Best Web3 Browser For Android & iOS [Top 10]

Are you surfing the web to know the best web3 browsers list? Well, you have hit the right page. Here, we will familiarize you with web3 browsers. But, first, we will learn what is web3 browser. So, without squandering any time, let’s dive deep into it. 

What Is Web3 Browser?

A web3 browser enables users to freely interact with decentralized economic and non-economic platforms. The decentralized setup’s main part is a set of decentralized apps built on top of blockchain channels. Participants can seamlessly access dApps and browse the web with any other browser. This is possible due to the decentralized interface. 

Web3 browser supports integration with cryptocurrency wallets and blockchain networks. And hence, they empower users to manage their digital data and retain a larger portion of the profit generated by that data. In order to make a web 3.0 browser more useful and accessible to users, it incorporates advanced features.

Additionally, chrome is not a web3 browser, but you can upgrade it to your own version of web3 browser chrome! The update can help to connect with blockchain domains. This can be done by integrating the Metamask extension, which lets one add the Metamask wallet to the current browser. Besides, one can store their cryptocurrencies, NFT artworks, and other crypto assets in this multi-chain wallet.

If you’re still wondering about what is web3 browser. In simple words, a web3 browser helps to easily work with decentralized applications (such as wallets, websites, and apps). All this is because they are built with web3 API support, and do not need a third-party extension.

So, let’s see what a web3 compatible browser looks like!

List of Best Web3 Browsers to Use

  • Brave
  • Aloha 
  • Osiris 
  • Puma
  • Stack
  • Opera
  • Trust Wallet
  • AlphaWallet
  • Carbon
  • Mises

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Top of Best Web3 Browser

1. Brave 

The Brave web3 browser tops the list due to its robust decentralized ecosystem. The browser is open-source, privacy-focused, and free to use. Furthermore, Ad blockers, an integrated virtual currency wallet, support for an integrated Interplanetary File System (IPFS), and other features are available to Brave users. 

The brave wallet is the name of the built-in wallet, which lets users trade crypto safely. It has over 25 million users, making it one of the most widely used web3 browsers on the market right now.

One can import bookmarks, extensions, and even passwords that they’ve saved. Additionally, switching takes only a minute. The web3 browser download is also possible. Basically, it’s similar yet safer. 

DownloadWeb3 Brave Browser

2. Aloha 

Aloha is a web3 mobile browser that is garnering attention. With a mobile-specific optimized rendering engine, it lets one browse more quickly. Through its hardware acceleration, pages can be displayed up to twice as quickly as with other mobile browsers.

As a web3 browser ios and web3 browser android, its compatibility is spot on. There are a number of features like the full media player. With this feature, one can watch movies and listen to music. Aloha also supports offline and online playback of VR content. 

Moreover, there’s a built-in file manager that securely stores files and also supports downloads. It is simple to lock folders using a fingerprint or passcode.

DownloadAloha Web3 Browser

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3. Osiris

The web3.0 browser is accessible on all major platforms and enables the use of numerous blockchain networks. One can find a better user experience and an integrated crypto wallet. It also offers smooth web3 usability and user privacy if one wants to switch from a web2.0 browser. 

This browser stands out in the web3.0 market all because of its features. Besides, it is popular among dApp browsers for offering lower transaction fees and faster transaction speeds across numerous blockchain networks. Stable borderless browsing without a VPN is one of its upcoming exciting features.

Download – Osiris Web3 Browser

4. Puma 

Puma web3 browser is the perfect option if one wants to access the peer-to-peer and ownership-based web3, Defi, and NFT economies. The web3 mobile browser has features with which one can maintain a consistent web browsing experience.

It also offers a subscription-based monetization tool. Further, to encourage artists, it employs Interledger, a novel, and efficient strategy. For transferring small amounts of money, Interledger is a straightforward, currency and ledger-independent method. It lets one practically stream the web that helps male money.

Download – Puma Web3 Browser

5. Stack

In Stack, cards are arranged side by side in a spatial environment instead of tabs. With its features, you can build things and send files, messages, and links in a Figma-like multiplayer environment.

Additionally, users have control over their personal data when they use this web3 browser. This means that users will remain safe on the network in addition to stacking tabs into various productivity groups.

The starter “free pack” includes limitless profiles, two spaces, and three color themes, for browsing. One can also select from other paid subscriptions, and offer a variety of features like a license linked to NFT.

Download – Stack Web3 Browser

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6. Opera 

The Opera web3 browser is in high demand for being one of the top ten browsers due to its speed, user-friendliness, efficiency, and emphasis on privacy. Opera now provides dApp supper and an in-browser digital wallet alongside VPN functionality. 

Currently, this digital wallet supports all major coins, including Ethereum. However, subsequent version releases will expand this support. 

Opera web 3 is quick and saves a lot of data. Personalized browsing and built-in ad blocking are also available as its features. This makes it simple. And if you want to have an improved and more individualized online experience, it is the ideal browser.

Download – Opera Web3 Browser

7. Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet’s web3 browser is fully operational and can communicate with any DApp. You can connect any DApp on the Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain networks. Even DApps that are added to the Marketplace is selected from Trust Wallet’s list. 

It is a Windows and iOS DApp browser, and a mobile-only wallet. Trust Wallet is quite popular due to its user-friendly integrated design and mobile-friendly design. The Trust Wallet Browser Extension is a secure crypto wallet and gateway to thousands of web3 dApps. One can swap tokens, play games, earn rewards, and more.

Download – TrustWallet Web3 Browser

8. AlphaWallet

One can connect to the new decentralized web and all of the needed dApps by using AlphaWallet’s built-in web3 Browser. It is both user-friendly and safe. All Ethereum networks are accessible for connections, including, xDai, Ethereum Classic, Artis, POA, Ropsten, Goerli, Kovan, Rinkeby, and Sokol.

To connect to dApps quickly and easily, its web3 browser QR code scanner can be used. On- and off-chain functions can also be accessed. The web3 browser download is readily available on the Play Store.

Download – AlphaWallet Web3 Browser

9. Carbon

Carbon is a free and open-source web 3 browser that uses the powerful Blink engine from the Chromium SDK. Currently available on Google Play, it will soon be available on iOS, Mac OS, and PC. It offers a fully immersive web 3.0 experience that comes standard with crypto features like the multi-chain wallet. 

It is a practical choice for a web3 browser android. Some features include an optimized engine, automatic blocking of intrusive ads and trackers, and fast page loads. In addition, individuals can earn $CSIX rewards while browsing and spending on their partner network, without requiring KYC.

Download – Carbon Web3 Browser

10. Mises

Decentralized storage, NFT for managing and trading, and a simplified application that eliminates redundant functions to speed up the browser are just a few of the features offered by this web3 mobile browser.

Mises’ primary offerings, including Mises Chain, Mises ID, Mises Browser, decentralized storage, and NFT, are devoted to constructing web3’s infrastructure. Wherein, the storage requirements of users are the focus of Mises’ decentralized storage service. Its network protocol’s nodes store the user data worldwide.

Download – Mises Web3 Browser


When we visit a web address, we rely on our browsers to handle all of the complicated back-end tasks and get us to our destination.

With web3 coming into the picture, we also use the decentralized world. But to do that, there are some more features and work that is required, like having a wallet and accessing the appropriate protocol. Ideally, this is where the role of browsers comes in.

Web3 browsers make it easier for users to interact with blockchain-based decentralized applications. The web 3 browser offers a variety of features, some of which include enhanced transparency and security, faster browsing performance, complete user anonymity, and the ability to integrate cryptocurrency wallets with multiple blockchains.

This is everything you need to know if you were wondering about what is web3 browser. So, explore these browsers, and get going!

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