Top Remodeled AI Alternative In 2024 is the best AI interior design tool to create superb living spaces! You don’t need to rely on traditional interior designs or do a lot of hard work to get some AI interior designs out of magazines or the web. You can feed in your idea/ imagination, and the rest of the work will be done with a Remodeled AI alternative in a few minutes. So along with Remodeled AI, you can check the relevant sites like Remodeled AI. 

There are several top Remodeled AI alternatives available over the web nowadays that you can easily access. These are Remodel AI, Room AI, Room Design AI, REimagine Home, Roomify.AI, Dream House AI, Coated, Designera, and many more! 

Well to make you understand better about these Remodeled AI competitors, we have covered how we can use it, things you have to consider while using these tools, and how we can effectively use it. Keep reading to know more about it if you want to pursue alternatives to Remodeled AI. 

Top 10 Remodeled AI Alternative 

1. Remodel AI – Remodeled AI Alternative

Remodel AI is the No. 1 among the websites like Remodeled AI according to our research. With Remodel AI, you can redesign your exterior and interior in a more effective manner. You can experiment with colours, and patterns in a more dynamic manner. 

Key Features: 

  • No further need to consult with expensive design consultants. 
  • You can start with the free trial to explore the tool. 
  • The first 5 remodelled designs will be free, you can explore them. 
  • Get access to costly renovation projects.
  • You can get access to explore the interior and exterior design with different sets of patterns, colours, and textures. 
  • You can have a plan in less than 30 minutes from Remodel AI. 

All you need to do is sign up first and then upload the photo of your room you want to redesign, feed in some of your ideas in the prompt and now you are all set to go. There are premium plans available. 

  • Weekly: $8.88 per week ~ Free for first 5 designs 
  • Starter: $24 per month 
  • 1 time fee: $34 with a lifetime subscription 

2. Room AI – Best Remodeled AI Alternative

Room AI is the best Remodeled AI alternative which you need to try. This was launched in September 2022 and powered by STRIPE. It is a simple yet powerful approach to modify your decor and experiment with new ideas. All you have to do is upload a photo of your present room. Now select from 40+ design styles, colour palettes, and materials available with the platform. 

Key Features: 

  • Get the first free demo to see how this tool works. 
  • Multiple patterns, textures, and themes are available. 
  • Transform your existing room with the “RESTYLE” feature. 
  • Design a new space from the initial with the “GENERATE” feature. 

Whether you want to restyle an existing place or build something entirely new, this tool can handle it. Upload photographs, choose design components, or even start from scratch – the more information you supply, the more this Remodeled AI alternative will satisfy expectations.

Personal Plan: $29 per month 

Pro Plan: $99 per month 

Team Plan: $299 per month 

3. Fotor: AI Interior Design  

Fotor is among the best sites similar to Remodeled AI. In Fotor, you can quickly visualize and see your interior design ideas using AI technology. Upload your out-of-date house interior design and instantly upgrade it with spectacular new AI interior design plans! 

Key Features: 

  • Access to 3D room planner
  • Available on iOS and Android 
  • Multiple interior layouts
  • Access Style Transfer feature to access your room decor 
  • Use AI Inpainting Tool to see how your room will look with stuffs 
  • Security and insurance available 
  • Get access to different themes including Minimalist, French, Bohemian, etc 
  • Best for interior designers, and individuals
  • You can access 20% off as well on using this now 

After signup and free trial ~ you can begin by following the premium plans. You can pay with PayPal and a Credit card. 

Fotor Pro: 133.26 INR per month 

Fotor Pro+: 266.6 INR per month 

4. REimagine Home 

REimagine Home is exciting in real how it sounds! This is one of the prominent sites similar to Remodeled AI. You can start with the sample image to see how this room actually works. You can mask the detailing and change it as well if you don’t like it. 

There is something you need to be careful with. You can use it for free but you can download the image once you will buy the credits. 

Key Feature: 

  • Try first with the sample image 
  • 1M+ registered users on a daily basis 
  • 18M+ designs generated so far 
  • Have user inputs for different room designs (kids, living, kitchen, and many more)
  • Access AI-powered landscaping & patio design tool for prominent designing 

Credit plans available: 

  • 10 Downloads: $19 
  • 100 Downloads: $99 
  • 35 Downloads: $49 

You can buy the credits as per the requirements you have for your room interior designs. 

5. Interior AI

How we can miss listing the Interior AI tool? You can begin with its Affiliate Interior Plan if you want to pursue this professionally. You can begin with the free plan to see if it fits you well. It gives you different customization options for your room as well. 

Key Features: 

  • Access Affiliate AI’s Interior Programs 
  • Get access to premium plans 
  • Supported by different brands: The New York Times, Fast Company 

6. DreamHouse AI 

DreamHouse AI will bring your dream interior to your house in real life with a few minutes of practice. This is ideal for those looking to renovate their living spaces. With the ability to convert a single photo into a design, homeowners can simply experiment with numerous design concepts and view the finished outcome before beginning any work.

Key Features: 

  • Access to  35+ styles
  • Used by 1,000+ designers, realtors & homeowners
  • Get a personal creative assistant
  • Monthly quota for 450 and 1000 credits as per the plan 
  • Higher Quality Renders + No Watermarks
  • Furnish the empty room with AI staging brush
  • Try ‘ControlNet’ AI feature 

Premium Plans available: 

Dreamhouse AI Lite: $14 per month 

Dreamhouse AI Pro: $24 per month 

7. Coated 

Coated AI Interior tool is one of the simplest Remodeled AI alternative tools. You can access different features of this tool very easily. This tool’s interface is so simple and easy to understand. 

Key Features: 

  • Your personal AI Interior Design Companion
  • Furnish spaces and decorate them in no time 
  • 11+ predefined interior styles available

Two premium plans are available: 

Basic: $18 per month 

Pro: $165 per month 

8. Cactus Interior AI

Cactus Interior AI tool is one of the best tools that we can not miss then how can you!? You can start with a signup and a free trial. You can also get access to the AFFILIATE program if you want to pursue it professionally. Moreover, premium plans offer different premium features which you can not get with other Remodeled AI alternatives. 

Key Features: 

  • Access to endless interior design inspirations
  • Best for homeowners, interior designers, and real estate agents 
  • See Before/ After at the same time to see the real difference 

Premium Plans: 

Only one PRO plan is available at $29 per month after a 7-day trial. 

9. AI Interior Pro 

AI Interior Pro is the best Remodeled AI competitor if you are a beginner. All you will see on the tool’s website is different themes room pictures and a tab to “START”. It provides users with before and after photographs, as well as AI-generated interior design suggestions, allowing them to experiment with different designs and modify their rooms.

Choose and select the Start, now you are all set to go forth. The interface is very easy to understand. 

Key Features: 

  • Get access to Before and After Images at the same time 
  • Analysis of multiple design elements
  • Customization and adaptation available as per your requirements 

You can pursue the tool usage with the premium plan after the signup. 

10. CoolAid 

CoolAid is the last in our list but not the least, remember! Get access to favourite styles, and patterns, get inspired for the room patterns, and decorate your room in a way you want with CoolAid. You can begin with the free trial and can take the premium plan accordingly. 

Key Features: 

  • Multiple Interior Design with AI in minutes 
  • Personalized design ideas
  • Special pro tools 

Premium Plans: 

Free: $0 (Watermarked)

Three Days: $5 with 3 days accessibility (Unlimited AI Renders)

Pro: $20 per month (Best of the premium features)


Remodeled AI alternatives are there to help you with the best of interior designs. Now you don’t need to get into the hustle of expensive interior consultations. Get access to multiple pro features with multiple interior patterns with the aforementioned sites similar to Remodeled AI. 

The best of the Remodeled AI alternatives are Remodel AI, Room AI, Cactus AI, and Dreamhouse AI. Each one of them has something unique to offer you and your best house. To get the best Remodeled AI alternative, you need to try out the options first and then choose the one which suits your needs the most. 

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