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Precis: Are you looking for top web3 development companies? Well, worry not. You are on the right page. This blog will cover the top web3 development firms in USA, UK, and India. 

Web3 is the new technology in this tech-savvy world. This technology is a combination of other emerging technologies like AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and AI (Artificial Intelligence). Web3 provides ease to different industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, real estate, eCommerce, retail, and others. Therefore, many firms are looking for ways to become part of web3. And, to avail of this technology’s benefits, you may surf the internet to find the best web3 platform development company. But finding the top company may be a daunting task. This is why we are here at your rescue. Below is the list of top web3 development companies that will make your entrance into web3 smooth and easy. 

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So, let’s begin!

But what’s first is first. Let’s know how web3 can help us. As aforesaid, web3 has made things easy for many industries. If you have a desire to develop any of these, you can check which companies can assist you in developing different web3 websites and apps. To be precise, with this latest technology we can curate the following: 

  • Web3 Website 
  • Web3 Mobile App 
  • Web3 Social Media App 
  • Web3 Messenger App 
  • Web3 Wallet 
  • Web3 Smart Contract 
  • Web3 Software 
  • Web3 Elearning App 
  • Web3 Video Streaming
  • Web3 Ecommerce Website 
  • Web3 Real Estate Software 
  • Web3 Dating App 

List Of Top Web3 Development Companies in USA, UK, India

Here is the detailed list of top web3 development platform companies.

1. BlockTech Brew – Web3 Development Company

Block Tech Brew is one of the top companies providing modern IT solutions. With 10+ years of experience, 300+ developers, and 200+ solutions delivered to 150+ countries, they came to the list of top web3 development companies. With their unique blockchain, Metaverse, Defi, Cryptocurrency, NFT, and other Web 3.0 development solutions, you can create business ecosystems that are laced with decentralization, better security, and transparency.

Further, their developers utilize blockchain technology to create enterprise-grade bespoke blockchain solutions, web3 development, wallet development, crypto development, and cryptocurrency exchange development services. They provide you with innovative technological solutions such as NFT development, Defi development, metaverse development, and much more.

2. Apptunix – Web3 Development Company in India 

This Indian company holds the potential to fall under the list of best web3 development services in just 9+ years. They create digital solutions using cutting-edge technology like Blockchain, AR/VR, Metaverse, Web3, IoT, NFT, and Artificial Intelligence. They make a decentralized ecosystem for your brand to boost security and transparency. Moreover, they Integrate smart digital wallets for currency storage and management. With their high-class services and technology, they have 2000+ happy brands and 12+ services in 9+ industries in their basket. 

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3. Antier Solutions – Web3 Development Firm

Antier has been assisting businesses in adopting new technology to remain ahead of change for over ten years. Their thorough research, design thinking-driven methodology, and unrivaled solutions in strategy consulting, technology, and operations offer a unique path to assist organizations worldwide in transitioning from traditional IT platforms to blockchain-driven systems. They are motivated by the desire to find and capitalize on disruptive possibilities in order to achieve revolutionary solutions for a new decentralized digital world. For all these reasons, they have become one of the top web3 development platform companies. 

4. Leewayhertz – Best Web3 Services Company

Leewayhertz creates and develops interactive web3 solutions as an experienced web3 development solutions company. They employ blockchain, NFTs, AI, IoT, and cryptography technologies to meet their client’s requirements. Their professionals work in a variety of sectors, from gaming to real estate and banking, and know web3 tools, frameworks, APIs, Oracle, and programming languages such as Rust and Solidity.  

Their developers create new-age games such as “play-to-earn” and NFT-based multiplayer games employing skills in next-gen game production tools like Unreal Engine 5 and Unity. They do further research across the gaming industry to fulfill changing development demands.

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5. Hyperlink InfoSystem – Web 3 Platform Development Company

Hyperlink InfoSystem came into existence in 2011. Harnil Oza, a remarkable individual with outstanding enthusiasm and a lengthy vision, founded the firm. The corporation was growing from a small to a major player. Only in the early years did the firm collaborate with well-known industrial players. Hyperlink Infosystem is now a renowned name. The organization established a precedent and earned the trust of clients from all around the world. In terms of scale, the corporation was growing larger and better.

The firm established a new office, and the employees at Hyperlink Infosystem experienced a whole new level of work with Fun. Also, they are ranked as the #1 top web development company in USA and India on the clutch. Thus, it paved the way for the best web3 development solutions company. 

6. Ninehertz – Web3 Developers in USA

Ninehertz’s offshore IT consulting services, along with the AI-powered core, assist top organizations in remaining competitive, entering new markets, and increasing shareholder value. Their skilled web developers use cutting-edge technology to create scalable websites and online applications for your company’s development. They have produced IT solutions on a worldwide scale as one of the leading IT consulting firms in the US market by using the full potential of the newest disruptive technologies. Within just 14 years and with 575+ dedicated developers, they launched 1800+ projects and got 92% client retention. Thus, these stats depict that if you want to hire web3 developers in USA, you can count on them. 

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7. Shamlatech – Web3 Development Services Firm

Trusted by 500+ happy clients, Shamlatech is one of the best web3 development solutions companies. They offer world-class services to help you take your business to the next level. Shamla Tech is well-equipped to develop an exclusive and customized metaverse platform that serves a variety of functions. Their professionals guarantee that the virtual environment will feature a wide range of interactions and functions that will undoubtedly provide significant value to your organization. Further, their cryptocurrency professionals are always up to date and use the most recent features in the crypto industry. Besides, their bitcoin deliverables function exceptionally well, allowing you to meet trading objectives effortlessly.

8. Queppelin – Web3 Development Platform Company

Queppelin combines Queen and Led Zeppelin, two well-known rock bands whose Founders, Pulkit Mathur and Prafulla Mathur, are huge admirers. Music was far more than simply art to them. They gained international notice at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2011. And the following year, they received the Red Herring Asia awards in Hong Kong. Since then, several major businesses have joined them, including Gaana, The Times of India, Reliance BigFlix, Facebook, and others. Vossle, a WebAR Platform, was launched by them. And, now in the era of web3, they are all set to become one of the top web3 development platform companies. 

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9. Maticz – Best Web3 Services Company

Maticz integrates innovation with the tech-savvy world with the help of its experts. Pioneering the art of Blockchain Solution provisioning, Maticz may be an appropriate source in the Development of Entities performing quality service throughout Blockchain domains such as Crypto Exchange, DApps, ICO, Tokens, DeFi, NFT MarketPlaces, and so on. Now, in this web3 world, with their exceptional usage of advanced technology, they have become the best web3 services company. They have hands-on experience in the industries like education, healthcare, eCommerce, insurance, manufacturing, restaurant, supply chain, logistics, entertainment, social networking, real estate, and so on. 

10. Juego Studios – Web3 Platform Development Company

Juego Studios provides Web3 Corporate Office Setup, Web3 Real Estate Platform, Web3 Platform Development, Web3 Event Platform, and other services, ranging from web3 integration services to web3 development.

Further, the company focuses on the most cutting-edge blockchain technology to create cutting-edge solutions. Juego Studios offers web mapping, web3 consultation, and web3 programming services to aspiring businesses. Thus, making it one of the best web3 platform development companies. Besides, their experts are more acquainted with cloud and AI technology to assist banking, education, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, security, and other industries. 

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11. Innowise Group – Web3 Development Company

If you want to hire web3 developers, you need not look anywhere else. You can consult them. Wondering why we are emphasizing them. This web3 development firm focuses on organizations in various industries and regions to provide core web3 development services that assist businesses in transforming their offerings. With the potential of blockchain technology and how it can make life easier, the firm wants to tackle the three most critical issues, including web3 design, governance, and technological advancements.

They are leaders in building a blockchain for business from the ground up, with over 1000 IT specialists. Since 2009, Innowise Group has had the broadest geographic reach and the strongest corporate commitment to blockchain compared to other industry leaders. They are one-stop shops, from bespoke smart contracts to crypto wallet development and 3D technology.

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12. Pixelette Technologies – Hire Web3 Developers in USA

If you are bored of snappy design, Pixelette Technologies is the ideal solution. With years of expertise in the blockchain business, the company is currently renowned as a web3 development company. Through its educated and competent developers,p the organization delivers end-to-end solutions to startups. Pixelette Technologies works with entrepreneurs to assist them in reaching their business objectives by utilizing a number of frameworks. Businesses may use them as web3 developers, digital marketers, blockchain developers, mobile app developers, UI/UX designers, and other cutting-edge initiatives.

13. Crypto Developers – Web3 Development Platform Firm

With the #1 blockchain development agency tag, Crypto Developers have become your home for blockchain development. This web3 development firm tackles web3 platform development along with cryptocurrency exchange development, cryptocurrency wallet development, application development, and so on. Their experts meet their client’s requirements by employing the latest technologies. Further, they harness the power of blockchain and other technologies to scalable applications and platforms. These include exchange platforms, NFT, ICO, STO, smart contracts, tokens, web3 platforms, and so on. 

14. Pixelfield – Hire Web3 Developers in UK 

Pixelfield experts are another web3 developer in UK. To turn the project into an engaging experience, their experts utilize research, design, and development. They manage to build and deliver successful projects with their knowledge and expertise. If you go through their skillset, you will find everything from analysis to design and development. By working with startups and corporates from all over Europe in the last seven years, they are all set to take you to the Web3 world smoothly. The best way to start developing your app is to engage them in a design sprint before moving into the development phase.

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Out of this list, we will bifurcate the companies according to different countries. This will let you know the best web3 developers to hire in USA, UK, and India. 

Best Web3 Developers in USA 

  1. Leewayhertz
  2. Innowise Group
  3. Pixelettetech
  4. Pixel Plex
  5. Consensys
  6. Itrex Group 
  7. Chainalysis 
  8. Aetsoft
  9. UIG Studio
  10. Sara Technologies
  11. Innosoft
  12. HashCash Consultants

Top Web3 Developers To Hire in UK 

  1. Crypto Developers
  2. Pixelfield
  3. Unicsoft

Best Web3 Developers To Hire in India 

  1. Block Tech Brew
  2. Apptunix
  3. Antier Solutions
  4. Hyperlink Infosystem
  5. The NineHertz
  6. Shamla Tech
  7. Queppelin
  8. Maticz
  9. Juego Studios
  10. Solulab
  11. Netsmartz
  12. AppDupe
  13. RV Technologies
  14. Blockchain App Factory 
  15. Codezeros 

Final Words

Now that you have gone through the list, it is time to hire web3 developers. The names in the list have been included after extensive research. But, it is always wise to thoroughly review the company’s details. This will let you avoid making any bad decisions. Apart from this, if you desire to know what’s happening in today’s tech-savvy world, you can stay with “Apps For Startup.” We provide information on how to start different businesses, Tips, and tricks to start businesses, top companies, top apps, how to earn money, and much more. You can scroll down our website to learn about those mentioned above. 

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