Petrol Bill Generator Websites To Create Bill Online [Top 10]

Bills or receipts are required for purposes of reimbursement or just record. This means that these receipts should be collected and kept together for filing in finances. However, oftentimes, they can get misplaced or for some other reason, one can lose the record. In such cases creating petrol bill online can be helpful. Such online tools and softwares provide easy methods to download and print receipts in genuine formats. While many tools are paid for, one can also find a petrol bill generator online, which is free to use.

These online petrol bill generators are safe and secure, and also provide a variety of formats for different purposes. One can also produce receipts for other requirements like food and more. So, here is the list of Top Petrol Bill Generator Websites. Without further ado, let’s have a look at these

List of Best Petrol Bill Generator Online

  • Bill Generator
  • Expenses Receipt
  • Gnr8tr
  • MakeReceipt
  • Mention
  • Receipt Builder
  • ExpressExpense
  • Samahope
  • Need Receipt

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Top Petrol Bill Generator Online To Create Fake Slips

Here is the list of fuel bill generator platforms that will help you to create bills hassle-free. Walk through the list to help yourselves.

This platform is a simple-to-use petrol bill generator that allows anyone to generate a variety of daily bills. A hassle-free PDF receipt can be sent directly to the user’s email inbox within ten seconds of generation. 

Chat, email, or phone are all ways to get in touch with them at any time. Their customer service team is here to help people generate bills. There are a number of other bill formats that are available on the website. One can also choose from different petrol companies and their outlet.

This secure, user-friendly, and multipurpose online petrol bill generator has different features. The platform does not abuse information that is added to the website. This indicates that users’ data will not be sold to third-party apps and will be safe. 

It lets one change the size of uploaded images. Simple methods can combine duplicate images into single image files once they have been created. It’s ideal for frequent travellers who want to keep their receipts in one place.

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  • Gnr8tr

Gnr8tr online is a petrol bill generator and receipts generator that permits one to create a wide range of receipts. These receipts can be used for any purpose, including fuel, gasoline, diesel, rent, the salary of the driver, a restaurant, etc. Warm paper/lost charges/receipts can be reproduced on Gnr8tr. On-demand, they continue to add new receipts and bill types. 

Gnr8tr Online is a service with added value that helps users save time and money. If you need to send or share a receipt with your customers or friends, make fake receipts for fun, or recreate or design a lost invoice or receipt, receipts created with Gnr8tr Online are useful. We all know that receipts printed on thermal paper fade quickly, directly impacting workers who keep them in their workplaces for tax benefits and reimbursement. These receipts, invoices, and bills can be recreated, generated, made, and designed with Gnr8tr.

You can quickly create personalized receipts by using their online petrol bill generator, which lets you enter receipt information. First, enter the business’s name, address, phone number, and location. Then, enter the cost of the receipt and the tax rate, if any. You will also need to enter each item if the ticket is an itemized type (such as a pharmacy or grocery store receipt). For each item that you want to appear on the personalized receipt, enter its quantity, and item name, and price. 

MakeReceipt will generate a grand total for the ticket after calculating the Subtotal and Tax cost. On the screen where you can customize the receipt, click the “Add another item” link to quickly add more items to the receipt. Your receipt can be created in any currency supported by the system. You can personalize your receipt by adding signature lines, the name of the cardholder, and other custom text. Additionally, MakeReceipt is a system for “trying before you buy.”

The tool allows to generate petrol bill online and uses a proper petrol bill format. This makes the bills look authentic. The tool also shows the different elements required to be present in the bill, and this makes it easier to use. The scope of mistakes is also lessened. The online tool is free to use and requires one to generate PDFs of the needed bills and receipts. One can insert up to 7 items to the bill, by providing a description, a price per unit and the number of units.

This fake petrol bill generator gives generally expected fields and highlights to produce a customized business receipt. A personalized receipt can be created in just a few clicks by providing precise information in the appropriate fields. You can instantly download or print a copy. 

Every business needs to be upgraded to connect with customers worldwide in this technological age. Paper receipts are essential to achieving the objective, regardless of whether your business operates online or offline. It is a novel approach to customer communication. With the built-in features of ReceiptBuilder, one can design the receipt with the necessary editable fields. In this way, one can create an exceptional report with the Web-based Receipt Generator apparatus.

ExpressExpense is a powerful tool for making receipts that lets anyone make receipts that look great. They supply a sizable collection of receipts that have been expertly designed. Their receipt maker is used by owners of small businesses to create receipts for their stores or businesses. 

Their receipts can be printed on any inkjet or laser printer or sent to your customers instantly via email. Their companion app, Express Thermal Print, also supports thermal printing on receipt paper. For OCR and AI projects, their team is an expert at creating massive datasets. Other than that, they also have options for petrol receipt generator. One can find out more about ExpressExpense’s AI and machine learning business services.

Samahope is an online fuel bill generator trusted by thousands of people in many countries. The Samahope web page directs you to the website that generates receipts in a variety of formats. This includes cafe receipts, restaurant receipts, retail shop receipts, gas/fuel station receipts, taxi receipts, pharmacy receipts, and more.

Further, it takes just three steps to customize, modify, and download your receipt. To customize your receipts, add logos, change the typefaces, and adjust any receipt data. With this receipt maker, you can generate petrol bill online and can add subtotals, taxes, signature lines, tip lines, and more to receipts!

Need Receipt is an online receipt generator and thus generate petrol bill online. This platform provides itemized designs to a variety of merchants. Users of Need Receipt can select a vendor category and create feature templates. Besides with the help of this online tool, you can easily change text and logos.

Need Receipt is entertaining and simple to use! Moreover, it is inexpensive to have access to its huge receipt library. Simply choose a receipt template from their huge variety. Add logos and text to personalize the design. Simply print or download. All this together make it one of the best fuel bill generator online.


A petrol bill generator can be used to create bills if one has lost them, or for other requirements. Often one needs such documents for reimbursement of money and finances, and at other times there’s a need to club all these documents together. The fake petrol bill generator is an online tool that helps in such scenarios. The petrol bill formant and other receipt formats are authentic looking and hence can be used for formal purposes. So, if you want generate bills hassle-free, you can take help from any of the fuel bill generator platforms mentioned above.

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