Best Free Grocery List Apps For iPhone and Android [Best 10]

We all love to shop, even if it is for groceries. But the worst part about shopping for groceries is when we forget things. And that’s where lists help. Some of the best free grocery list apps for android & iPhone have features that do more than just listing things. 

These lists are also shareable at times so that your spouse and family members can share inputs. These apps are also built with the idea to help save money, which is perfect. So you can simplify your weekly trip to the supermarket and stores!

Let’s take a look at some of the best free grocery list apps for iPhone & android!

Best Free Grocery List Apps For iPhone and Android

  • Out Of Milk
  • ChefTap
  • Buy Me A Pie
  • Bring 
  • Listonic
  • Flipp
  • AnyList
  • Cozi Family Organizer
  • Google Keep
  • That Shopping List

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Top Grocery List Apps For iPhone and Android

1. Out Of Milk

One can easily create and manage grocery lists with friends and family. This can be downloaded and also used on the web app.

You can make fun, interactive shopping lists, and personal to-do lists, and even keep an up-to-date inventory of your home pantry for future reference. This is a grocery list app free for use. And it is available for both Android and iOS.

2. ChefTap

This is one of the best free grocery list apps for iPhone because of its distinct features. ChefTap saves recipes from any website automatically into the app’s permanent archive. There is no need to copy and paste, highlight text, or use hidden third-party websites.

After that, ChefTap helps users make grocery lists based on the particular ingredients in their favourite old recipes.

3. Buy Me A Pie

Buy Me A Pie is among the best android grocery list app, that is also available for iOS. Your list can be sorted by aisle so you don’t have to go back for forgotten items. You can even specify how much you need for each item, so you don’t have to check your recipe to see the measures. The curated lists are simple to use, and very well arranged. This is a grocery list app to share with spouse, which is also free to use.

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4. Bring

As one of the best android shopping list app, Bring is versatile. So, you can upload and share photos of grocery items, ensuring that you always get the correct item. Plus, the application sends you month-to-month ideas for occasional staple things in your locale to assist you with shopping more economically. 

The best part is that Bring also allows you to scan and store loyalty cards. So you can never miss out on discounts or savings – and it’s free. 

5. Listonic

This is a simple android & iPhone shopping list app that has simple features. Listonic makes smart suggestions based on the things you buy frequently to help you quickly create lists. Additionally, the app lets you add prices to each item, allowing you to better budget and instantly calculate costs. So it helps in saving money on groceries.

6. Flipp

Flipp matches the weekly ads from your local store with coupons from well-known brands. It covers a number of retailers. These coupons can be sorted by store, item, brand, or coupon, and as you shop. It helps you save a lot of money while carrying out all the tasks of a simple grocery list. So, this easily makes it one of the best free grocery list app for android & iPhone.

7. AnyList

AnyList organizes your groceries for you based on where items are in the store. The app already has a large database of items, so you can quickly add food with a single tap. 

If you’re looking through the fridge or pantry and don’t want to stop to write something down, Siri can help you add items. It is the best ios grocery list app, and more. Because as the name suggests, you can make multiple lists, that are not only for groceries.

8. Cozi Family Organizer

The calendar, shopping lists, and recipe box in this app can all be synced across the devices in your family. You can also access your account from a web browser. To make shopping even simpler, the list automatically arranges each ingredient by food group once it has been added. 

Cozi Family Organizer is a perfect grocery list app to share with spouse. You can easily share suggestions and keep everything together, without having to make multiple lists.

9. Google Keep

Google Keep is possibly the best android shopping list app due to its easy access. This app allows you to add collaborators, make lists, take notes, and do a lot more. You can add pictures or drawings, group them with labels, and use automatically generated topics to search through them. 

Finally, you can make lists by store or topic in the app. And easily take help from Google Assistant to add to them.

10. That Shopping List

This app does not require an account to be used. Additionally, iOS devices are cross-platform compatible with list sharing. That Shopping List has over 800 predefined grocery items that have been translated into dozens of languages so that it can be used by people all over the world. 

It auto-detects units, amounts, and categories even when you are using the voice input feature. All of this makes it a preferred grocery list app for free use.


If you’re tired of forgetting things when you’re at the grocery store, you need lists! And this is your cue to get apps that help you manage these lists. A number of grocery list apps are free to download and come with great features. 

You can also get a grocery list app to share with spouse so that you’re in sync. Finally, the good part about some of these apps is that they help save money. From suggesting deals and coupons to sharing staple suggestions, they have it all. 
We’ve got you covered with this list of best shopping list apps for iphone & android! So, download your favourite one today!

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