Best Kiddie Transportation Service Providers in 2023 [Top 10]

These days, both parents and kids are constantly working on schedules – where everyone is in a rush. So when it comes to driving kids to places, it’s almost a task to schedule and manage taking care of them. And that’s why parents choose a kiddie transportation service which drives their kids safely and securely. 

In this article, we will list the top kiddie cab transportation services!

What Is Kiddie Transportation?

Kiddie transportation service helps parents to drive kids to and fro from places. These are set up using apps, which make it easy for parents to know when their kids are picked up and dropped off. 

Many guardians battle to manage transportation for their kids. By offering rideshares specifically designed for children, kid’s taxi services seek to address this issue. Most organizations work by means of applications, which let guardians timetable, track, and pay for rides.

Benefits Of A Kid Taxi Service

  • Kiddie transportation services focus on the well-being and security of kids. Professional drivers who have been thoroughly vetted, trained, and qualified to transport children are employed by them.
  • Children are picked up and dropped off at the designated locations at the designated times. So they are consistent and punctual, and children never have to miss out on their schedule.
  • With the help of apps, the entire process is simplified and parents can even track their children.
  • Kids can get to know one another and feel part of a group and community. It is a great method for keeping kids social and cultivating a kind environment. 

List Of Trusted Kiddie Cab Transportation Services To Explore

  • Kango
  • Bubbl
  • Zum
  • Zemcar
  • HopSkipDrive
  • JumpRydz
  • Kidcaboo
  • Kids Kruiser
  • KidzJet
  • GoKid

Best Kiddie Transportation Service in 2023

1. Kango

Kango is a rideshare service for children of any age with completely reviewed and tested guardians and drivers. When parents make reservations through Kango, there is a sense of connection. Drivers meet with guardians prior to booking, and guardians can demand explicit drivers when they plan a ride. 

Kango Kiddie Transportation Service

Kango is a leading kiddie transportation service since it is one of the few applications that offer to drive children of any age, and they don’t have a period limitation on their childcare administrations.

2. Bubbl

Bubbl is a trusted kiddie cab transportation given that an interview, drug test, background check, and vehicle report are all required of drivers. All vehicles utilized for Bubbl rides, whether organization or personal, are noticeably marked,  and all functioning Bubbl drivers should wear the organization’s blue Bubbl shirt.

Bubbl rides can be pre-scheduled through the Bubbl Rides iOS app, the Bubbl website, or by calling the company’s customer service number. There will be no minimum purchase for each kiddie ride. The number of stops needed, the number of passengers being transported, and whether a car seat or booster seat is required will all be taken into account when calculating this quote.

3. RideZum

This kiddie transportation offers services of different kinds, including private and commercial. The company initially focused on parents making individual reservations for their children, but now almost exclusively offers school transportation. It is safe and reliable, and you can even get a similar driver if you are a regular user of the app.

ridezum Kiddie Transportation Service

Their app is very user-friendly and operates seamlessly. Using RideZum, parents can monitor where the person is driving and receive a confirmation message when their children arrive at the destination. The app is currently accessible in selected cities including San Francisco, all of Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.

4. Zemcar

Zemcar is one of the private child transportation services for children aged 8 and older. It permits parents to send a set of guidelines to their children’s driver through video, sound, or message. They are additionally given the chance to pick the drivers who are permitted to drive their kids by evaluating the driver profiles and adding drivers they like to their ‘trusted circle’.

With Zemcar, you’ll get a text when the driver is coming, when the ride starts, and when it wraps up. You will also be able to follow along on the map or watch the ride live through their secure video feed for real-time updates while it is in progress. The base fare for Zemcar is $15, but it can change depending on how far you travel, how long the ride is, and how long the driver has to wait.

5. HopSkipDrive

HopSkipDrive permits guardians to plan transportation with around eight hours notice, for youngsters aged 6 and up. The organization’s thoroughly screened CareDrivers are fingerprinted, foundation checked and should have somewhere around five years of experience. Each ride is checked continuously, and the application permits guardians to track their children as well.


There’s no enrollment expense or flood evaluation, and clients are charged by the ride. The fares depend on constant and assessed mileage, and they shift by the change of location. Southern California, San Francisco and Colorado Front Range Area are some of the places where the kids taxi service functions.

6. JumpRydz

JumpRydz is a rideshare organization that gives protected, reasonable, and solid transportation for families. According to JumpRydz, passengers and families can meet their drivers prior to the ride, but being a driver does not necessitate this. Whether you want to do this for the passenger or family is up to you.


You will automatically be added to the passenger’s favourite drivers section of the app if you receive a 5-star rating as a driver. So, when they demand a ride once more, their chosen top drivers get first dibs. It is accessible in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island, with administration coming soon to Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester Area and New Jersey.

7. Kidcaboo

Kidcaboo is a transportation for kids service that aims to free up busy parents. Established in December 2019, Kidcaboo is currently available in Texas, Arizona, and North Carolina, and will soon be available in additional states nationwide. They transport children between the ages of 5 and 17. 


Driving nannies are Kidcaboo’s drivers, and the hiring process is quite stringent. All driving nannies should be 21 years old or more, with some state-guideline related exemptions, have at least 3 years of care insight, have good driving records, and pass Kidcaboo’s broad screening, interview and onboarding process.

This service pays for return mileage as well as dynamic ride mileage. Additionally, they provide performance-based, sign-on, and referral bonuses for their drivers. 

8. Kids Kruiser

Kids Kruiser is a kiddie transportation service for people who live in Michigan. Drivers of Kids Kruiser vehicles must pass a 20-point safety inspection, background checks at the state and federal levels, and have a clean vehicle. You can plan the rides as a one-time occasion or on a week-by-week or month-to-month premise.

Kids Kruiser requires every family to pay a non-refundable $30 yearly enrollment expense and rides start at $20. The app also urges guardians to tip their drivers 15-20 percent of the booking expense. The full booking fee is charged for no-shows, and $10 is charged for cancellations made within 24 hours.

9. KidzJet

KidzJet is another service that offers pre-booked rides for youngsters of ages 4-17 at reasonable costs. They endeavour to work on helping guardians by taking kids to and from different places, whether it be school, sports exercises, or something else. They don’t serve individual guardians, just parent groups with at least 6 people for each rideshare.


The good part is that you can monitor your children through their app, and the service is secure and reliable. Depending on your requirements, they offer monthly, weekly, and per-trip packages. This is one of the before and after-school transportation services that is presently serving the San Francisco Region.

10. GoKid

GoKid is a comprehensive carpooling solution for kids. It gives working guardians the tool they need to effectively deal with their kids’ timetables and improve on their lives. The GoKid website makes it simple to use all of these services.


To begin using GoKid, users must first create a profile, where they can add members of their family. This makes it simple for the family to work together and organize. Parents can invite other parents who are interested in participating in the carpool once the profile is set up. The app has a number of features, and some of them are unique. For instance, drivers get optimized routes, assisting them in choosing the most effective routes for picking up and dropping off children. 


Parents can manage their busy schedules while ensuring that their children’s transportation requirements are met with the help of a kiddie transportation service. These offer a solution that is dependable, safe, and convenient. And this list of the top trusted kiddie cab transportation services is exactly what you need to consider!

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