Best Free Intermittent Fasting Apps For Weight Loss in iPhone and Android

Too many people are choosing to build a healthier lifestyle which includes diets and exercise. Intermittent fasting is a recent example that has garnered a lot of attention. And there are apps to help with these diets, that too for free! So now, you can totally find the best free intermittent fasting app for yourself.

For the unversed, intermittent fasting is a way of diet in which people limit food intake to specific hours of the day. Beyond weight loss, some studies suggest that it may also improve brain and heart health.

Common methods of intermittent fasting include fasting for 24 hours twice a week or 16 hours daily. And hence, it requires proper tracking of time and food items. Now, let’s take a look at apps that can help you do that!

List of 10 Best Free Intermittent Fasting Apps

  • Ate
  • Fastinent
  • Vora
  • Sunrise Fasting 
  • Simple 
  • BodyFast
  • Fastic
  • Window
  • FastHabit
  • Femometer Fasting

Best Free Intermittent Fasting Apps

1. Ate 

This is one of the best free intermittent fasting app for weight loss. It is a visual food diary that makes it easier to track gaps between meals and snacks.

It is also the quickest and simplest food journal. And encourages users to experiment with new routines to determine what works best for them.  Ate helps coaches track the diets of their clients as well. So it is also great for business.

Ate Android App
Ate iPhone App

2. Fastinent

The app has a large, open interface that makes room for a user’s journal. The schedule tracker makes it simple for them to record their food intake and view data in graphs that are simple to read.

Fastient lets you keep track of your daily accomplishments and write down your symptoms, mood, and weight, among other things. Previous fasts can also be added and edited by Fastient users. And all these features make it a great free intermittent fasting app with no subscriptions.

Fastinent Andorid App
Fastinent iPhone App

3. Vora

It encourages you to share your progress with others on the social platform and features graphical records of your most recent fasts. This app makes it simple to take responsibility for your own diet through community support.

In addition, you can make notes for later use, which is helpful if you want to review them later. And so, it is one of the best free intermittent fasting app iPhone.

Vora iPhone App

4. Sunrise Fasting 

Sunrise Fasting is a guide for intermittent fasting. It provides useful data, including statistics, progress, and history of your fasting. As you progress through your fasting journey, you can view stats, weight goal tracking, history, and badges.

This is one of the best free intermittent fasting apps Apple.  So, you also get to learn useful tips, advice and information through curated articles and videos.  

Sunrise Fasting iPhone App

5. Simple

Simple provides you with individualized fasting plans, a meal and fasting tracker, expert-led guidance, and more. Before making any recommendations, it fully comprehends your body and objectives. 

It also shows you exactly what happens to your body during each stage of fasting to help you better understand the process. The good thing is that the app is compatible with a number of other fitness apps.

Simple Android App
Simple iPhone App

6. BodyFast

BodyFast is one of the best free intermittent fasting apps Android and Apple because it offers a good selection of free fasts.

The app’s overall interface is polished and simple to follow. And it also tells users when to speed up and when to slow down with their fasting. It also has prizes to help build confidence, which motivates one to do better.

BodyFast Android App
BodyFast iPhone App

7. Fastic

Fastic has more than 400 recipes incorporating many healthy food items to assist you in making the most of your eating windows. It also lets you know what your body is doing during your fast.

Additionally, it gives a fasting timer and a step counter and connects to a large group of other fasters. With its features, you can fast with friends, form healthy habits, and share your progress. Therefore, it’s also a very healthy experience.

Fastic Android App
Fastic iPhone App

8. Window 

The window enables you to schedule your eating windows and notifies you when eating windows open and close. It also syncs your data with the Apple Health app and Apple Watch and offers a blog with healthier advice.

The basic features are free, but you can also buy the premium version. The upgrade has mood trackers and other things. However, its free features are already too good, making it one of the best free fasting app.

Window Android App
Window iPhone App

9. FastHabit

FastHabit serves as a place to log your dietary intake and workouts and also has a fasting timer. Its calendar feature notifies you of upcoming events, allowing you to plan your fasting schedule accordingly. 

The app also has charts and graphs to show how far you’ve come toward achieving your health goals, like some other apps.

FastHabit Android App
FastHabit iPhone App

10. Femometer Fasting 

Femometer Fasting tells you when to eat and times your fasting periods. Additionally, the app encourages you to keep track of both your fasting hours and daily routines, such as your sleep schedule, level of activity, and food and water intake.

While you fast, the app shows you what’s going on inside your body. You can learn about nutrition facts and see when your body will start using fat as fuel. These detailed features make it the best free intermittent fasting app for women.

Femometer Android App
Femometer iPhone App


A number of people have turned to intermittent fasting in current times. It is a popular health trend and requires a specific eating pattern. But to keep track and make healthy choices, people also consider apps for it. 

The best free intermittent fasting app is the one that allows you to journal and also offers good dietary suggestions. There are a number of features that apps keep coming up with, like graphs showing progress and other things!

This detailed list will totally help you choose the best app for your healthy journey! So, pick one today!

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