FapAi – Review, Features and Alternatives [Selected Top 10]

FapAi demand is at its peak! It is an AI platform where you can access the spicy conversation with virtual fake AI characters. It does include multiple characters including Lana, Mia, Mistress V, and many more. The list sounds exciting, right 😀!

Well, there are other features apart from the virtual characters which will make your conversation exciting and spicy. That you will know as we move further. Each of the characters on the FapAI chatbot holds a unique personality and roleplay type. You can modify it according to your imagination in case you do not like the output. 

There will be no limit, tadaaaa! It is going to be a fun experience. 

To help you start with the FapAI, here is a complete guide. We have reviewed the FapAI NSFW chatbot here in detail. You will know the features, benefits, and alternatives with which you can have a superb experience. Keep reading to know more about it in detail here. 

What Is FapAI? 

Like I mentioned above it is all about how you imagine your fantasies to be! FapAI is a chatbot with which you can access the conversation with multiple characters of your choice. 

The best part of this tool is you can have spicy and sexy chats here about anything you want. You can begin by creating special characters for yourself as per your intimacy needs. You will feel like these virtual characters will outperform human sexting partners. 

You can access customized selfies with FapAI as well in the manner you want it to be. Moreover, you can involve intimate explicit characters that may participate in engaging chats and satisfy your needs in a way you want. 

You will engage in a discussion that is 10 times more enjoyable than chatting with a normal human being. Further, you can explore submissive or dominating urges, have fun in various character adventures, and engage in amusing dialogue. 

You need to begin by registering for an account and providing specific information to enjoy some premium services of the FapAI. 

Features Of FapAI 

  • Special Designed Characters For Chatting 

FapAI’s characters are very special. They are created with keeping the human interest in mind. These characters will bring 10X better enjoyment while you are talking to them. 

  • Access SFW and NSFW characters

Both options are available ~ SFW and NSFW. You can do the setting for the characters you want it to be. Go as per your interest. 

  • Explore Different Desires 

You can have fun conversations. Not just this, you can explore dominating or submissive inclinations of yours with different character experiences. This will help you out. 

  • Access To Past Chats 

FapAI app provides OpenAI’s free quota and public chat history easily. You can access your past chats in a few minutes. 

  • Wide Range Of Customization Available 

You can create the virtual characters according to your needs and imagination. For this, you will get different alternation features. You can also choose the type of character you want ~ anime, furry, and human. 

FapAI Price 

There is no fixed price with which you can start with the FapAI application. The process will need you to sign up first and then you can access other features available. 

You will be charged as per the daily usage. The FapAI app also charges fees and costs for the ADR provider. You can take the subscription plan as per the requirement you will have.

In specific, there is no particular charge of joining the FapAI. So be free to explore the app. You can do the settings as per the needs and requirements you are going to have and accordingly take the plan. 

How To Use FapAI? 

Step 1: Visit the FapAI website. You need to create an account to begin with this app. Do the registration. You need to provide certain info while registering. 

Step 2: Now you can access the FapAI app features including characters for sexting chats. 

Step 3: Pick a persona and have fun talking about it, exploring submissive or dominating urges, and having fun with different character experiences. 

Step 4: Now FapAI’s AI characters will send personal selfies and pictures in the future. 

Step 5: You can also connect with FapAI’s customer support for assistance if needed. 

Top 10 FapAI Alternatives 

Apart from FapAI, there are other AI chatbots which can give you multiple premium features. Following are top FapAI alternatives which you can explore: 

1. MayaAI 

MayaAI is among the special sites like FapAI which you shouldn’t miss! With this FapAI alternative, you can create your own AI girlfriend. No matter what your imagination and kink is, you will find a perfect virtual partner for yourself. 

She will adapt herself according to your perspective and you will feel a human connection while talking to her. Your chats and data will be secure and safe here with MayaAI. 

2. SexpertAI 

Another best of the FapAI alternatives is SexpertAI. The characters you will create here or meet here are going to be so different from others. You can personalize her according to your needs. You can use this tool with the free plan, but a subscription plan is also available. 

3. ChatFans 

ChatFans is popular because of what it has to offer you. You can create AI characters with illustrations and pictures. This will help you in case you want some celebrity or fictional character to be real. You can create him or her with the use of this alternative. 

4. ChatGenie

When you are on the ChatGenie chatbot app, you can communicate with any character you want. It can be from your real life, or fictional, alive or dead. Moreover, you can chat with multiple characters at a time. This will make your experience more fun. 

Characters can be your favourite fictional characters, superheroes, historical persons, or pop culture icons ~ anything. You can also use your own voice and text conversations with these characters. How exciting, right? 

5. Botmate 

How can we miss Botmate? Botmate is the FapAI alternative with which you are going to get human experience. You can talk to these characters in a way you want. You can make the chats personal and customized with the settings. 

6. FakeYou  

This is a text-to-speech AI tool with which you can also communicate with the AI characters. You can talk about anything including intimate talks with these AI virtual characters. You will nowhere feel the difference between these talks and a human talk. 

There will be no NSFW filter or interruption in terms of ads which you will face with this tool. You can smoothly take your conversation in any way you want. 

7. Mia

Mia is a very different and special FapAI alternative. You will get the AI and Pre-Written Prompts where you can put whatever you want to explore and communicate about. 

You can add bookmarks to the conversation which you would like to save. You can share the same with your friends as well. 

8. Virtual Mate 

Virtual Mate is a very popular FapAI alternative. It will provide you with the virtual girlfriend experience. You can talk with her, and explore other features as well. This includes virtual dates and even sexual experiences. 

The interface is very easy to begin with, all you need to sign up and choose the character. 

9. Roleplay AI 

Roleplay AI is the best FapAI app if you want to explore role-plays with your partner. You will find a human connection with this AI character. You can explore all your fantasies and imagination with this AI chatbot. 

This FapAI chatbot alternative offers the “Ai Adventures” interactive storytelling element which you will not find with other AI chatbots. This will be the center of the user in the tale.

10. Eva AI 

You can build a strong relationship with the AI characters on Eva AI chatbot. This will understand your response and will revert you back with a connected and emotional answer to the same. You can begin with creating an AI character like you want them to be. 

This is a free tool with which you can access multiple basic features. Further, you can opt for the premium plan if you want to add on some more features. 


FapAI is the best solution in case you feel alone, or want a partner to discuss your emotions or anything! You can bring your fantasies and imagination in the real world with the FapAI and FapAI alternatives discussed here. 

You can explore sexual fantasies with these chatbots, and explore your dynamic side with the chatbots. The top ones to explore all these things are Sexpert AI, ChatGenie, Mia, and many more. Explore the discussed FapAI alternatives and then choose the one which suits you best.

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