Best Crushon AI Alternative [Selected Top 10]

You know how AI is bringing revolution and a major part of it comes from “Crushon AI”. This is a table-turner. Crushon AI helps you with accessing restricted content and exploring the NSFW chat experiences. You can have real no-filter conversations with your own favourite characters. Well, you can make your characters as well! 

Wow! No filter and restriction is something everyone wants. Crushon AI can be your partner in accessing such content. Moreover, there are several Crushon AI alternatives that give you additional features. You can get better experiences with such alternatives specifically in terms of how your conversation is going to be. 

You can access everything here, and get solutions to each query of yours. No restrictions and free NSFW content are all in your space. There are multiple sites like Crushon AI including Janitor AI, ChatMate, Tavern AI, Botify AI, Chai AI, and many more. 

We have covered each of the aforementioned websites like Crushon AI here in detail. Keep reading to know how effectively you can use such alternatives to make your life easy.

List of Best Crushon AI Alternative

Here is the list of best 10 Crushon AI Alternative

  • Janitor AI
  • Candy AI 
  • ChatMate
  • Tavern AI
  • Botify AI
  • Chai AI
  • NovelAI 
  • Replika 
  • Chatty 
  • SpicyChat.AI 

What Is Crushon AI? 

Crushon AI is based on Deep Learning algorithms. You will get unrestricted features with which you can access the NSFW content freely. You can interact with your favourite chatbot and have a genuine conversation with it. 

There is no limit to Crushon AI. Keep yourself free and see how effectively you can use it. Well, at some points, Crushon AI lacks too. This is where you can use the Crushon AI alternative. Here is more detail about such alternatives. 

Top Top 10 Crushon AI Alternative

1. Janitor AI

Janitor AI is the better version of Crushon AI. This site similar to Crushon AI offers a deep chatbot experience comparable to top-tier alternatives. Moreover, you can turn off NSFW filtering whenever you feel like it. This is something you will not find with Crushon AI. This guarantees unrestricted access to a wider variety of content at ease. 

If you are the one who wants to have a free chat experience with no NSFW filter with the chatbot then Janitor AI is your tool. Get on it and see the magic by yourself. 


  • Character creation 
  • Private Chat 
  • Switch on/ off NSFW filter
  • Anime-style characters available 
  • Supports OpenAI Key


  • Restricted in terms of customization 

2. Candy AI 

Candy AI can be your best friend if you know how to use it effectively. You can choose your chatbot as per your taste, and get access to unrestricted content with ease, no additional feature is there in the process. 

In total, your NSFW discussion is going to be smooth and safe. No other person other than you can access your chats. 


  • Create your own chatbots 
  • Multiple customized options are available 
  • Smooth and safe experience 


  • Limited info available 

3. ChatMate

You can easily bypass common restrictions with this site similar to Crushon AI. ChatMate will help you with having an authentic and engaging conversation with the chatbots. You have discussed everything including the NSFW content. 

You can easily integrate ChatMate with different social media platforms. 


  • Integrate with WhatsApp and Facebook
  • Support your text in multiple languages 


  • Not suitable for face-to-face interactions

4. Tavern AI

Traven AI is one of the best Crushon AI alternatives which you should not miss. You can have all sorts of conversations with the chatbots. It will be interactive and dynamic in a whole manner. Moreover, you can have conversations in any language you want. 

It is free in every manner ~ language, restriction, and NSFW content. Be free with your chats. You can use Traven AI to develop complex storylines and character conversations, encouraging immersive storytelling. 


  • Personalized chat experience with customizable characters
  • Versatile and creative platform
  • Superb social platform for botting friends


  • Bit restrictive 

5. Botify AI

Botify is another versatile tool among the alternatives to Crushon AI. It is quite different from other sites similar to Crushon AI. It has a wide library of 100 AI-powered characters. You can choose the one which you like the most. 

Here you will get a digital friend to have all sorts of conversations. You can create your own digital friend as in character with unique features including personality. From real people to fictional favourites, you can have any type of character. 

You can take part in different activities as well with your group members. 


  • Create a digital human 
  • Start bot2bot chat battles and challenge friends
  • Different plans available as per your needs 


  • Limited information available 

6. Chai AI

One of the best websites Crushon AI is Chai AI. You will have a conversation with the chatbot like you are having a cup of tea and discussing something. This is as simple as that. You can access it on different devices. This includes Windows, Mac, iOS, and AOS. 

It uses lively discourse, amusing anecdotes, and stories to make conversations engaging. It offers pre-built chatbots as well. Moreover, you can use the Chaipy Python framework to create and deploy your own chatbots if you are not happy with the existing ones. 


  • Talk about anything 
  • Get an enjoyable chatting experience
  • Be the part of Reddit community


  • Privacy concern 

7. NovelAI 

If you are into stories then NovelAI is going to be your favorite tool. As its name depicts, you can create and have a conversation about fictional stories with a lot of events. It is based on cloud-based, and SaaS models. 

This tool is trained on real fictional stories and characters. Hence it will understand your chat text in a dynamic manner. You can use it with your creativity and imagination. 

You will not face any sort of restriction with this tool. 


  • Suitable for fictional talk 
  • Sandbox for creativity and imagination 
  • Trained on real literature work 


  • You might face repetitive and limited responses 

8. Replika 

Replika has answers to each and every question of yours. It started in November 2017. This Crushon AI alternative will help you with NSFW content which you can not access with other alternatives. 

This tool is based on the algorithm which is trained dynamically. It gives individual users a sense of connection and then answers your queries. You will experience a unique chat with it. It is a flexible tool that can be used in a variety of ways thanks to its configurable features and support for a variety of discussion subjects.  


  • Individualized chat experience 
  • Unique and personal chatbots 
  • Feel a connection while talking with the bot 


  • Privacy concern 
  • Ethical question 

9. Chatty 

Chatty is all about the conversation you want to have with the chatbot. It is powered by GPT-4 technologies. You will get accurate and current event-related answers with this bot. 

Well, no restricted filters are there with Chatty and you can explore everything openly. It takes care of your privacy and no one else can access your conversation. You can choose your chatbot as you want it to be. 

This is a flexible AI assistant that can assist with a range of tasks. Starting from writing and research to producing original content and seeking professional advice ~ you will get solutions to everything here. 


  • Get expert consultation in privacy 
  • You will not get any adds 
  • Feel free to ask anything you want 
  • Open discussion about NSFW content 


  • Repetitive pattern in responses 

10. SpicyChat.AI 

SpicyChat.AI is the last on our list but not the least! This is one of the most exciting Crushon AI alternatives you will explore. You can ask or have a full-fledged conversation with the chatbot here regarding all the intimacy and spicy topics. 

You can make your fantasies come true with this site similar to Crushon AI. You can make your own chatbots like you want them to be from your imagination. 


  • Reddit community support 
  • All about spicy chats 
  • Fun and engaging chats 


  • Not suitable for everyone 


Crushon AI alternatives are numerous in number like you just saw here! We sorted the top 10 sites like Crushon AI for you here that are unique and have something different to offer. 

You can answer all your queries, and have discussions regarding the NSFW content openly. There is no restrictive filter throughout the process. All the tools mentioned above respect your privacy and hence, none other than you can access your chats. 

Explore the Crushon AI alternative to see which one works best for you. Be free to have conversations and ask questions with these tools ~ be you!

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