BigJpg AI Image Enlarger: Features & Competitors

BigJpg AI Image Enlarger is a powerful image upscaler and enlarger tool which is free. With the help of this AI tool, you can upscale and enlarge any image to a certain extent. With a free BigJpg AI account, you can upscale to 4X but with the premium plan, you can extend up the 8X. It is based on Deep Convolutional Neural Networks technology which can easily help you upscale and extend the image. 

Apart from being the top preferred AI image enlarger tool, there are other tools similar to BigJpg resolution which can help you with other elements too. These are Upscale, Waifu2x Caffe, Gigapixel AI, and Real-ESRGAN. 

To make your work easy with upscaling and enlarging the images, we have covered everything you need to know about the BigJpg AI Image Enlarger features and plans. You will know how you can use it most effectively. We have covered some top alternatives to the Bigjpg AI tool. Keep reading to know more about the same in detail. 

What Is Bigjpg AI Image Enlarger? 

We all need a tool with which we can edit our image and no quality will be compromised within the process. With this BigJpg resolution, you can upscale the image to 16 times as it is in original size and no quality will be compromised. 

You can edit out the noise and jagg part from the image very easily with this tool. Whether it is an animated photo or some regular picture ~ everything can be upscaled and enlarged with the Bigjpg AI Image Enlarger tool in a few minutes. 

Plus the best part, you are going to get with this tool is your privacy will be maintained throughout the usage of the application or tool on the web. You can download the image within 5 days from the edit day; after 5 days ~ it will be automatically deleted from the tool’s storage. 

Bigjpg AI Image Enlarger Features 

  • Enlarge Image 

When you visit the webpage of BigJpg resolution you will get the prompt to upload your image and choose the scale you want to upscale it in. Just sign up or log in, further you are good to go. This is an easy process to upscale the image, and it will be done in a few minutes. 

You can enlarge the image up to 16 times to its original size. This is the feature which you will not get with other such tools. 

  • Upscale multiple images and different types of images altogether 

As I have mentioned, it doesn’t matter what sort of image you have (whether it is animated or regular), you can edit and upscale the image to 16 times its original size. 

Well, other BigJpg picture enlarger alternatives don’t have this feature. This makes this tool unique and top-ranked for upscaling and enlarging images. 

  • Batch processing 

You can perform batch processing with multiple images at the same time. Zoom in with multiple images can save you a lot of time, remember. 

  • Maximum limit 

If you are using the tool with a free plan, then you can access the max limit of 3000x3000px, 5M. However, if you have a paid plan, then you can access up to the limit of 50 M.

  • Economical pricing 

The best part of the BigJpg image tool is that it starts with the free plan ~ you can start for free. Try it out, you can upscale to 4X. Well during the process, if you like the tool’s features ~ then you can opt for the premium plan as well. 

  • Available on multiple devices 

You can access the BigJpg AI Image Enlarger tool with different devices. It includes Windows, Mac, iOS, and AOS.

What Are The Benefits Of BigJPG AI Image Enlarger? 

Better quality image output: 

You can produce photos with multiple vibrant colours, little to no glitter or doubling, and nearly little noticeable noise. This is not available with other such tools. 

Efficient and stable: 

In terms of speed and stability, this tool outperforms other image-upscaling tools. You can upscale and extend the image in seconds. 

Ensured privacy: 

After 5 days, the tool will automatically delete uploaded and expanded photographs and encrypt image URLs to safeguard user privacy. Hence you have nothing to worry about. 

Top 7 BigJpg AI Image Enlarger Alternatives

1. Letsenhance 

Letsenhance is the II best alternative after Bigjpg. It’s an AI-powered tool that instantly improves, upscales, and resolves blurry or low-quality photographs. This can be used for a variety of applications. You can use it for e-commerce and real estate, with one-click presets, automated editing, and support for up to 500MP enlargements as well. 

Multiple features of this tool are quite similar to the BigJpg AI Image Enlarger. You can use it for the following features: 

  • Upscaling the images 
  • Fixing pixels 
  • Correcting colours and light 
  • Removing JPEG artifacts 
  • Better printing quality 
  • Blow-up photos for large-size prints

You can upscale to the 16X from the original size of the image like BigJpg. The pricing plans are according to the credits you want to opt for. The plans are as follows: 

Free plan: 10 credits 

$9 per month: 100 credits 

$24 per month: 300 credits 

$34 per month: 500 credits 

2. Gigapixel AI 

Gigapixel AI is another best tool which you can try with upscaling the image. It is from Topaz Labs. You can upscale and enlarge images to 600% better quality with this tool. You can start with the free plan, and later you can opt for the $99.99 premium plan. 

The neural networks at Gigapixel AI are constantly trained on a wide range of example photos to learn how photorealistic detail appears. It will work best with portraits, animals, landscapes, and architectural images. The quality will be top-notch. 

Face Recovery AI, a breakthrough technique launched in Gigapixel AI v6.1, provides exceptional detail augmentation for low-resolution faces.  

3. Tensor Pix  

Tensor Pix is another best image upscaling tool which you can use in place of the BigJpg Image Resolution. The best part is you can create natural slow motion with it. 

Along with enhancing the photo, you can edit the video and enhance it more effectively. The process will take only 3 minutes. Plus, no need to install additional software. As per the statistics, 5,02,314 users have given positive feedback to it. 

  • Access Framerate boosting & Slow Motion
  • Preview solution up to QHD
  • De-interlace videos and remove interlacing artifacts
  • Four premium plans:
    • Free: €0/mo.
    • Standard: €11/mo.
    • Premium: €25/mo.
    • Elite: €61/mo.

4. Scapix 

Scapix is one of the best upscaling and enlarging image tools which you need to explore. It is developed by Specy. You can access it with the GitHub depository. Using it to enhance the image is very simple. This is best for the beginners. 

5. iResize

With iResize, you can resize, compress, and save photographs in a variety of formats. The platform has a basic user interface, and you can use it without any prior knowledge. Just start with submitting and uploading photographs in two ways: by uploading the file or by dragging and dropping photos into the upload box. 

In addition to individual picture processing, the platform provides batch processing to save customers time. 

  • Resize image in cm, mm, inch or pixel
  • App available to download or use on the web 

6. A Sharper Scaling

Sharper Scaling is a prominent BigJpg alternative with which you can upscale your photos utilizing the high-quality image scaling technology available on the website. The tool requires no particular system requirements to work and can be installed and deployed in minutes. 

It has a simple and straightforward user interface and structure, so users don’t have to fiddle with too many buttons and can simply upload and expand images. You can select a sizing mode and define a target scale and size. 

In addition to picture scaling, you can access image rotation and perspective correction. It has a scaling ratio of 50% to 400% and supports three file types, including JPEG, TIFF, and PNG. Finally, it supports bulk processing and comes with a command-line tool.

7. PhotoZoom Pro

PhotoZoom Pro produces enlarged and upscaled photos with millions of pixels and higher-quality outcomes. The platform can even expand noisy and compressed original photographs while keeping their quality. 

Photo distortions arise during photo enlargement, and this tool gives the necessary capabilities to remove these distortions. Use it to know how you can effectively enhance the photo and edit it simultaneously. 


BigJpg AI Image Enlarger is the best tool you can optimize and enlarge a photo in a few minutes with an easy process. Start with an easy trial and then opt for the premium plan which suits your requirements the most. It comes as per the credits, so see accordingly. 

Apart from the BigJpg, there are several other alternatives which you can use. Well, we will suggest trying and exploring each alternative and seeing which one is meeting your requirements the most. In this way, you will get the best tool and affordable price as well. 

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