Best ChatFAI Alternative Apps & Websites [Top 10 Competitors]

When we love TV shows and fictional characters, we do want the same characters in our lives. Earlier it was impossible but now with the ChatFAI and ChatFAI alternatives – this is possible. With such alternatives and websites, you can create your favourite characters and have regular chats with them. You will find your favourite characters from movies and TV Shows. 

But there are certain factors which can restrict you with ChatFAI. This can be message limit or time duration! What next then? In this case, you can use sites like ChatFAI. Many of them are free to use and come with additional features. 

There are many websites like ChatFAI including Agnostic, TavernAI,, Chai, Replika, Cleverbot, and many more. To make your work easy, we have covered the top 10 ChatFAI alternatives in complete detail. Keep reading to know more about the same. 

What Is ChaiFAI? 

ChaiFAI is an AI tool with which you can create your favourite characters and have a conversation with them anytime you want. There are additional features to this that you can explore with ChaiFai. 

You can start with the free plan – you will get 100 messages/- per month. Further, get access to 4 concurrent chats but you will have a low memory limit. Further, there are premium plans available. With the $8.25/month or $99/year plan, you will get access to 1,500 messages/- month, more storage space and 10 concurrent chats. 

If you want to take the top-tier plan, then you can avail the  $24.17 a month or $290 a year plan. You will get the best of the premium features with it. 

Top Features Of ChaiFAI: 

  • Feel like natural conversations 
  • Privacy and safety is ensured 
  • Use predefined characters or create your own 
  • Mimic characters actions  
  • Modify the conversation setting according to you
  • Access Private Discord Server – Get Group Conversation With NPCs

List Of Best 10 ChatFAI Alternatives 

  • Agnaistic
  • TavernAI
  • Chai
  • Replika
  • Cleverbot
  • Inworld
  • Nastia
  • Dreamily
  • Botify

Detailed Description of ChatFAI Alternatives To Explore

Here is the detailed information on ChatFAI Alternatives

1. Agnaistic ChatFAI Alternative

When you visit the website of Agnaistic, you will see “Bring your own AI ”. This ChatFAI alternative works on a third-party AI services base. You can start by creating your own AI character out of fiction or TV shows. Further, have a deep and engaging conversation with your characters. 

The unique feature similar to ChatFAI here is that all of your conversation is going to be private and safe. No one else other than you can access your chats until you let someone in your chatroom. 

  • Sync with other AI networks 
  • Login with multiple devices at the same time 

Price: Free to use | You might need to pay for the third-party AI services you will be using. 

2. TavernAI – Best ChatFAI Alternative

Traven AI is a very popular site like ChatFAI which people use to have conversations with AI characters. It is quite an uncommon and original concept of AI and you will enjoy yourself with it. This alternative comes with an exciting chat environment, unlike any other AI chatting platform. 

Start with creating your own characters with specialized personality setting features. You can make your own online character library with them; save them and keep them. Have endless chats. 

You can talk with several characters at the moment. Moreover, you can access the ChatFAI configuration settings for AI models.

  • Access the story mode 
  • Choose the atmospheric background as per your preference 

Price: Free ChatFAI alternative

3. is still in the under-development phase but still it is highly popular then other other sites like ChatFAI. It is a prototype chatbot tool with which you can participate in various context-specific chats and discussions. Initially you can create your own AI character and you can have a conversation with it. When you initiate the conversation, you will get text responses that resemble those of humans.

Hence with, you will feel the human connection while talking. You can simply bring all of your thoughts and fantasies to life. Create characters of every imaginable sort you can have with this best ChatFAI alternative. 

  • Access ultra-realistic AI models
  • No ads and disturbance throughout the chat 
  • Access different AI characters and build your own library 

Price: Free ChatFAI alternative

4. Chai 

Another very popular ChatFAI alternative is Chai. It has had over 1 million downloads alone from the Google Play Store. So you can imagine how useful this tool can be for you! 

It will provide a worldwide AI community to share your thoughts with. You can choose from multiple AI characters available. You can even go with multiple characters at the same time.

This is a tool for everyone. In case if you are a beginner then you don’t need to worry. This Chai tool is very easy to use and explore. When you enter the tool, you’ll receive a list of all the suggested AI characters, and this will be as per the preference you will feed in. 

Further, you can directly start with initiating the conversation with the chosen character. Just a swipe game it is. Explore to the fullest. 

  • More of a dating app with a conversation element 
  • Multiple characters at once 

Price: Free to use 

5. Replika 

Replika is one of the most well-liked tools similar to ChatFAI for choosing the AI character and having a conversation with them. Irrespective of what you want to talk about, or what your issue is ~ you will talk freely with this chatbot. You can also get suggestions with chat. 

Comparatively, with Replika AI chatbot ~ you will get multiple features. The character you will choose is going to learn with you with every dialogue and interaction you will have. 

You will see the difference. After a point of time, you will feel like you are talking to a human and the connection will be the same throughout the conversation. 

  • Access the 3D avatar look of your character 
  • Character will be what you want it to be ~ your mentor, friend, partner

Price: Free and Paid subscriptions both are available

6. Cleverbot 

Cleverbot is one of the finest ChatFAI alternatives. You will feel a real connection here. You can talk about anything irrespective of the theme with the AI character here. It will understand context, imitation, and individuals in a dynamic manner. 

You can add multiple customized features to your AI character to make conversation with them more engaging. You can also do the setting for the NSFW content. Even if you don’t then you will not be restricted. No ads will be there. 

  • Text and mic options are available 
  • Guides and blogs are available for you to help throughout 

Price: Price will be according to the APIs.

7. Inworld 

Inworld is a fully integrated tool similar to ChatFAI for sophisticated AI characters. These characters are created using Deep Learning models and trained dynamically. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about safety or privacy issues. The tool automatically gives the AI adjustable safety, narrative controls, memory, and relative information. 

The AI characters you will get here will be very different from the ones with other ChatFAI alternatives. They will understand what you are discussing as per the dialogues and will give you the answer in a real and appropriate manner.

  • Get the built-in optimization in the app
  • Supports multiple integration (SDKs and APIs)

Price: Free to use | Premium Available for advanced features 

8. Nastia 

The feature of Nastia can be understood as a well-known AI companion! This is a female chatbot tool similar to ChatFAI. She will be completely uncensored. 

You can create her in a customized manner like you want it to be. Further, have a conversation with her about anything. The complete conversation will be transparent and engaging. 

You will be into unrestricted role-playing all the time in the conversation. This is going to be an unfiltered discussion. To start with, you can initiate the conversation on the website or join over a thousand other people on Discord to chat with Nastia as a chatbot in channels. 

  • Different personalities in one character 
  • Easy to have a conversation with the character 

Price: Free to use 

9. Dreamily

Dreamily is all about what you dream in your imagination and fantasies. You will explore fresh stories with original ideas with this AI Chatbot. With the conversation, you will have ~ you can also build the stories out of it. This is a creative AI companion that lets you interact with all of the characters you created for the story. 

You’ll get the whole experience of writing a narrative from the dreamy beginning to the conclusion. To know it better, you need to explore this one of the best ChaiFAI alternatives. 

  • Start from the story page 
  • Start a conversation directly 
  • All sorts of themes are available (romance, fantasy, and many more)

Price: Free 

10. Botify 

Botify is the last in our list but not the least, remember! This is one of the best tools in terms of conversation you will get here. Create your own digital human in your own way. Choose the 3D avatar. You can also guide it with the image or illustration if you have one. 

The best part is, you can start with adjusting the personality traits and aspects of the avatar. Further, you can have a conversation about anything you want with your digital human friend/ partner. 

  • Bio, voice, and mood – everything will be according to you 
  • Bring your digital human to the social media platform 

Price: Free to use | Paid version available for the advanced feature 


There is no limit to the ChatFAI alternative available. The aforementioned are the top ones which you need to try to see what is actually possible with AI. Starting from creating your own digital human to having a conversation with them about anything ~ with no restrictions. 

There is no limit for you to talk, or to restrict you from talking to these chatbots. Be yourself and feel free to talk with your own AI avatar. Explore all the options and choose the one which suits you the most and your device. 

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