SoulGen Alternative – Top SoulGen Ai Competitors [Top 10]

There is an endless limit to how well we can present online marketing campaigns and social media advertising posts. Well, some of the experts can do it manually. How about if you are a beginner and want to do the same? This is where several AI image creators come into space. You can produce qualitative images in seconds with it. 

One of the best such tools is Soulgen. There are several SoulGen alternatives which you can use for the same. These SoulGen AI alternatives are based on Deep Learning algorithms. Well, it is a proper process for how you can use SoulGen and the alternatives to create good-quality images. We have made your work quite easy. 

Here is the complete guide to the SoulGen alternatives and how you can use them. We have covered the top 8 Soulgen alternatives here with proper detailing that you need to be aware of. Keep reading to know more about it in detail. 

List of Best SoulGen Alternatives  to Explore

  • PicSo
  • Photosonic
  • Craiyon
  • Pixai
  • NightCafe Creator
  • Artbreeder
  • Midjourney
  • Starry AI

What Is SoulGen Ai?

SoulGen is the AI tool with which you can create fake anime and real girl images in minutes. All you have to do is feed in your ideas in the prompt section and the rest of the work will be done. The tool will produce a unique anime illustration for you. 

Well if you are an anime fan, then you know what I am talking about 😁!

You can create hentai and can access the NSFW images with the SoulGen and alternatives to SoulGen. It will come as a high-quality portrait image which will be so realistic to believe in. 

Feed in your ideas in the prompt, click the “GENERATE” button. Now wait for the image to get completed and you can download it afterwards and save it. 

Detail Description of Top 8 SoulGen Alternatives

1. PicSo – Best SoulGen Alternative

  • Extremely fine-quality AI image 
  • Access any web or application version 

PicSo is among the best websites like SoulGen which you can not miss. Here you will not be restricted to any particular type of AI image creation, instead, you can create different varieties of AI images. It will include anime, realistic, models, cartoon, and many more. Along with that, you can also access the different ways to create images. It includes a pencil sketch, cyberpunk, or even a Van Gogh painting. 

You can initiate with the free plan, with this, you can access 2 images per day. Further, you can purchase the credits as per your requirement. 100 credits come for $9.99. Also you can avail annual subscription plan at $39.99. 

2. Photosonic – SoulGen Alternative

  • Automated prompts ~ give you more ideas 
  • Modify image sizes 
  • Unlock Hd Quality 
  • Produced 10,531,27 AI images till now 

Photosonic is the only AI image tool that will provide you with Free pixel art. You will not find this feature with other sites similar to SoulGen. With the help of the innovative text-to-image AI model used by this tool, you can create realistic or creative images from your ideas and imagination. 

You can also convert noisy and blurred photos into fine qualitative photos using the tool’s model’s latent diffusion technology. You can alter the output AI image in case you don’t like the quality. It includes modifying style, features, and many more. 

The adaptability of Photosonic as a best-of-the-SoulGen alternative helps you to build unique, new, and original project ideas, illustrate concepts, and test theories. If you don’t want to use it professionally then you can simply have fun playing around with this AI image tool. 

You believe it or not but here with this tool, you can add an extra edge to your creativity. You can make images of everything you can think of, including settings, creatures, items, people, and scenarios, and then edit them anyway you like.

3. Craiyon – SoulGen Alternative

  • Free for users 
  • Instant output 

Craiyon is the III best site like SoulGen. It is also called the “DALL-E Mini”. If you are a beginner then you can initiate with this AI image tool. It will not cost you anything like we mentioned, instead, you are going to learn so much with it. 

Now here with this SoulGen alternative, you can initiate the image-creating process in minutes. You don’t even need to sign up for it. See how much time it is going to save! 

All you have to do is just enter your prompt into the Craiyon AI Image Generator, then wait up to two minutes while the system generates nine variations of your prompt. You can alter the output in case you don’t like it or see something missing in it. 

4. Pixai

  • A new touch to anime artwork
  • Get an ad-free creative experience

If you are an anime art expert then Pixai is going to be your favorite tool! The SoulGen AI alternative has a character generator programming installed for making unique characters as per your imagination! Moreover, it can produce bots for usage in graphical messaging apps or chat applications like Discord. 

With several rating methods and frequent content additions, you can also go through the popular and trending artwork. You can take inspiration from them or download it. 

There is no filter to restrict you from accessing the NSFW content. You can explore your artwork for free here. You can explore tools like controlnet, Hires fix, LoRAs, and image-to-image ~ With this, you can have control over the output effectively. 

5. NightCafe Creator

  • CAD tool available 
  • NFT mining 
  • No additional hustle required 

NighCafe Creator sounds really exciting and fun and it is real too 🙂! It works on a special deep-learning algorithm. With this, you can create your own AI-generated neural style. 

You will be notified and get in-app notifications once your artwork is finished. You can select from multiple formatting options available for a single piece of your idea. There is one thing to consider here. You might need to wait because a lot of people use this tool simultaneously. 

Your average shot may become a piece of art using neural style transfer. Artwork may be created from a written description using text-to-image AI. As long as you control the copyright to your inventions, you are free to do whatever you want with them.

6. Artbreeder

  • Recreate your ideas with AI image tool 
  • Try on random images 

Artbreeder is one of the exciting sites like SoulGen! It comes with multiple features and customizable options. You can create anything with the Artbreeder tool ~ it supports your imagination with an extra edge! 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a painting, a portrait, or a landscape, and you don’t have to worry about how other people will react to it. This tool promotes communication between artists. You will get an extra support system for your artwork. Whatever you will create, it is going to showcase you and your ideas, remember. 

Through an established online community, AI artists actively share their work with others and garner fans. You can be among them, just take an initial step and you are good to go forth. 

7. Midjourney

  • Create next-gen aesthetics
  • Better quality AI image 
  • Access to multiple categories of artwork 

Midjourney is one of the best SoulGen alternatives which is going to put your ideas and imagination in the expression of the AI image created. The Bot is installed and whatever artwork you are going to produce will be done with it. 

When you are satisfied with your text in the prompt and include everything that is there in your mind, just press Enter or Send. Now the rest of the work will be done by Midjourney Bot! It will create the exact ditto AI image in a few minutes.  

If you ask the Midjourney Not a question, it can reply to you in Discord with the answers. By entering a “command” in the relevant bot channel or post, you may give the Midjourney bot instructions on how to carry out certain activities. 

8. Starry AI

  • Subscription-based service
  • Works best with the premium plan 

Starry AI is a very effective yet straightforward AI image maker and one of the best SoulGen alternatives. It has a wide range of styles, aspect ratios, and other features. It even grants users complete ownership of the artwork that is produced, which is something that not all AI generators do.

Altair and Orion are two of the settings available in Starry AI. You can put the one which is more feasible for you. While the other mode produces more abstract-looking photographs, the first mode produces realistic-looking images.


You want to create an image, but don’t know how to do it! You see now you don’t have to worry about anything. It can put your ideas and imagination into superb and unique artwork through AI images. Use the aforementioned SoulGen alternative and see the magic, of how well you can showcase yourself and your interest. 
Remember each and every SoulGen alternative discussed here comes with terms and conditions. Do read it thoroughly before initiating the signup process or image creation process.

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