Web3 Website Template Sites To Design UI [Top 10 Sites]

One of the most genuine ways to build trust with one’s audience is through well-designed user experiences. Similarly, web3 and blockchain-based alternatives also depend on it. The design greatly influences the uptake and adoption of web3. Besides, the majority of users will be introduced to blockchain technology through dApps. So, a design can either hinder or make the navigation of this technical evolution better. Therefore, today, in this blog we will talk about the websites that offer the finest web3 website templates.  

Further, web3 design requires certain inspiration just like usual website design. Several web3 website template sites offer elements, inspiration, and even several freebies. So, without further ado, let’s check out some of the sites that have innovative web3 website templates and UI designs.

List of Best Sites For Web3 Website Template Designs

  • Webflow
  • Dribble
  • Envato
  • Lapa Ninja
  • Web3Canvas
  • Framer 
  • Popsy
  • Uizard
  • UI Deck
  • Freepik

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Best Sites For Web3 Website Template Designs

  • Webflow – Provides The Best Web3 Website Design Template

Its web3 website template lets one integrate marketing tools, store backups, collect data from forms, and more. Additionally, clients and coworkers can update content directly from the canvas with a user-friendly interface. 

Layouts for a wide range of modern devices can also be easily viewed and changed by customers. The good part is that Webflow’s code-free design tools let you customize over 1,500 business, portfolio, and blog templates.

With 4,957 inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers, Dribble allows versatile web3 website design. Besides, it is the world’s leading creative community for sharing, developing, and finding work. 

The platform has several templates for various web3 UI design styles and types. In essence, it is simple to find designs that go with a company’s style, niche, and mood.

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Envato offers affordable design templates, site templates, and several template kits. It helps businesses and creatives complete projects more quickly by offering an unlimited subscription service and a leading marketplace. 

One can find anything, including photo templates, website themes, video templates, and audio templates. There are sections where one can look for a web3 website template that looks unique and is perfect for different businesses.

The best examples of landing pages, free books for designers, and free web3 website templates and UI kits can be found at Lapa Ninja. The website provides examples from all over the internet to provide ideas for similar brand types. 

There are several additional features, such as freebies tailored to various user types. It functions like a collection for finding the appropriate web3 landing page template or other design needs that are necessary to make a website more interactive.

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Web3Canvas provides designers and web developers with high-quality resources and freebies. They provide snippets for developers and designers and a blog that supports the web and design industries. For web3 website design, they have designs with particular elements and templates. 

Different users can use feature kits and separate designs for their apps and websites. It also has an “about the author” section that provides a comprehensive account of the author, which in turn helps them as well.

Framer has grown from a simple JavaScript library to a complete web design platform over time. They claim that their primary objective is to assist users in submitting their ideas at every stage. And their work reflects this. 

The website offers a variety of approaches to web3 website design with templates that are made for all. Further, it is simple to distinguish between various website template options. One can even find the ideal web3 landing page template here, and many of them are also free.

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Here, you can get a free web3 landing page template that is ideal for launching a sleek, contemporary website. Popsy believes that rather than wasting time trying to construct a complex website, the focus of web design ought to be on marketing. 

A demo is also available for new users on the site. Besides, it contains several tools, such as illustrations available in a variety of colors. Another helpful feature that makes this exhausting process much simpler is the site’s user support.

Uizard’s beautiful premade templates make it easier to get started on any website project. There is truly something for everyone to choose from the stunning selection of web design templates available. Furthermore, their selection of website wireframes and website UI mockups is authentic and modern.

In addition, one can bring their concepts to life using the pre-made web3 UI design templates. Their UI designs include all necessary components, whether they are for the web or an app design template.

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Tailwind CSS is used to create all of their web3 templates, which come with all of the necessary pages and components to launch one’s next web3 project. The ability to search by tags makes it simpler and more competent to locate the ideal web3 website design on UI Deck. There are also a variety of templates, including Tailwind, One Page, and others. However, each of them is guaranteed to be of high quality.

Freepik is a well-known platform for vectors, pictures, and even fonts used in design. However, there are a number of choices for landing pages and web3 design elements that can be taken into consideration to improve the user experience of a website. The low cost of the components lends a sense of authenticity to their premium customers. Further, depending on the kind of company or business, one can use the various design elements and templates that are on the website.


For any brand, business, or firm, website design is important to stand out in this digital era. Now that web3 is taking hold in a number of fields, it’s just as important that web3 website design is given the same attention. Through UI, interesting elements, or a suitable web3 landing page template, a company appears trustworthy to clients and users associated with it. 

Instead of an exhaustive design process or complex tools, a number of sites offer free and paid web3 website templates that are interactive and even contain the required tools for the concerned businesses. Hence, people can take leverage from such customizable and ready-made templates and UI designs. The above-listed websites have a large variety of different tags and types.

So, go and find a perfectly suited template for your website!

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