Top Bionic Reading Converter For Speed Reading

Reading a piece of content with a speed with proper pronunciation is something that we all need to excel in. And why not, this is a must efficient thing we need to know and be able to do. Speed reading is an ability which can be enhanced and improved with time and proper practice. Here you can make use of a good reading converter, that is, Bionic Reading Converter. 

Bionic Reading Converter or Bionic Text Converter is an app or a website with which you can develop your reading skills using different methods. For example, a flash card is a prominent way to do so. Bionic Reading PDF Converter is a gold award-winning app, and is not brand-new. It features both a bright and dark mode, you can access it in a way you want. It has been around for a long time and has been used by persons with learning difficulties or reading impairments to help them learn to read. They also provide the highest level of customisation. Here is everything you need to know about Bionic Reading PDF and the app. 

How Does Bionic Reading Converter Work?

Bionic Reader Converter is an application which reads the text that you will type and gets displayed on the screen. The entire processing behind the Bionic Reader Converter is done with the Machine Learning algorithm. It is used to remember the words with appropriate meaning and later it converts it into text. 

You can install the Bionic Reading PDF Converter extension in Chrome or Firefox whatever is suitable to you to explore and try the features. Both mobile versions are available for Android devices and iOS devices as well. 

Bionic Reading helps the brain recall new words more quickly by highlighting important word sections in texts, which saves time and sharpens attention. Users with dyslexia, ADHD, and processing difficulties, as well as those looking to improve their reading comprehension and speed, have highly praised this method. 

Top 20 Bionic Reading Converters You Need To Try 

1. Bionic Reading

Bionic Reading is one of the most used Bionic Text Converters in 2023. It is available for free to download on your devices, you can easily start with it. There’s also a free browser plugin available. This Bionic Reading Converter used multiple methods to convey the text for speedy reading strategies, together with an easy-to-use interface. 

Type your words into a box, the format of your text will be updated from its default one. Upload any file you choose. Bionic Reading PDF incorporates a variety of file types. A web URL is converted into a bionic format by the program. 

Access the Bionic Reading on Android, iOS, and Windows to explore and get started. This is free to use, try out the features in the best possible manner. 

2. Bionify

Similar to the first Bionic Reading Converter, Bionify is an app that indicates each word’s initial letter or syllable according to the word’s length. With this, I concentrated on the bolded portions of the text and then my brain filled in the rest as I read further. 

Any public website may be transformed into a Minified version by using the Bionify Chrome plugin. This improves reading by highlighting important word portions. Remember that Bionify is just for online pages and does not presently allow locally uploaded files, such as PDFs, without changing the style or other characteristics of the website. 

You can try Bionify on the website and it is free to use. Access and explore this Bionic Reader Converter and see how efficiently you can read with the speed. 

3. BioRead

With the help of the Chrome plugin BioRead, bionic reading PDF is made possible on the open webpage. It emphasizes each word’s first letter or syllable according to word length. This improves reading comprehension by letting you concentrate on the bolded portions of words while reading. BioRead is intended to increase reading comprehension and efficiency without changing the webpage’s look or other elements.

For Android smartphones, BioRead is available for free. Access all of its features with subscription. The cost of a subscription is $8.99 a week, $10.99 a month, or $45.99 annually.

4. Spreeder

Emphasizing on significant word segments in texts and directing the eye over the text is done for quick understanding of the content. Spreeder is a Bionic Reading PDF Converter tool that improves reading comprehension and speed in this manner. 

It is intended to enhance the reading experience by drawing attention to the most condensed sections of words. This helps readers comprehend and retain information more quickly. The Spreeder Chrome addon highlights the most important components of words for effective reading on any publicly accessible website. You can access it with Android, iOS, devices and Windows. If you like the processing, take the subscription plan that starts with $9. 

5. TorpedoRead

TorpedoRead’s innovative method to Bionic Reading PDF improves the eye’s text navigation by focusing artificial fixation points on letter beginnings rather than entire readings. You can stop your eyes from moving and encourage deeper comprehension than you could with most surface-level material.

It comes with browser add-ons extension and is completely free to use. 

6. Smart Reader

With this Bionic Reader Converter, Smart Reader, you can enhance the reading skills and speed of the web page. It will bold the first letter of every word mentioned. In this way, it makes it easier to read the complete web page with speed. All you need to do is install it and start using it freely. No subscription cost is there with this Bionic Reading Converter. 

7. Bionic Reading – Automatic

Bionic Reading is a browser extension with which you can automate the Bionic reading on any web page. Websites can convert texts to the bionic reading format by utilizing this extension. Updates and enhancements are welcome since this tool is currently in its early phases of development. You can provide the same in the contact us section. Corrections will then be made soon according to your feedback. 

8. Speed Reader For Safari

Using Safari, you can modify text on webpages by using Speed Reader Bionic Reading Converter to bold the most significant portions of each word, drawing the reader’s attention to the first few highlighted characters. Read more quickly since your brain will fill in the missing letters automatically. 

Additionally, users may read quicker by modifying the words per minute and removing distractions from photos and adverts using the Reader: Fast Read for Safari software, which is available on the software Store. With no additional costs or subscriptions, this software lets users progressively speed up their reading and has features like dark mode. 

You can use Speed Reader For Safari on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Perpetual license is required first to get started, this will cost you around $2.

9. AstroSpeed

UsamaNizamani created the free Chrome add-on AstroSpeed with the goal of assisting users in increasing the efficiency and speed of their reading. This technology is accessible as a Google Chrome plugin. It will help you to read up to five times quicker, which would facilitate speedy and effective material consumption when online browsing. 

You can use it via a website and it is completely free to use. So get started with this AstroSpeed Bionic Text Converter now and explore the features. 

10. Bionic Text Converter

With the help of this web application, Bionic Text Converter, convert ordinary text into Bionic Reading mode easily! It will improve the reading experience and will help you in reading more quickly and effectively. This converter bolds and emphasizes words’ first letters to help readers read and comprehend text quickly. Start with uploading PDF, EPUB, or ebook files for conversion, or enter text directly into the program. To customize the reading experience, the tool allows users to choose high contrast settings and fixation quantities. 

You can access it with Google Chrome Extension and it is free to use and explore. 

11. Bionic Converter

Bionic Converter is the add-on for Pixel Perfect Chrome with which you can read 10X faster. The two most similar extensions to this one are AstroSpeed and Bionic Reading. This extension has 388 weekly users. Eight months have passed since the most recent upgrade, 1.0.1, was issued.

Using the Bionic Reading API, this addon transforms web pages into the Bionic Reading format. A Bionic Reading API key is required and may be obtained for free at It is completely free to use and explore. 

12. Instapaper

Instapaper is just like what this name depicts. A paper which you can read instantly within minutes. Bookmark a variety of links and webpages to read at a later time and synchronize your list across devices with the aid of the program Instapaper. Save movies and other digital content in addition to web pages as well. Adjust the text’s size and color to fit your tastes.

In case if your articles or content piece are saved for offline use, simply catch up on your reading even if you are not connected to the internet. Content can be arranged into folders or based on other criteria like date, popularity, or other factors. Free downloads of Instapaper are available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. 

You can use it on Android and iOS devices free of cost. No subscription required. 

13. Read Faster

Read Faster is a very popular and most used Bionic Reading PDF Converter. Raise WPM with no requirement of lowering the reading comprehension. Now you don’t read from left to right, simply read each word as it comes on the screen once.

Read Faster can be used via websites. And it is free to use. 

14. Jiffy Reader

Jiffy Reader is a Chrome plugin for Bionic Reading Converter highlighting particular phrases first to increase reading speed and concentration. Rest of the space will be filled by the brain automatically. This will improve reading comprehension and speed by more effectively directing the eye across text. With this extension’s useful reading hack plugin, read more quickly and more effectively, increase their attention span and decrease the need to reread. 

Google Chrome Extension is available, you can freely use it. No subscription is required. 

15. Bionic Reading Extension

The Bionic Reading Converter Extension is a potent tool that applies the Bionic Reading technique to all text on a website. This will completely transform the reading efficiency 10X better. Important word segments in texts are done and directing the eye more effectively across the text for quicker understanding of the content in a faster and efficient manner. This extension improves reading comprehension and speed. 

16. Bionic Reading – Focused

The reading that the Bionic Reading – Faster app offers is more accurate, speedier, more focused. A smart bionic reading extension that makes reading faster, more focused, and clearer. After installation, this addon requires no more clicks or settings. Use Ctrl + B to enable or disable autorun. Use Cmd + B if you’re a Mac user. 

17. Eye-Read

Eye-Read is a Google Chrome addon that offers an improved version of Bionic Reading Converter. With focusing on significant word segments in texts, it will help you to read more quickly and fluently by directing your eyes across the text more effectively and retaining information more quickly. 

The Eye-Read plugin is available for free download and is designed to improve reading by increasing the speed of rapid reading. Increase your reading speed, attention, and understanding when visiting websites by using this productivity tool. With the use of features like Eye-Read, read more effectively and efficiently by increasing reading efficiency and decreasing the need for rereading. 

18. Bionic Viewer

Using the official Bionic Reading PDF Converter API, use the unique Bionic Viewer to browse any website in Bionic Reading mode. By supporting Bionic saccade and fixation settings, it will personalize your reading experiences for increased comprehension and efficiency. Improve the reading comprehension and online surfing attention by adding websites to the Bionic Viewer. With the Google Chrome addon Bionic Viewer, effortlessly apply Bionic Reading techniques to online information.

19. Bionize

Bionize improves your reading experience through bionic reading. Bionize might have a big influence on your reading and you will feel and experience too with time and practice. Focus on the most relevant parts of words, which can greatly increase your reading speed and efficiency with Bionize. 

In general, 10% of people have everyday difficulties reading. This Bionic Reader Converter can help you with the same and now you can become efficient in reading too. 

20. BIONIC Reads

BIONIC Reads is the last in the list but not the least. This is the most important and effective Bionic Reading Converter tool that you should not miss. By focusing on initials of the words, it will help you to become a faster reader with the time. 


Now you don’t need to worry if you are a slow reader or can not read properly. Use Bionic Reading Converter to start practicing and become effective with reading faster. Once you start with a Bionic Text Converter, you will feel the difference on your own. All you need to do is choose a particular Bionic Reader Converter from above and start exploring. 


  1. What is the significance of highlighting parts of words with Bionic Reading Converter?

Highlighting parts of words helps users identify key components, aiding in word recognition, vocabulary development, and easier understanding. 

  1. Can I use Bionic Reading on any website?

Bionic Reading is compatible with most websites, although some may not have implemented the necessary features for it to work optimally. 

  1. How does Bionic Reading help users stay on track?

Bionic Reading provides visual cues and interactive elements to help users maintain focus, prevent distractions, and stay engaged while reading.

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