10 Free App for Self Employed Handyman Business in 2023

Are you a self-employed handyman ready to crack the full potential of your business? Hold on tight as we reveal the best power-up for your handyman business right now! The secret to your success in the fast-paced world of 2023, where technology rules supremely, is right in your hand: handyman applications! The best free app for self employed handymen technological marvels have come to transform the way you work, connect with clients, and greatly increase your productivity. 

Prepare to learn about the best 10 free apps for self employed handyman designed specifically for independent handymen like you. With their distinct qualities and revolutionary advantages, you’ll be unstoppable in your effort to rule the handyman market!

Why Handyman Services App?

Gone are the days of relying solely on word-of-mouth and paper-based systems. Today, self-employed handymen have a plethora of reasons to jump on the handyman services app. Here are some reasons why using these free app for self employed handyman would completely transform your company:

  • Illuminate Your Presence:
    By using handyman applications, you may draw attention to your excellent services, ensuring that your talents stand out and drawing in interested clients who are actively looking for handyman knowledge.
  • Increase Your Productivity:
    Imagine having easy scheduling, automated billing, and digital payment methods at your disposal. This is how you may manage jobs more effectively with Handyman jobs app. Handyman apps transform your workflow, enabling you to focus your efforts on completing the task to the highest standard.
  • Seamless Communication, Seamless Success:
    Say goodbye to the irritating back-and-forths and say hello to seamless communication and success! These apps for handyman work will help you have easy, direct communication with your clients, ensuring that everyone is on the same page, reducing miscommunications, and creating the foundation for enduring business relationships.

Now, it’s time to unleash the best apps for handyman business, each one armed with unique features designed to elevate your handyman business to dizzying heights!!

List Of Trusted Free Apps for Self-Employed Handyman Business

  1. TaskRabbit: Your quick route to locating clients and handling jobs expertly
  2. Thumbtack: Unlock a world of appointments, and endless handyman opportunities
  3. HomeAdvisor: Establish a name for yourself as a dependable handyman
  4. Quickbooks: Revolutionise your service business with effortless job management
  5. FieldPulse: Schedule, estimate, and invoice jobs seamlessly to grow your handyman business.
  6. ServiceM8: The all-in-one tool for successful handymen.
  7. Jobber: Streamline the customer management process for your handyman business.
  8. Housecall Pro: Your go-to handyman for online scheduling, booking, and seamless billing.
  9. Joist: Manage your jobs easily, track payments, and create professional estimates.
  10. HandyPro: Your ultimate project management tool for staying organised.

Best 10 Free Apps for Self Employed handyman 2023

1. TaskRabbit

Your Handyman Sidekick on a Mission!  My friend, the handyman, TaskRabbit has got your back! Through this free app for self employed handyman, you can reach clients who are eager to hire you for your exceptional abilities. Get rid of the waiting for the next job and say hello to a regular stream of projects with this handyman gig app. Set your pricing, pick your jobs, and let TaskRabbit take you to the top of the handyman world. Bring out your abilities now!

Free advice: TaskRabbit lets you choose when to work. Build a full schedule or just have a few gigs on the side—it’s up to you.

2. Thumbtack 

Success with a Thumbs Up at Your Fingertips! Imagine a world where customers seek you out, eager to have their handyman problems resolved. With Thumbtack, you can make that world a reality. Explore a gold mine of job postings, interact professionally with potential customers, and highlight your experience. Those days of chasing gigs are over; welcome to a flurry of enthusiastic customers at your door. It’s time to thump-thump your way to success!

Free advice: Thumbtack offers flexible scheduling options, allowing you to customize your availability and take on as many or as few jobs as you prefer.

3. HomeAdvisor

Your headquarters for Handyman Hero! On HomeAdvisor, where homeowners look far and wide for trusted service providers like you, join the league of amazing handymen. It’s like the handyman heroes have their own private headquarters! You can access job requests with HomeAdvisor, showcase your amazing skills, and establish a solid reputation as a reliable handyman. Prepare to change the world one project at a time with this handyman gig app!

Free advice: With the help of HomeAdvisor, you can exhibit your knowledge and abilities while also creating a detailed timetable or working on projects at your own pace.

4. Quickbooks

Running your handyman business while you’re on the go is easy using Quickbooks. It gives you complete visibility into the financials of your small business as one of the top mobile accounting apps. To keep tabs on your tasks and costs, use it on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Accept money for performances Pay staff members (if you have a team) and provide expert invoices.

Free advice: Allows you to manage your calendar and track your revenue conveniently while streamlining your workflow.

5. FieldPulse

Unleash Your Handyman Ninja Skills! FieldPulse is your trusty toolkit for tackling any handyman challenge that comes your way. From managing job schedules to creating estimates, sending invoices, and keeping tabs on your clients, this app for handyman work is like having a handyman ninja by your side. Stay organized, in control, and conquer the handyman world with ease. Get ready to unleash your inner ninja!

Free advice: FieldPulse gives you the flexibility to balance your workload by enabling you to construct a full calendar or take on extra assignments as needed.

6. ServiceM8

Handyman Efficiency at Your Fingertips! It’s time to improve your handyman skills, my friend. Your secret weapon for maximizing effectiveness is ServiceM8. Say goodbye to chaotic scheduling and hello to efficient task dispatching, accurate pricing, and simple billing. With this free app for self employed handyman, you’ll be the whiz-kid handyman who completes tasks quickly. Prepare to work more effectively rather than more diligently!

Free advice: ServiceM8 allows you to customize your availability and create a schedule that suits your preferences, enabling you to have full control over your workload.

7. Jobber

Handyman Superpowers at Your Command! Jobber makes it simple to track job and client details from your home or the job site, receive approval for additional work, contact clients, accept payments on the job site, and handle all job-related tasks.

Free advice: Provides customizable scheduling choices that let you create a plan that suits your needs and work at the speed you like.

8. Housecall Pro

Always be your handyman’s best pal! Your dependable best friend in the realm of managing the business of a handyman is Housecall Pro. With online booking, scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing all available in one handy package, among all handyman jobs app – this app has your back. There will be no more juggling documents or forgetting appointments. You’ll always be the prepared handyman pro that saves the day with Housecall Pro!

Free advice:  Housecall Pro lets you set your availability, giving you the freedom to create a schedule that works best for you.

9. Joist

Get Your Handyman Finances in Joist Control! Let’s talk about finances, my handyman friend. Joist is the ultimate app for creating professional estimates and invoices that impress your clients. Keep track of payments, manage projects, and communicate like a pro. Say goodbye to financial headaches and hello to smooth sailing. With Joist, you’ll have your handyman finances in tip-top shape, leaving you more time to focus on what you love—fixing things!

Free advice: Whether you want a full workload or simply a few side gigs, Joist enables you to take on jobs that fit your schedule.

10. HandyPro

Master Your Projects with HandyPro Magic! Rather than being an employer, Handy Pro is more of an agent than other handyman services apps. This is so that you remain your own boss; Handy merely points you in the direction of employment opportunities. As a handyman or a professional lawn care provider with Handy, you can charge up to $45 per hour for each work. Handy receives a cut of the cost in exchange for pointing you in the direction of jobs.

Free advice: HandyPro offers the flexibility to create a schedule that suits your preferences, allowing you to work as much or as little as you desire.

Things to Keep in Mind 

Communication is essential

Respond to client questions right away, be precise when describing the project, and keep clients informed at every stage.

Deliver top-notch work

Aim for excellence in each assignment you embark on. You will stand out from the competition and make a positive impression on customers if you pay close attention to detail, accuracy, and high-quality craftsmanship.


So there you have it, fellow handymen! Embracing technology and diving into the world of handyman apps can truly revolutionize your business in 2023. With a variety of capabilities to make your life simpler and your business more effective, these free apps are like power tools in your digital toolbox. Consider the potential outcomes: growing your clientele, enhancing the calibre of your services, and ultimately taking your handyman company to new heights. It’s time to assume control, utilize technology, and allow these apps to do their magic.

So go ahead, it’s time to strap on your tool belt, tap into the power of these free apps for self employed handyman, and make 2023 the year of your handyman triumph!! 

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