10 Best Free House Cleaning App To Find House Cleaner

It is simple to put off house cleaning due to hectic work schedules, back-to-back kid’s activities, and a laundry list of errands (oh yeah, and let us not forget the actual laundry). Yes, you could employ cleaning assistance. However, you might not be quite ready to hire a housekeeper just yet.

There is an app for everything, including organizing and cleaning your home and performing that much-needed deep cleaning yourself. On your iOS or Android device, you can now simplify your cleaning routine — or lack thereof — using one of the practical apps listed below.

Before seeing the list, you can know what these House cleaning apps are!

What is House Cleaning App Market and Business

Time is of the essence. The majority of inventions and discoveries, if not all of them, are meant to save time for us humans. We want everything completed as soon as possible. Although we are all equally blessed with 24 hours to spend as we please, we often live as though we simply do not have enough time. Apps have emerged to reduce time spent on various tasks. Best house cleaning service app saves us time and energy in the upkeep of our homes and offices.

To live a healthy life you need clean ambiance. Mopping floors, vacuuming, dusting, and changing bed linens are all part of housekeeping. You have a choice between doing it yourself and using a cleaning service. Apps are available for both choices. Here, our focus will be on using an app to complete a cleaning service with professionals.

Benefits of house cleaning app

  • Convenience: Best Home cleaning apps offer a practical method of planning and controlling cleaning services. 
  • Time-saving: Users do not have to spend a lot of time looking for cleaners when using house daily cleaning apps to find and hire experts. 
  • Simple communication: Many cleaning apps have built-in messaging capabilities that make it simple for clients and cleaners to communicate directly. 
  • Users can personalize their cleaning preferences using the Best home cleaning apps. 
  • Quality assurance: Many cleaning apps have review and rating systems that enable users to evaluate and choose cleaners based on feedback from previous customers. 
  • Payment Security: House cleaning apps frequently provide secure payment methods that let users pay for services directly from the app.  
  • Flexibility: Appointments can be scheduled and changed with the help of daily cleaning apps. 

List of 10 Best Free House Cleaning Apps

1. Handy 

A fascinating mobile app for finding expert house cleaning services is called Handy. You can use these services on a weekly, monthly, or biweekly basis for frequent visits. Bookings may be modified or delayed in accordance with your needs. It is also possible to cancel or reschedule a reservation.

You can tip your professional cleaner through the app, which also lets you stay in touch with them. Handy is known for keeping all of its appointments on schedule. Install the app and let them know how big your house, condo, or apartment is. Handy will put you in touch with the proper cleaning company and see to it that the job is finished on time.

2. MaidsApp

You might be a little picky when it comes to hiring the best housekeeper. While keeping your home clean is great, it takes time and effort. Finding expert cleaning services that are available at the time and date you require is made simpler with MaidsApp. Select one of their three cleaning packages, and a cleaning company will be at your house shortly. Or, if you want to do some cleaning, check out these different methods for removing stains from carpets and upholstery.

Background checks and training are performed on each of their qualified cleaners. They guarantee you get the best service possible. This app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

3. Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is an all-in-one app that connects you to the house cleaning community, much like the ChoreRelief app. You can schedule appointments, make payments, and check the work done through the images loaded. It is a user-friendly and reasonably priced app. You have the choice to begin with a free trial and later choose one of the many plans that are offered.

This implies that we uphold the principle that “People Matter” and are dedicated to a culture of respect for one another. We at Housecall Pro respect one another’s differences and value the diversity that people of all racial, gender, and religious backgrounds bring to our society.

4. Cleaning Schedule – PikaPika

Cleaning Schedule is an app that helps people who are generally organized keep track of what is clean and what is not in their home. This app, which works best for families, lets everyone know which rooms have been cleaned and when. In other words, you can see who cleaned your bathroom the most recently and when.

This is the Best house cleaning app for iphone. This app is best for households with multiple people (who all clean). 

5. OurHome

You need an app to keep track of chores and other tasks when keeping the house clean falls under the purview of more than one person. A great app for families and big homes is OurHome. One app allows you to delegate chores and reward family members for finishing them. Add a cleaning task, assign it, then watch them choose a reward once complete.

You can send messages about tasks, set task reminders, view overall progress, add items to a shared grocery list, and sync across multiple devices. To cross something off your to-do list once it is finished, tap the bubble.

OurHome is available for download and use without any ads.

6. Do

A housekeeping to-do list ought to be straightforward, convenient to use, and available at all times. The Do! app simulates a paper to-do list’s look and feel and includes authentic paper and pen sound effects. Additionally, using the Today widget on your device, tasks are simple to add and view.

Add a color-coding system to your to-do list to organize it. This will make it easy to distinguish between tasks for cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms.

With in-app purchases, Do! is available for free download on Android and iOS devices. There are no ads and no limits on the number of task groups with the premium option.

7. Home Cleaning

An exhaustive list of housekeeping chores is provided in the Best Home Cleaning app to help you stay organized. Following this list will put you on the road to a clean home, from cleaning the kitchen to the bathroom and beyond. The app is straightforward and lets you mark tasks off as you finish them. 

Additionally, there is a budget sheet where you can record your family’s monthly spending plan and a contact sheet where you can record crucial phone numbers.

With in-app purchases, House Cleaning is available for free download on iOS devices.

8. Homey

Do your children perform housework tasks in exchange for money? Maintaining the home with your children teaches them skills they will need in the future. With just one app, Homey makes distributing tasks and transferring allowances quick and easy.

Each member of the family has a separate account where they can manage their tasks. Children can access their assigned tasks, wallet, and other features by logging in.

This is the Best House Cleaning App for the iPhone. Homey can be downloaded for free with in-app purchases. You must pay $4.99 per month or $49.99 annually for full functionality and unlimited family members.

9. Laundry Day

Have you ever wondered what the symbols on your clothing’s laundry tags mean? Each one has a particular significance for how to take care of the garment. You scan these symbols with Laundry Day and, depending on your choice, are given care instructions. You can also manually select the symbols to see care recommendations.

Care for your clothing is now easier than ever thanks to simple instructions like “do not wring” and “do not bleach,” which also saves you time.

Best house cleaning app for android, Laundry Day can be downloaded for $.99.

10. Done

The foundation of good housekeeping is creating better habits. Do you wish to daily clean your kitchen countertops? When you receive mail, do you want to sort it? You can maintain a clean home every day by using the Done app, which can keep track of these habits.

You enter the habit you want to develop and set guidelines for how frequently you want to practice it in a habit tracker. The app keeps track of your progress and notifies you when something is missed. You can view your trends over time to see where you can improve.

Done is free to download for iOS devices with in-app purchases.


Hope you liked the list of 10 Best Free House Cleaning App To Find House Cleaner. We have tried to add the best app for household chores. These apps will help you in getting your chores done.

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