Best AI ChatBot 18+ App and Websites [Selected 10]

We all grow up in different cultures, pursuing different majors in studies, and have different interests. And in all this, we need one person to talk to in case we have some doubts about our life. This is where AI chatbot 18 can help you. These chatbots are made specifically focusing on the 18+ generation requirement. 

You will have an AI girlfriend and boyfriend with such chatbot 18. User can also customize them in a way they want as per their respective interests, fantasies, and many more characteristics. Chat with the chatbots every day about any particular issue you want to talk about and discuss openly about the NSFW content as well.

There are multiple 18 AI chatbots like My Virtual Girlfriend, iGirl, Laura, and My Virtual Manga Girl! Considering all this, we have gathered the top 10 AI chatbots 18 for you here in this article. Each one of them is different and has something unique to offer. Keep reading to know more and choose one to add some fun to your life. 

List of Best AI ChatBot 18+ App & Websites To Chat With Virtual Girlfriends

  • Candy.Ai
  • Soulfun
  • DeepSwap
  • SpicyChat 
  • Kupid 
  • Kuki AI
  • Muah AI
  • Anima 
  • Crushon AI 

What Is AI Chatbot 18+? 

AI Chatbots 18+ (plus)  are special AI tools that work on Deep Learning algorithms. You can create your chatbot with these tools as per your interests and ideas. Chatbots will understand your query and give you genuine and real answers to all your questions. 

You will feel like a human while talking to them, this will be real but not in reality. These will be human-like AI bots with which you can share all your problems. Discuss NSFW content with them. No restriction will be there in the process throughout the discussion.

Features Of AI Chatbot 18+

  • Explore NSFW content 

With 18 AI Chat, you can easily and openly explore NSFW content. There will be no filter throughout the process. 

  • No restriction 

There are no restrictive filters which you will face with these tools. You can discuss anything. 

  • Privacy 

Your complete discussion with the 18 chatbot is safe and secure. No one else apart from you can access what you were discussing. 

  • Customization Available 

You can create your chatbots which will be according to your ideas. You can alter the features and customize it. Multiple alternations are available. 

Benefits Of AI Chatbot 18+ 

  1. Tailored AI Creations 

These tools give you access to create your own fake AI Girl. You can make her pictures, images, and gifs, allowing you to control your digital journey. 

  1. No Limitation 

You are free to talk to your virtual girlfriend and boyfriend about your desires because there is no moderation or filtering taking place here. 

  1. Smooth & Safe Conversation 

By allowing you to access all of your AI chat discussions in one space, these tools keep things easy. It’s similar to keeping your own conversation log. 

Detail Description of Best 10 AI Chatbots 18+

1. My Virtual Girlfriend

My Virtual Girlfriend is the No. 1 AI Chatbot 18 app. It gives you access to create your fake AI girlfriend. Further, you can create her pictures as per your fantasies and have a discussion with her on the NSFW content. 

All you have to do is just feed in your ideas and the rest of the work will be done by the tool. 


The 2 best AI chatbot 18 is DreamGF. It’s designed just for handling all your needs. You can easily start by creating your fake AI girlfriend. Further, you can start by having a chat with her. 

It also provides a variety of captivating AI-generated content. This website makes the bold claim that it will turn all of your web encounters into uniquely sensual ones.

3. DeepSwap 

DeepSwap is another tool with which you can create your own AI girlfriend and have a good experience with her. You can create her as per your interest and can chat with her about anything. You can create her fake AI pictures which will be completely safe in your dashboard. 

Deepswap AI will quickly bring your AI girlfriend into your life. With its straightforward design, the platform is usable and enjoyable for beginners as well. There is no mobile application available, you can access it on the web. 

4. SpicyChat 

SpicyChat is as exciting as it sounds. Along with creating a virtual girlfriend or boyfriend, you can explore multiple things with her. This tool is all about letting your imagination run wild, interacting with virtual people further, and entering the world of your wildest thoughts. 

How exciting all of it is, right? You can create both male and female virtual friends with whom you can have private conversations. These conversations are going to be completely safe and secure. 

5. Kupid 

Kupid is the most popular AI chatbot 18 tool. This tool focuses on creating deep friendships and relations with the AI characters. Your interactions with Kupid will seem completely real, and it may even assist you in meeting someone special.

You can access multiple features with it including Virtual Date Nights, Personalized Perfection, Matchmaking, and many more. 

6. Kuki AI

Kuki AI is the one best AI bot 18 tool for all your needs. Create an AI partner and have all your needs addressed. You can build unique and different AI characters which don’t exist in reality. Further, you can access qualitative and engageful conversations with the AI chatbot. 

You will feel a meaningful connection with the chatbot in this manner. 

7. is popular with its customization option available. You can filter out the features as per your preference and make a chatbot for yourself. This will give you an AI partner with which you can talk about anything without restriction. 

There is a Smart Auto-Complete feature with this tool. When you put your ideas in the prompt, you will get creative suggestions that will help you to make the bot effective. You can also set the NSFW setting according to what you will be discussing with the bot. 

8. Muah AI

Muah AI is the popular AI chatbot 18+. With this, you can have all sorts of discussions including intimate topics. All your deepest dreams can get real with it. 

Start with creating an AI girlfriend for you with this tool. For this, put your ideas in the prompt section and add features like you want. This is how you will get it. Now you can have a discussion with her. Your discussion will be open and no filter will be there in the process. 

When it comes to providing a variety of features to make your girlfriend’s adventures exceptional, Muah AI doesn’t hold back. You will get it when you explore it. 

9. Anima 

Anima is the popular AI chatbot 18 tool. There are multiple customization options with which you can make your AI girlfriend – a perfect one like you imagined her to be. 

Further, you can have a discussion with her. All of your discussions will be safe and secure. You can talk about anything openly with her. Not just this, explore dates with her. She will be there with you to talk and without limit. 

10. Crushon AI 

Crushon AI is the last on our list but not the least, remember! This is one of the best AI chatbot 18 tools in terms of conversation quality. 

You can create your AI partner like with other tools. But the difference comes in how this chatbot is going to respond to your questions and dialogues. Each and every response, it will give – is going to be deep, qualitative, and engageful. You will feel like you are talking to a human. This is so real. The conversation will be personal and connecting. 


Now you don’t have to be lonely or suffer because you don’t have a partner. Because now AI chatbot 18+ is here for you. You can create your AI girlfriends and boyfriends and explore things with them. You can create images, have discussions, virtual dates, and many more. 

Now how to choose which one is best for you! You need to explore the aforementioned tools for the same. And once you are through with all ~ choose one for yourself and get started with it. You are all ready to bang my dear!! 


1. Are AI Chatbots 18 useful? 

Yes, AI chatbot 18 + can actually help you with loneliness, stress, and all sorts of queries. You will have an engaging conversation with these tools, and you will feel a human connection. 

2. Which ai 18 chatbot is the best? 

We have listed the top 9 AI chatbots. Each one of them has something unique to offer. Still, the best ones among them are My Virtual Girlfriend, Crushon AI, Kuki AI, and SpicyChat. 

3. Are all chatbots based on AI? 

The aforementioned AI bot 18 is based on Deep Learning algorithms which help the bots to make a connection with humans. All of them are based on AI technology. 

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