Best Video Editing Apps On Microsoft Store Free

Precis: Are your surfing through different search engines to find the best video editor? Well, then, you have knocked down the right page. In this blog, we will make you near and dear to the best video editor in Microsoft store

We always wonder how people on youtube edit their videos flawlessly. Do they hire video editors? If yes, how can they afford them at the initial stage of making videos? Well, that’s a big question for people who want to start their careers as YouTubers or influencers. Along with this, it is a frequently asked question for people as well who want to start their career as video editors but cannot afford the paid tools yet. Therefore, here, we will discuss the best video editor in Microsoft store that are free. Yes, you read that right, FREE! Microsoft offers some free editors that include features like editing, storing, sharing, and much more. 

So, without burning the daylight, let’s dive deep into the list of the best free video editors on Microsoft store.

List Of The Best Video Editor In Microsoft Store – Download For Free!

  1. Animotica – Movie Maker
  2. Clipchamp – Video Editor
  3. Crazy Video Maker 2 – Video Editor & Movie Maker
  4. Fused: Double Exposure, Video, and Photo Blender


Animotica is the greatest video editor for first-time YouTube, TikTok, Vimeo, or Instagram vloggers. The free version of Animotica allows you to experience its smooth interface and make attractive films with a watermark. For a few dollars, you can clear the watermark from your films or get the Full PRO version, which unlocks all of the features indefinitely.

Make amazing films, share personal memories, and discover the video world. Further, make your social media ideas stand out. In addition, you can use a range of aspect ratios, video effects, and overlays not only for YouTube, Instagram, or Vimeo but also for other social networks. Animotica is a simple video editor, movie maker, and slide show video creator for Windows 10. 

Simply use this Video Editor to learn how to produce your video clip, video with photos, movie, or slideshow for your home video or video blog on YouTube or Instagram. Also, create Udemy courses, edit Twitch streaming video footage, instructive videos, films, trailers, and more. On this account, it holds the first position in the list of the best video editing apps on Microsoft store free. So, try your hands on this video editor of Microsoft store and have fun editing. 

Features That This Best Video Editing Software On Microsoft Store Offers 

  • Combine video and photo
  • Add music
  • Add voiceover
  • Scale
  • Freeze frame
  • Rotate
  • Reverse video
  • Adjust color and image
  • Add animated titles and captions, stickers, and a custom logo with amazing animations
  • Blur video background
  • Change its color
  • Make a slow-motion
  • Speed up a video
  • Make a square video for Instagram
  • Edit Zoom recording
  • Apply Chroma Key effect, camera shake effect, glitch effect, etc. 
  • Make a vertical video for Instagram Stories, IGTV, and more.  

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If you want to create videos with just a few clicks, this is the best video editor in Microsoft store. With a drag-and-drop interface, this movie creator is user-friendly for beginners. However, it also contains complex video editing capabilities to let you clip, crop, and resize video, record screen, and webcam, edit green screen films, and even add AI voiceovers. Clipchamp allows you to create exciting videos for social media, in-depth lessons, sales promotion videos, and more. Further, Clipchamp’s online video editor provides you with all the necessary editing capabilities like: 

  • Add or remove audio
  • Beginner-friendly templates made by designers
  • Add filters and transitions to videos
  • Captivating stock video and audio
  • Save and share high-quality videos to your favorite apps
  • Directly publish to YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, and OneDrive

It offers other special tools categorized as tools for creators and tools for businesses. So, let’s glance at them too. 

Creators’ special tools:

  • Green screen video editor: Use the backdrop change tool to impress your viewers. To swiftly alter movie segments and create overlays, use chroma key effects.
  • Meme maker: Make and share looping films and animated GIFs.
  • Try text-to-speech: Use their 170 AI voices to create natural voiceovers for your films. In 70 languages, you may pick from a range of masculine, feminine, and neutral tones in various accents.

Business-specific tools:

  • Brand kit: Using their business kit, you can easily add unique fonts, your brand’s logo, colors, and watermarks to every video.
  • Corporate video editing: Skip the lengthy emails and produce movies using the webcam recorder, or easily polish meeting records.

Crazy Video Maker 2

Crazy Video Maker 2 is yet another best video editing app in Microsoft store that’s free. It is the most inventive and user-friendly video editor in the Windows Store. Further, you don’t need any editing knowledge to produce stunning films. With the help of this best video editing software on Microsoft store, you can include images, sounds, videos, video or built-in camera, a variety of texts, and screen capture. The application’s main interface is centered on moving events on the timeline with a pen, mouse, or touch and defining settings for those events. Despite its ease of use, the program has enormous editing potential.

You can do the following with its assistance:

  • Create your own video from various films and images
  • Accurately trim merged videos to a single frame precision
  • Trim photographs and videos precisely, create animated GIFs with unique effects
  • Arrange film elements on levels
  • Draw wherever you like
  • In every video segment, add a variety of outstanding filters and video effects
  • Add multiple audio tracks as you like to the video
  • capture and create audio or video using the built-in microphone or camera
  • Include professional transitions
  • Use the Chroma Key effect
  • Create Full HD and 4K videos

Moreover, you can see the results of all applied parameters during the video preview. This permits you to keep complete control over the creative process.

Fused: Double Exposure, Video, and Photo Blender

FUSED is the first video editing software on Microsoft store that lets you combine movies, photographs, or a combination of the two. With inspired work from outstanding rising artists, you may create gorgeous, one-of-a-kind graphics!

Features that make FUSED Best Video Editing Apps On Microsoft Store Free

  • A novel user interface that is straightforward and easy to use. You can import and combine video clips (up to 15 seconds), photographs, or a mix of the two. Therefore, allow your creativity to soar!
  • 20 real-time blending modes
  • Color adjustment tools for greater control over blending
  • Draw and erase tools to precisely map out your masking
  • Directly share to all of your favorite social media platforms
  • “Artists Collections,” which include movies and photographs from emerging artists. Combine them with your own ideas to make some incredible artwork!

On this account, this video editing app in the Microsoft store managed to come under the list of the best video editors in Microsoft store. 

Wrapping Up 

To encapsulate, we can say that the best video editors in Microsoft store don’t just let you edit your video with simple editing tools like create, crop, and trim. Instead, the best free video editor on Microsoft store mentioned above offers more tools and equipment to make amazing videos for different platforms. So, if you desire to create your own youtube or Instagram video, try your hands on these best video editors in Microsoft store.

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