Pokemon Card Price Checker Apps & Websites [Top 10]

Collectibles are every fan’s dream, where people keep mint condition toys, cards and comic books. The Pokemon cards are one example, and we’ve all had them at some point in time. But there are also a number of collectors who preserve such items, given that they can offer great monetary returns. To keep track of the cost of these cards, there are a number of Pokemon card price checker apps and websites. 

These platforms offer real-time prices and data about the different collectibles, including Pokemon cards. A Pokemon card price tracker is simple to use, and some of these platforms offer ways to buy and sell cards as well. This makes the entire process a lot of fun, and these websites and apps are totally worth it. 

So, we have compiled a list of tools to track the prices of Pokemon cards in this article!

List Of Pokemon Card Price Checker App & Website

  • Mavin
  • Pokellector
  • PokeTCG Scanner
  • Pocket Prices
  • Pokemon TCG Online
  • Cardmarket
  • Poke Price
  • Pokecardex
  • TCGPlayer
  • Pokemon Wizard

Detail Description of Top Pokemon Card Price Checker App & Website

1. Mavin – Best Pokemon Card Price Checker App

Mavin is a price guide for everything, so it is the perfect Pokemon card price checker website. It shows the prices of these cards on different e-commerce platforms and websites like eBay and more. The website even shows a graph to show fluctuation in the prices over time which is quite helpful. 

This Pokemon price tracker requires you to sign up and surf about what you’re looking for. You can easily look up for the cards by entering basic details about them, which makes the entire process very simple to follow. Other than that, you can search, save and track for a specific item and its collection which is an important feature. 

2. Pokellector – High Rated Pokemon Card Price Checker Website

Pokellector is a free pokemon card price checker app that allows you to track the current market values of your Pokemon card collection and helps you keep track of your collection. It has a search feature that makes it simple to find and compare prices across multiple online marketplaces. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

The platform is a valuable resource for collectors and users who might want regular updates about their cards. You have to first register on the platform, and then you can log in each time you want to access it. There’s also a store on the app where you can shop for specific things like cards and plush toys that make it more fun to use.

3. PokeTCG Scanner

This is one of the best Pokemon card price checker apps that tells you how much your Pokémon cards are worth and also helps you organize your cards into folders with custom images for ease of use and keep track of your collection. The Winners and Losers tab is one of this app’s cool features which monitors how Pokemon cards went up or down in value with time. 

Additionally, you can export decks to a .csv or text document, add cards directly from Inventory, and create an unlimited number of decks for free. The app is available on both Play Store and iOS, making it properly accessible. 

4.  Pocket Prices

PocketPrices is yet another well-liked Pokemon card value checker pricing app. The TrollandToad website’s prices for Pokemon cards can be displayed through the Pocket Prices app. 

This Pokemon value checker app’s ability to determine the total value of your collection and offer the option to select the number of cards is one of its most appealing features. Pocket Prices is also still a work in progress and needs many elements found in other applications, such as checking. However, it offers the basic features that can be used to determine the prices of cards, which makes it robust.

5. Pokemon TCG Online

Pokemon TCG Online is fantastic for monitoring the Pokemon trading cards and checking their prices. By using this application, you can challenge different players all over the world. You can even build your own individual Pokemon card collection by unlocking new decks and cards through this Pokemon tcg price checker. 

Online access to the Pokemon TCG is available for iOS and Android devices. This means that you can introduce this application on Android and iPadOS gadgets with practically no issues. The card price checker pokemon app has quite the features when it comes to variety, so it’s a great download and works well on most devices.

6. Cardmarket

As the name suggests, Cardmarket deals with cards – their prices and other things. This is a great Pokemon trading card price checker. Cardmarket is a famous European web-based commercial center for trading exchanging cards, including Pokemon cards. The Cardmarket application permits you to look at and track costs of individual cards or whole sets without any problem.

To access this site, you will have to sign up and create a profile which can later be accessed through your credentials. The handling fees on this site is low, and given its popularity, several users rely on the site to buy and sell specific cards. This can surely help to track prices and do a lot more while at it.

7. Poke Price

Poké Price is a free app that allows you to quickly search for Pokemon cards and compare their prices across several different online marketplaces. The interface of the website is simple and it makes it one of the best Pokemon price checkers available. It has a card scanner feature that lets you scan a card’s barcode to see its current market value right away.

The site also has several great features for collectors and new users to collect cards and do more. This offers stats, a directory and a marketplace to buy something for your deck. All in all, Poke Price comes with a user-friendly approach and the website offers a great way to become a collector.

8. Pokecardex

Pokecardex is a web-based platform that lets you search for Pokemon cards and compare their prices across several different online marketplaces, including TCGplayer, eBay, and Amazon. A graph of the price history is also included on this platform. This Pokemon price checker is also available on Apple Play and Playstore to access using different devices. 

There are several new features on the platform which make it quite interesting to use. The folders and barter features are some examples. But, the best part about this website is that it also offers forums. So, you can easily check the value of Pokemon cards but also talk to other collectors as an add-on. 

9. TCGPlayer

The TCGPlayer application is accessible on both Android and iOS gadgets. However, it isn’t just a Pokémon scanner or price checker app. Given that the app is integrated with TCGplayer.com, you can sell your cards and check prices right from the app. There are a lot of cool features included.

It has a card scanner that works well, even when the cards are hard to see inside their packaging or even upside down, and it can track market pricing in real-time. The Pokemon TCG price checker has a great interface and is one of the most robust sites to deal with collectibles. This is especially meant for collectors who would like to keep track of their cards and decks.

10. Pokemon Wizard

Pokemon Wizard has a great deal of very intriguing features, specifically if you are a collector. It offers a wide range of information about the cards and collectibles, specifically related to Pokemon. The site offers different prices and trends of particular Pokemon cards, making it a helpful Pokemon card worth checker.

You can also buy and sell cards on this site. They are a new platform and are constantly bringing in new elements to make it a marketplace usable for all. Pokemon Wizard also offers news related to Pokemon, which includes game updates and more. So, this is a refreshing platform if you are a collector and like to be updated with constant information. 


If you’re a collector of Pokemon cards, then you probably have some collectibles that are worth a lot. While a lot of these collectible items are invaluable to people, they can get you a lot of money at times. To track the prices of cards, you can always use a Pokemon card price checker app, where you will get the current prices of different cards. Some platforms even allow you to buy and sell which is a great add-on feature. So, if you’re looking to explore, this list is for you!

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