Rent Receipt Generator To Create House Rent Receipt [Top 10]

When a landlord receives rent from a tenant, they need to issue a rent receipt. The tenant’s payment of rent is confirmed by a properly signed receipt. However, if you don’t get one, you can easily generate a receipt on your own. There are a number of rent receipt generators online that solve the problem.

Further, for salaried individuals to be eligible for the House Rent Allowance (HRA) tax benefits, rent receipts are necessary documents. The rent agreement between the landlord and the tenant is documented in these papers. As a result, submitting investment proof for income tax purposes requires this receipt.

And there are a number of tools that can help!

List of Top Online Rent Receipt Generator

  • Scripbox
  • Make Receipt
  • Expenses Receipt
  • ReceiptBuilder 
  • NoBroker
  • MyITR Online 
  • NeedReceipt
  • SquareYards
  • Invoice Simple

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Best Rent Receipt Generator Online

1. Scripbox

They offer rent receipt formats and also process rent receipts that one can easily download. The process offered by Scripbox is simple. All you need to do is provide the needful details and the receipts will be generated.

The site also has calculators that help in filing taxes. Utilizing the Scripbox Rent Receipt Generator makes the documentation hassle-free.

2. Make Receipt

This rent receipt generator online can modify your receipt by adding receipt signature lines, cardholder name and other custom receipt text.

MakeReceipt is an ‘attempt before you purchase’ framework. Attempt it today Free of charge and make a free receipt. You can likewise make any receipt style and see the receipt yield. What’s more? If you get the membership, the receipt watermark will be removed.

3. Expenses Receipt

This online rent receipt generator is safe, easy to use, and can be used for many different things. The information that is added to the website is not misused by the platform. This indicates that users’ data will be safe and will not be sold to third-party apps.

It lets you change the size of the images you upload. Once duplicate images have been created, simple techniques can combine them to create a single image file. It’s ideal for people who need the fake rent receipt if they’ve lost them for HRA.

4. ReceiptBuilder

At ReceiptBuilder, they take your receipt interaction to the digital forum. Their foundation intends to eliminate all potential issues during the interaction to create online receipts. The instruments are created to destroy the limitations of the conventional paper or bookkeeping sheet approach. They offer an incredible sense of the operational expenses and proposition to the editable rent receipt.

5. NoBroker

You can use NoBroker as a one-stop shop for all lease agreement registration, bank franking, police verification, and society approvals processing paperwork. Fill out the form on the website, print the generated pdf, and you’re done with a click. They provide a variety of rental services, one of which is the creation of a rent receipt format for income tax.

6. MyITR Online

You can generate monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual rent receipts online through Myitronline. Fill out the necessary information, print the receipt in PDF format, and get your landlord to sign it before sending it to your company’s HR department. 

This platform of technology-driven services covers all of a business’s legal requirements, including incorporation, government registrations and income tax filings, accounting, documentation, and generating house rent receipt.

7. NeedReciept

This web tool called Need Receipt lets customers design and create receipts that are comparable to the quality, appearance, and features of consumer standard receipts. And so, it is also viable to generate house rent receipts. Simply pick a receipt template from their extensive collection. Add text and logos to the template to make it your own. After that, simply print or download. It’s that simple.


Tenants can generate free house rent receipt online by following simple rent receipt format steps using the rent receipt generator on’s- Housing Edge platform. Give the tenant’s name and the rent amount. Besides, give your landlord’s name, address, and rent period (optional). Then, take a look at the preview and download the generated receipt.

9. SquareYards

SquareYards provides a variety of services, including a rent receipt online generator. To qualify for HRA tax exemptions, salaried employees must submit property or house rent receipts to their employer before the end of the fiscal year. Avoid the stress of organizing rent receipts at the last minute by entering the necessary information and printing the invoice in PDF format.

10. Invoice Simple

For their records, your tenants must be able to quickly track rent payments. The rent payments you receive must also be recorded. When you use a rent receipt template, making receipts for all of your tenants is simple. Thus, to assist landlords and tenants with the same, InvoiceSimple compiled a short list of free home rent receipt templates. Website:


To encapsulate, if you lose your receipts, you can utilize a rent receipt generator. A helpful tool for these kinds of situations is the online rent receipt generator. 
Moreover, a house rent receipt online is a simple-to-use site or tool that permits you to make receipts for the lease you have paid during the monetary year. Besides, these devices produce receipts according to the regulations of the Income Tax Authorities. So you can print out and present these receipts to your Finance Department and get HRA exclusion in light of the genuine lease.

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