Free e Prescribing Software For Physicians & Dentists

Medical Science is constantly achieving newer targets that not only make up for more robust methods but also bring us hope for a better future. With changing times, recent advancements make the entire process of consulting and treating diseases much easier than before. A part of these advancements is the introduction of E-prescribing software for doctors. They not only reduce the error in communication but also provide faster ways to do it. There are a number of paid, as well as free e-prescribing softwares for physicians that are available for subscription.

Electronic prescribing, also known as e-prescribing, is a framework that lets doctors and other medical professionals write and send prescriptions to a participating pharmacy electronically rather than calling in prescriptions or using handwritten or faxed notes. A functional e-prescribing system must, among other features, be able to electronically transmit prescriptions, inform physicians about generic alternate medications, and alert prescribers to possible allergic reactions to medication. E-prescribing also reduces prescription errors caused by poor handwriting.

List of Free e Prescribing Software For Physicians & Dentists

  1. DrChrono
  2. Kareo Clinical
  3. iscribe Health
  4. Athena Health
  5. RXNT
  6. Benchmark Systems
  7. HealthPlix
  8. Allscripts
  9. Wolters Kluwer
  10. MDToolbox
  1. DrChrono

The software built the first EHR apps for iPad and iPhone. Its foundation is to increase revenue and lower labor costs. Their team of coding experts and medical billing professionals aims at improving profitability. Features like claim management, and speech-to-text, among others, make it unique and quite the problem solver. 

  1. Kareo Clinical

Kareo Clinical is built with the purpose of helping doctors who have individual practice. It ensures free support, training, and onboarding that makes the entire process of learning and using the software hassle-free. Its patient portals and SMS reminders make it a friendly and important e-prescribing tool.

  1. iscribe Health

The most important goal of iscribe is to minimize the time and effort put into clinical documentation. While at it, the software also helps physicians save money and tend to more patients on a daily basis. It also aims at creating more thorough notes – the voice recognition technology is a spectacular feature. 

  1. Athena Health

With their sustainable approach to primary healthcare, the billing management and patient engagement tools help doctors enhance outcomes. The Telehealth feature in this software allows patients to manage care through a convenient method without having to make physical visits to the physician. 

  1. RXNT

It’s just as important to improve patient care, and that’s exactly what RXNT does with its custom charting reports and mobile apps. Their cloud-based solutions have a number of advantages that also simplify workflow. The service and support offered by the software ensure that the client benefits from these tools. RXNT is one of the most popular e prescribing software for physicians.

  1. Benchmark Systems

Their USP is the in-house call center that helps clients with all issues related to the tools. The remote patient monitoring and automated insurance eligibility verification make it easier not only for clinicians but also for patients who deserve good healthcare. It is a comprehensive software that can easily integrate with other technologies in place – which makes it one of the best stand alone e-prescribing software.

  1. HealthPlix

HealthPlix has a specified case sheet and medical health history that helps doctors achieve their day-to-day tasks with ease. The specific EMR for different specialties makes it all the more robust and well-versed with different needs. This means that doctors can choose their specialty so as to avail features specific to their practice. It’s also one of the cheapest e prescribing software that is available. 

  1. Allscripts

The software adapts to the needs and builds open communities that can grow up with time. Their aim is to deliver patient-centric care across the community. The free e prescribing software Allscripts understands that trust begins with the patient-provider relationship. 

  1. Wolters Kluwer

The easy-to-use interface in this software makes electronic prescriptions in dental offices. Its dental decision support alerts warn clinicians of potential medication errors such as drug interactions, drug allergies, and possible inappropriate dosages. This also makes Wolters Kluwer one of the best e prescribing software for dentists. 

  1. MDToolbox

This free e-prescribing software for dentists gives a 30-day trial to clinicians to choose if the software and its tools work for them. The lack of advertising banners/ pop-ups makes it a hassle-free tool to use. Other than having a fast setup, the data in this software is safe from any third party.

Final Words

By using specialized software and connectivity to a transmission network, doctors can enter prescription information into a computer device, such as a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Further, they can securely transmit the prescription to pharmacies. When a prescription is requested, a pharmacy can fill the order immediately. This makes these softwares not only helpful for doctors but also for pharmacists who encounter issues due to insufficient communication. These are some free electronic prescription softwares to choose from, which make the entire experience uncomplicated.

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