Web3 Domain Registration Platforms To Buy Web3 Domain in 2023

Web3 domains are the new way to browse the internet with a decentralized system. They are more secure and private than traditional domains and can be used to access dapps and websites built on the Ethereum network. To get a web3 domain, one can go to any registrar and a standard annual renewal fee is paid to rent that domain.

Web3 domain registration is the next step in decentralized internet evolution, from designing websites one can own to securing apps built around a community. They are distributed, secure, and easy to use. For people looking for a more secure and private way to browse the web, or wanting to access dApps, it’s an excellent decision to get a web3 domain. The Web3 domain name is unique, meaning no one else can get the same after you buy a web3 domain. After purchasing the extension from web3 domain providers, one is free to select either their name or the ID for one of their existing social networks.

Additionally, unlike traditional domains, social media platforms, or content distributors, web3 domain registration allows one to monetize and own their content creatively. Therefore, it is entirely up to the person to find a means of distinguishing themselves online and developing a professional identity.

List of Best Web3 Domain Registration Platforms

  1. Unstoppable Domains
  2. Freename 
  3. Blockstack
  4. Handshake
  5. Blockchain DNS for Firefox and Chrome
  6. NEM Blockchain DNS
  7. Emercoin
  8. Peername
  9. Bonfida – Solana Name Service
  10. Ethereum Name Service 
  11. Quik
  12. Namecoin – Dot-Bit
  13. NameApes
  14. IONOS
  15. Terra Name Service

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Top Web3 Domain Registration Platform

Millions of web3 domain registrations have been done with Unstoppable Domains. After the purchase, users retain full ownership of their web3 domain without having to pay for hosting or renewal. The idea is to convert crypto wallet addresses into shorter, more understandable names that can be used as a universal username, sent and received cryptocurrency and access the decentralized internet. In addition, users can verify their social accounts and display their NFT avatars online.

As one of the best web3 domain providers, they give users complete ownership and control over the Web3 top-level domains (TLDs) that they acquire. Other than that, users receive royalties for the creation and registration of a new TLD. These royalties are exclusive contracts that generate a passive income to register web3 website domain using that TLD. For six months, the trademarked Web3 TLDs are protected worldwide. Users can choose which nations they want to protect their TLDs in, once the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property accepts and registers the TLD.

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Blockstack’s web3 domain services are based on the Bitcoin blockchain, removing the issues with DoS, corporate oversight, and hacking. Users can authorize transactions and sell their domains to other users because they control the private keys to their domains. This also lets users examine recent activity from Blokckstack domain names and the information associated with those domain names, such as associate addresses, transaction histories, names registered within a particular Bitcoin block, and more.

This permissionless, decentralized naming protocol aims to replace corporately managed domain names to revolutionize decentralization on the web. The Handshake coin powers Handshake’s blockchain. Other than web3 domain registration, web3 can be transferred and updated with Handshake coin. In addition, members of the Handshake community can start auctions using HNS for web3 domain purchases.

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This web3 domain name provider gives access to domain names like Emercoin, Namecoin, and others. Namecoin and Emercoin are decentralized peer-to-peer networks based on Bitcoin’s principles. The procedure is simple, the extension must be downloaded after which an icon is added to the browser’s extension bar. One only needs to install the package and start browsing, there is no configuration required.

This Chrome extension lets users search websites on the NEM blockchain that have .nem extensions. It’s completely decentralized, restriction safe, and simple to introduce with no additional product required. Clients can likewise refresh domain records whenever they want. Additionally, it’s open source.

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It generates domain names that are resistant to censorship and cannot be revoked or altered by any centralized authority. Private keys and associated payment addresses are in the hands of users. Its web3 domain names can create subdomains and have full access to multiple domain zones instead of just one. Additionally, users can buy web3 domain names with individualized customized terms.

PeerName oversees web3 domain name registration that goes about as a module for Chrome, Drama, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. It provides a web-based interface that is simple to operate and set up without requiring cryptographic or Linux expertise. It does not have custody and provides free registration for the following year with each subsequent registration. Their goal is to provide registration of all new domains based on Blockchain. They also store registered domains in a way that eliminates the risk of hacker attacks and the stealing of domains. 

The front-end, back-end, and blockchain development are their primary areas of expertise. They have fostered an entire set-up of items from bots to domain names, with the fundamental focal point of conveying blockchain arrangements. As a web3 domain name provider, the goal is to remain at the forefront and play a central role. The Solana Name Service (SNS) converts Solana addresses into human-readable identities for web3 ecosystem users, such as .sol.

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, this web3 name service is a distributed, open, and extensible naming system. The TLDs.eth and .test can be used to identify the platform, which is a naming service that hierarchically distributes domain names. While maintaining the web3 domain name properties, users can also make name hashes. ENS converts human-readable names into machine-readable names, just like SNS. One can claim their username, store a symbol and other profile information, and use it across administrations.

They aim to make it easier and faster for anyone to mint, list, sell, and buy blockchain domains. The blockchain-based transactions do not require a third party and are transparent and secure. The web3 domain registration is based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Within the Quik ecosystem, each NFT domain has a unique value. Only one name can be minted for each individual on a first-come, first-served basis. Miners of. address domain names receive a 5% royalty on each subsequent sale of that name.

Namecoin is an experimental open-source technology that improves DNS and identity speed, decentralization, security, resistance to censorship, privacy, and speed of the Internet infrastructure. Namecoin’s Dot-Bit is a censorship-resistant web3 domain provider that lets users use .bit top-level domains to access other websites. Dot-Bit speeds up website loading times and cuts down on website downtime. In addition, users of Namecoin can register domain names that begin with .bit rather than.com.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains can be purchased, sold, and promoted with the assistance of NameApes. They can either buy your desired name on your behalf or act as agents. They also take ownership of the name that the person wants to register by keeping it in their hardware until they want it moved to their wallet. Alternatively, if you already have some Ethereum and a crypto wallet, you can register the name.

Web3 domain registration with IONOS gets various extensive highlights. One Wildcard SSL certificate is included in the initial contract to ensure the visitors to the website are protected effectively and to boost one’s Google ranking. Aside from that, up to 10,000 subdomains to customize and organize the website. Your domain can’t be transferred by unauthorized third parties because of their domain transfer lock.

The only difference between TNS and ENS is that it is tailored to the Terra ecosystem – with the .ust extension. One can use a TNS address for the email and Twitter accounts in addition to a website or crypto wallet. The enrollment cost relies upon the number of characters the proposed NFT space has. One can also renew the subscription of each domain that they registered. Make sure to renew within 30 days after your domain is expired; otherwise, after this grace period, others can register your domain. However, this should be done within 30 days of the domain getting expired. 

Best Web3 Domains List

  • .crypto
  • .nft
  • .x
  • .wallet
  • .bitcoin
  • .dao
  • .888
  • .zil
  • .blockchain

Final Word

There are numerous uses for domain names in the blockchain landscape. Users need to frequently copy and paste long alphanumeric codes. This is risky, given that these long codes can be forgotten easily. The use of blockchain may be hampered by this complexity. Web3 domain name purchase sites assist in the creation of user-friendly domain names, offering a solution. Domain names can assist in mapping straightforward names that can be read by humans to addresses that can be read by computers.

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