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The menstrual cycle is the constant cycle in the women’s bodies that helps them conceive, and it involves ovulation, menstruation and many other sub-processes. Since women need to take care of their menstrual week, and it is highly influential in conceiving, it becomes simple to track the menstrual cycle. But how do you do so? 

Well, you have numerous apps available that help you track your ovulation and period cycle. But all of them need to be more trustworthy and accurate. Therefore, it is best to opt for the best menstrual cycle app that ensures the most accurate, infallible and simple tracking of your menstrual cycle. It becomes better when you get to use the apps for free. So, the following discussion will offer you the list of the best free period tracking app that helps you track your menstrual and ovulation cycle most accurately. 

What Are Period Tracking Apps? 

Period tracking apps are the different applications available. They help you mark when you had your last period, when you will be having your next period, when you are most fertile, when is the best time to conceive and more information like this. And some period tracking apps come with additional features. 

Best Free Period Tracking App

  1. Clue 
  2. Glow 
  3. Period Tracker Lite
  4. Flo Period Tracker 
  5. Period Calendar 
  6. Period Plus 
  7. Eve 
  8. Period Diary 
  9. Ovia Fertility Period Tracker
  10. Cycles 

Best Free Period Tracking App With No Subscription

When talking about the Best free period tracking app with no subscription, Clue becomes the first app in the list because it is an overall favourite for all users. This app’s general ranking is more or less 4.8 out of 5. Additionally, the reviews are equally positive and impressive. The app has received the title of being the top free period tracker online from an American College of Obstetricians and Gynecology publication. 

The work of this free period tracker online is to track your periods, exercise, and moods. It is ideal for all age groups. The app is highly intuitive and has an attractive interface that allows ease of usability added with informative visuals. 

Glow is one of the best free period tracking apps in the Apple Store, with an overall and general rating of about 4.7 out of 5. We refer to this app as one of the best free period tracking apps because it has won Webby 2014. It received this award for being the best health and fitness application, and it syncs with other fitness applications like MyFitnessPal and Jawbone. 

Women trying to conceive can also use this application as it has a mirror app. The mirror app tracks the fertility of the woman. It is female for older women, and the application has a rating of 17+ for the same reason. The free erosion of this period tracker app comes with certain advertisements and daily polls. 

Period Tracker Lite is a period tracker app available in Apple Store and Google Play. The app has a rating of 4.8 and is a precise and the most accurate ovulation calculator app. It also has a user-friendly, intuitive interface. The exciting features of this cycle tracking app include tracking the writer and the users’ moods. Additionally, this cycle tracking app can readily remind you of your doctor’s appointments.

Some of its other features include charts of the symptoms, height and length of your period. It enables the users to add their symptoms and categorize them in a range of mild, moderate and severe. The app is customizable. However, you might find that the visual might need improvement in the present world. 

Flo Period Tracker has title of being the “App of the Day” in March 2018. And it is so in thirty countries and more. The application states that it is unique and different from all the other free period tracking apps. This app receives an overall rating of 4 out of 5. The application utilizes artificial intelligence to boost the precision and infallibility of the predictions. 

It can switch smoothly from tracking periods to becoming a calendar for planning pregnancy. This menstruation tracker app has been mentioned in numerous world-known magazines, including Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan and The Guardian. 

Period Calendar is a menstruation tracker app available for Android and has an interface filled with pink colour and a little pink flower. It has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. The functioning and way of using the app are simple. The users have to enter their data regarding their age, period and body type. And with that information, this period and ovulation tracker will send alerts when necessary. And it is to ensure that the users have a warning beforehand. 

The reviews about this period and ovulation tracker show that it is accurate and straightforward. However, if you are not a big fan of a period tracker being all pink and flowery, it might not be the best app for your preferences. 

Period Plus is the best ovulation tracker app available for Apple Store users, and it has a grand rating of 4.7. The interface of this application is elegant and organized, and it has plenty of features for tracking your cycle. The features include tracking your breakouts, weight changes, stressors, and migraines. Such extensive features are rare in other applications for ovulation and period tracking. 

The interface is also equally impressive, as it includes coloured themes. The unique feature of this application is that it comes with a game, ‘Cotton Plop’. It also supports 3D touch. It is the best ovulation tracker app because it is infallibly accurate and precise about its predictions. 

Eve is an app from the stable of Glow. We can refer to it as the most private period tracking app because it was once a Webby winner for health and fitness. It has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 and is the title of the most innovative application for 2016. It is an application which is more than a period tracker. It deals with love, relationships and sex; thus, it has to be the most private period tracking app. It includes a community that enables the users to communicate. Make friends and even post selfies with it, even filters from Snapchat.

The app also has a feature which is Eve Gems, that includes quizzes and informative guides. It also contains gifs and emojis, making the application intuitive and exciting. 

Period Diary is the best free period tracking app as it includes as many as 30 PMS symptoms and 20 moods that enable the users seamlessly track and sync their cycle. And they can do so on their phone calendar. Thus, you can access all the period information about your cycle on your phone anytime and anywhere you deem necessary. 

It is another most private period tracking app as it offers users the benefit of using a password and icon labelled P.D. that help them maintain utmost privacy about their cycle tracking information. 

Ovia Fertility Period Tracker is on our list of the best menstrual cycle app because it has a unique feature. Its distinctive feature is to offer the users a daily ‘fertility score’, which is another way of letting them know how probable it is for them to conceive at their point of the cycle. The app also offers the feature of tracking nutrition information. You can also customize the app’s background and colours if you want. 

It also comes with the feature of exporting information to Excel. The app is available for iOS and Android. Additionally, even when you are unwilling to convince, you can use the app to keep track of your flow. 

Cycles is a menstrual tracker app that has a minimalist and intuitive interface. It has the necessary feature for accurate tracking. You can share the app with your partner, which helps you receive better support from them during your periods. If you want an application that has all the essential and necessary features but is simplest to use simultaneously, Cycles is the best application for you. 

DOT is an abbreviation for Dynamic Optimal Timing that utilizes data sets for calculating the risks of your conception and chances for each day of your menstrual cycle and uses the information of your period starting days for the same. The app is compatible with iOS and Android, and it is simple, has an attractive interface and offers all the necessary features for perfectly tracking your menstrual cycle. 

Final Words 

Period tracking applications are a boon for all women. But at the same time, you must not use them as your birth control measures. They rely on statistical predictions, which may not always be correct. Your body can function differently at different times based on numerous aspects. Other than this aspect, the tracking apps are highly beneficial for tracing and warming purposes. Therefore, you can choose any of the above apps to track your menstrual cycle precisely.

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