Top 10 Fake News and Newspaper Articles Generator Websites

While fake news is unethical and causes misinformation to spread, it’s normalized to use newspaper templates for design purposes. This can be done with the help of a fake news article generator or a fake newspaper article generator. These websites are used to create designs that look like original article clippings and newspaper pages. 

So, you can create newspapers for fun, humour or as quirky presents. These websites also offer ways to put your choice of content and images which makes it personalized. The best part is that you can easily create newspapers on platforms that are free and offer different types of templates. 

In this article, we will list some of the best and easy-to-use fake newspaper generators!

List Of Fake News Articles Generator

  • Jaguarpaw Newspaper
  • Add Letters
  • Fodey
  • 101Planners
  • Canva 
  • Flipsnack
  • Homemade Gifts Made Easy
  • Make My Newspaper
  • Poster MyWall
  • Break Your Own News 

Detailed Description of Best Fake News Article Generator Websites To Use for Fun

1. Jaguarpaw Newspaper

This fake news article generator comes with a great deal of features to create a newspaper. It makes a professional looking copy that looks just like the real thing. The website provides a list of details that you have to enter to create the fake newspaper clipping. This includes title, newspaper name, article text, author name and more. 

These details appear on the first page as soon as you visit the website and that makes it very easy to use. After you enter all the details you have to wait for it to generate the article in a real-looking newspaper. This is great for a prank or to use paper as a prop. The best part is that the website is very simple and there are no multiple steps required. 

2. Add Letters

The next on the list is Add Letters which is a free fake newspaper clipping generator used to create a paper. This website is also user-friendly and provides a number of other designs to create things like diplomas, wallpapers, signs and a lot more. The generator also offers a number of fake newspaper article templates from which you can choose something that works for you. 

You then have to add the details like the headline and it will work on a design. The process is easy and fast so there’s not a lot of hassle involved. Add Letters opens on a page which gives a list of templates that it offers – these also include the news. All you need to do is browse and choose. 

3. Fodey

With this website, you can create and write a fake newspaper article which is a small and easy process. After the clipping is processed, it is easily downloadable so that it can be accessed without going to the website each time. The template has a similar look to that of a newspaper and is also customizable. 

It offers margins, headlines and pictures that fit in the newspaper template, making it appear professional. The good part is that you can create multiple options because there is no limit to the free fake news article maker.

4. 101Planners

With 101Planners, you can easily make your own fake newspaper article. But what makes it better is the fact that it creates creative and humorous content. So this is the perfect platform if you’re looking to give someone a nice and fun present that is also unique. 

The fake newspaper article generator is also used for meme templates and social media posts by a number of people. It’s interesting and very accessible. And there’s no subscription fee that the platform requires. 101Planners also has printable templates for planners and other things, so this is a great site to find unique designs.

5. Canva 

Canva is a very common platform to design and create creative templates these days. It’s very user friendly, and there is always a wide variety of designs available. It also offers designs for newspaper templates which can be used and changed according to your needs. The fake newspaper article maker always comes up with professional-looking designs, which is a plus. 

The content on the platform is easily downloadable and this can be done in different formats and qualities. The only catch is that some elements and templates are not included in the freemium model. Otherwise, it’s a great platform to use.

6. Flipsnack 

Flipsnack has a number of fake newspaper templates that can be used to create your own fake news article. The site offers templates in different categories and uses. For example, there are editable templates for business, school and even weddings. 

So, this platform can be used in different ways and for different requirements. With the editable option, you can easily insert details that you need in your newspaper which makes it more creative. There are too many options, that are more than enough and so very little effort is required in creating a newspaper with this. And the fact that it is free, is a plus.

7. Homemade Gifts Made Easy

The purpose of this site is to create newspapers that are funny and personalized. You can use it to prank someone or give them this newspaper, or just announce something personal. The pictures, content, headlines and everything else can be customized. 

The size of the newspaper is also realistic and you can download it as a high-quality pdf which is printable. This specific fake newspaper generator is not free to use and you will require a premium paid model to access different features. These features include changing the date, adding multiple articles and putting a big photo.

8. Make My Newspaper

Make My Newspaper is mainly software to design a newspaper, but it can also be used to create fake newspaper articles online. It’s one of the best platforms available to work on a newspaper because it offers variations of template size and type. These templates have a very original appearance which makes it worth all the effort. 

All you need to do is choose the size and other features and work on the edit. This can later be downloaded for printing or other purposes. However, not all templates and categories are free, but you can choose from the free options. 

9. Poster My Wall

There are a number of templates and designs available on Poster My Wall. The website offers a menu on the main screen which gives a number of options for graphics. This also includes newspapers for making fake newspaper articles. Among these 250+ templates, there are different genres available. 

So, you can choose whatever suits you and edit it according to the details that you need on the fake newspaper. These designs are creative, simple to use and moreover free. The different themes of the newspaper allow us to use them for different purposes, which is the best feature of the site. 

10. Break Your Own News 

Break Your Own News is a straightforward website that can be used to make your own fake newspaper article. The first page itself offers the different details of the newspaper that needed to be filled. This includes the headline, images and the content in the clipping. This app is meant for fun or parody content and does not support fake news circulation. 

The website has a very simple interface, but it does not offer elaborate templates or features. This means that the fake news article creator isn’t the best option, but it’s still helpful. If you’re looking for something fast, then Break Your Own News can be a considerable choice. And it’s also free to use, which is good.


The intent of a fake newspaper generator is to create fun content that can be used as social media posts, memes or just among friends. These come with different content choices that you can put on the newspaper. This list has all the free websites that are also easy to use. They even offer variations in templates and can be easily downloadable. So if you want to create humorous content in the form of fake newspapers, these sites are a great option!

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