those mentioned above. Millions of people rely on their award-winning work to generate billions of dollars in revenue. They provide tailored Web3 solutions and decentralized apps such as metaverse virtual worlds, protocol tools, NFT markets, and DEXs.

2. Maticz – Web3 Mobile App Development Company in USA

Maticz is a web3 mobile app development company in USA that offers cutting-edge technology solutions and services to clients worldwide. Services like crypto exchanges, decentralized apps, ICO, decentralized finance, NFT markets, and others are available through their web3 and blockchain development solutions. 

Maticz also has experience creating Whitelabel solutions for token exchange, swapping, Defi, intelligent contracts, Defi aggregators, NFT markets, ICO, STO, and other similar applications. The firm provides IT services such as mobile/web development, IT consulting, search engine optimization, quality assurance, and design UX/UI solutions. These IT specialists routinely surpass and satisfy their client’s expectations due to their devotion, tenacity, and love for their work.

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3. Hyperlink Infosystem – Web3 Mobile App Development Company

In developing web3 markets in the United States, Hyperlink InfoSystem is an enviable web3 cross platform mobile app development company. The IT sector of the corporation has offices in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, France, India, and Canada. When we discuss an initiative’s development expenses, the organization has a clear pricing strategy to guarantee that clients do not have to pay for any unplanned changes to the development process. Among startups, the IT business is well-known for its ability to produce low-cost software with high-quality features. 

Over 700 highly qualified software specialists labor diligently on each project, regardless of the cost or complexity of the endeavor. Business owners are quickly introducing their items into the marketplace and generating enormous income because of Hyperlink InfoSystem’s Whitelabel solutions. As a result, Hyperlink InfoSystem is the most trusted provider of web 3 services in the United States.

4. Solulab – Web3 Cross Platform Mobile App Development Company

Solulab is another web3 mobile app development company that came into existence in 2014. Two technophiles started this company to provide IT solutions to the next generation. Since its beginning, they have managed to offer creative solutions. Now, in the era of Web3, we can rely on them because of their right mixture of experience and expertise. As a company, SoluLab is led by a team of experienced, visionary, creative, and passionate leaders dedicated to serving partners, employees, customers, and the company at large. Besides, all these factors let them grab many awards, making it one of the top-notch firms. 

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5. Itrexgroup – Web3 Mobile App Development Company in USA

Itrexgroup is another web3 mobile app development company in USA that aims to deliver IT solutions instantly. It is a software development company that provides IT consulting and software development. Since 2009 (their year of foundation), they have delivered 500+ solutions, 150+ happy clients (still counting), 3+ years of client engagement, 300+ professionals (90% hold BS, MS, or Ph.D. in Math/Computer Science), and 4 offices. All this together contributes to the success of this web3 app development firm. You can get the best AI-powered solutions with their full-cycle services, top expertise, quality management, agility, innovations, and utmost flexibility. 

6. Andersenlab – Web3 Mobile App Development Firm in UK

This IT firm believes that 2022 is the year of digital transformation. This is why their experts have prepared well to provide web3 solutions. In 15 years, they have put 1000+ successful projects and 90% recurring customers in their pocket. Consequently, making them one of the best web3 app development companies. We are not relying on numbers but also on the services they provide relating to web3. 

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7. Pixelplex – Web3 Mobile Application Development Firm

Pixelplex provides blockchain development and consulting services. With 15+ years in this industry, they have gained a lot of experience. This depicts that they have both experience and expertise. Therefore, they assist you in transforming your creative ideas into market-ready solutions. Further, they fine-tune your digital initiatives, design cool infrastructures, and accelerate ROI. From the ground up to engineering brilliance! PixelPlex provides full-cycle software development assistance, leaps to take over, or brings in specialist top-demanded expertise. They create secure, unique, and scalable solutions. This makes them the best web3 cross platform mobile app development company. You can consult their experts about developing a plan for specialized DLT solutions and decentralized ecosystems.

8. Innowise Group – Web3 Mobile App Development Company in USA

With 15+ years of experience, 1000+ IT professionals, 40+ domains, 600+ projects delivered, 200+ customers from 30 countries, and 93% recurring customers, they have become a full cycles software development company. Now, as the web3 applications are taking over, they have strengthened their hand in this technology. Their professionals have the expertise that makes us rely on this web3 mobile app development company in USA. This firm was established in 2007. It provides IT and non-IT enterprises with digital solutions and cutting-edge technology to assist them in reaching a range of goals and objectives.

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9. Unicsoft – Web3 Mobile Application Development Firm

Unicsoft started in 2005, and since then, Unicsoft has constantly introduced a high degree of project and client management standards. Their expert team joined their efforts to develop innovative software products and online and mobile apps that can impact the future and provide sustainable growth and success prospects. Currently, more than 150 employees work hard at Unicsoft to maintain a high level of work quality and to continue producing customized solutions driven by Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Web3, and other emerging technologies.

10. Consensys – Web3 Cross Platform Mobile App Development Company

Infura, Quorum, MetaMask, Truffle, Codefi, and Diligence are part of this web3 mobile app development firm’s product package. This package serves millions of users, enables billions of blockchain-based queries for their clients, and has handled billions of dollars in digital assets. Ethereum is the world’s largest programmable blockchain, dominating commercial adoption, the developer community, and Defi activity. They are constructing the future digital economy on this trustworthy, open-source basis. Further, they make it simple to develop apps on Ethereum and engage in Defi, NFTs, DAOs, and the metaverse using MetaMask, Infura, and a leading portfolio of blockchain and web3 tools. 

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Final Words 

This is all for the list of web3 mobile app development companies. We have included the firms mentioned above after extensive research. But, it is recommended to go through every firm’s reviews and prices. And, if you want more information on starting different businesses, tech updates, top companies, and much more.

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