Does Do Not Disturb Block Alarms on iPhone [Guide]

With the world becoming technologically advanced our lives are also changing. We are now getting completely dependent on our mobile devices. Around the world, there are millions of mobile users and especially iPhone users. The story of the iPhone mania is never-ending. 

Do you know what makes it everyone’s best choice? The Do Not Disturb function is one that many iPhone users like us value. It is used by millions of people all around the world. We can silence incoming calls, notifications, and messages with this feature. However, there is always this question buzzing in the mind of iPhone users: does DND block alarms on their devices? To put it simply forward, it doesn’t. You can still set an alarm when your iPhone is in DND mode. 

We will address this query and give you all the details you require in this blog post. There will be complete detail on how DND functions on iPhones and how it impacts alarms. You can also troubleshoot alerts that don’t sound when DND is activated. 

Will My Alarm Go Off On Do Not Disturb?

The iPhone’s Do Not Disturb is a great feature with which you can concentrate on work or get a good night’s sleep. This happens when you are really tired and want some alone time without being distracted by notifications or calls. But still, the question remains the same – Will my alarm work on do not Disturb on iPhone?

No, Do Not Disturb does not disable alarms. Even if your iPhone is in DND mode, alarms will still go off, according to Apple Support Communities. This entails that, even if DND is enabled, you may set your alarm and be sure that it will sound when it is supposed to.

Different Do Not Disturb Settings and How They Affect Alarms

Yes, Do Not Disturb does not disable alarms but there are a number of settings in Do Not Disturb on the iPhone that can change how alarms function. To make sure that your alarm sounds at the time and you don’t get late for any of your work, understand these settings. Here is a more detailed and thorough explanation of such settings here, let’s have a look at it:


With the use of this setting, you can easily specify the time frame for which Do Not Disturb will be active on your iPhone. Your alarm will still ring if Do Not Disturb is activated while you are supposed to be sleeping. So you can get to work and you won’t get late for anything that is important to you. If you want to be sure that you are not disturbed while you are sleeping but still want your alarm to sound, this setting is helpful.

Permit Calls From

Another feature is that even when DND is enabled, you can choose who can call you using this setting. So that you don’t have to pick calls from everyone that is not important to you. You can add the name of the important persons whom you think are necessary. Your alarm will still go off if “Everyone” was chosen. If you want to make sure that you get your important calls even when DND is enabled, this setting can help.

Recurring Calls

When DND is activated, this setting allows a subsequent call from the same person within three minutes to go through. So that if a person is in urgent need of yours and he can contact you again, you will get an idea that this is important and you can attend the call. Your alarm will still go off if this setting is on. If you want to make sure that you always get important calls from the same person, this setting can prove to be really helpful.

Please note the fact that these settings only have an impact on calls and notifications. Even with DND turned on your alarms will still ring. Your alarm may not sound in some rare circumstances, though. let’s know about them too.

Some Exceptional Cases Where Your Alarm May Not Ring

As we have already discussed the answer to the question: do alarms work in do not disturb? The answer to what we have discovered is that yes, your alarm will sound even if your iPhone is in DND mode but there are some exceptions to it. Your alarm may not sound in some rare circumstances, though. 

Here are a few explanations for why your alarm could not sound:

  • If your iPhone is off, your alarm won’t sound. Sometimes it happens when because of not being charged properly our phone automatically switches off. Before setting an alarm, make sure your iPhone is charged and switched on.
  • Accidental alarm deactivation is a possibility, particularly if you are using a third-party alarm app. We would suggest you to use the alarm app that is by default in your iphone and check twice whether you have put on the alarm or not. Make sure your alarm is on and configured properly.
  • The alarm volume is set to zero. Sometimes it happens that you forgot to check the alarm volume which results in you not being able to hear the alarm. Even though your alarm won’t go off if the alarm volume is set to 0 but you won’t be able to hear it. Make sure your alarm is set to the highest volume.
  • Your alarm won’t ring if you have the setting for the alarm to merely vibrate. This is one of the biggest mistakes we make as we set the alarm to just vibrate. Make sure that your alarm is set to vibrate and ring.

Tips for Troubleshooting Problems with Alarms 

Here are some suggestions which can surely help you in troubleshooting the issue if your alarm doesn’t ring while DND is enabled:

– Verify the alarm’s settings to make sure they are set properly. Because most of the time it happens that we don’t set the alarm properly which results in the alarm not turning off.

– Please make sure that Silent mode is not active on your iPhone. If silent mode is activated then you won’t be able to hear the ring of your alarm.

– Before going into a deep slumber of sleep make sure that your alarm’s volume is not set to zero. Because setting your alarm with 0 volume won’t be of any use.

– Also make sure that your alarm is not on vibration.

– Try setting the alarm once more after restarting your iPhone if you have already set your alarm before switching off your phone.


To conclude it all and answer your question – does do not disturb block alarms? So no, DND does not prevent iPhone alarms. Even if DND is turned on, you can set your alarm and have peace of mind knowing it will go off when it is supposed to. Although there are some rare circumstances in which your alarm won’t work you know the key to that as well. And still, if you face any issue regarding your alarm not going off, you may need to contact your iPhone service department. Therefore, without worrying about DND preventing your alarm from going off, set your alarm, go to bed and relax.

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