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Using your hotspot or Wi-Fi on your device is a daily and common factor. It is nearly impossible to carry on our everyday activities without an internet connection. Whether it is our work or entertainment, the internet serves us with everything we need. But, sometimes, we do face specific issues. One of them is the constant tuning of the hotspot on our device. It is genuinely problematic. But what can be the reasons that make your device’s hotspot turn off automatically and consistently? Follow our discussion below to know the possible reason for this issue.

Why does my hotspot keep turning off?

Why does my hotspot keep turning off? This is a common question that almost all iPhone users ask. You might find that the hotspot in your device is turning off automatically. The instance occurring once or twice is bearable. But when it appears numerous times, it is a sign of an issue and requires attention. Not to mention, it is the cause of significant discomfort and a barrier to using your device smoothly. So, why does my hotspot keep turning off? There can be multiple reasons for the same.

A few features on your device can cause the hotspot to turn off automatically and consistently. One of the features is the power saving mode or the “Power Saving” feature. It is one of the most common factors that iOS users find when they see that their device’s hotspot is constantly turning off without any manual effort. The solution is simple when your iPhone hotspot keeps disconnecting because of the battery-saving mode. You have to take out your device to charge it. 

Another reason that can be a cause behind the constant turning off of the hotspot on your device is that you have reached the device’s data plan. If you are using the hotspot from your PC, you may have set the Network as metered. The metered network configuration restricts network traffic when the limit is near to end or has already finished. 

So, if you find that your personal hotspot keeps disconnecting, it might be because the data limit of the device from which you are using the data is almost reaching the end or has already done so. Therefore, you must check that the data limit of your device has happened. If you find that you have used all the data, it might be the most attributable cause of making your phone shut down the internet sharing through the hotspot. You can see this information on your provider’s mobile application as well. 

Sometimes when you have failed to enable a personal hotspot, it might be another cause why your outpost on the device is turning off continually. You must ensure you have enabled the hotspot on the device you want to attain and use the data. Sometimes, failing to enable a personal hotspot is one of the most common yet underlooked causes of this issue. 

It causes a lot of hassle when your hotspot keeps disconnecting and hampers your workflow or stream of entertainment. Is there a way to find the root of this issue? Yes, there are two methods of doing so, and they are as follows. 

  • Finding in your PC

Let us first look into the steps to help you solve this issue on your PC. The steps are as follows. 

Step 1: Opt for the “Network” icon on the “System tray”.

Step 2:  Under the currently active Network, select the option “Properties”.

Step 3: Scroll until you find “Metered Connection” and select the “Change data limit settings” option.

Step 4: Select the option of “Data Usage”.

Step 5: If you find that you have used the data limit or the remaining is also not left anymore, then it is the reason why the hotspot keeps disconnecting.

  • Finding in your iOS device 

The steps are as follows. 

Step 1: Visit “Settings” on your device and select the “Cellular” option.

Step 2: Scroll until you find the “Cellular Data” option. Here also, when you find that the data usage has reached the data limit, it is why the iphone hotspot keeps disconnecting. 

There can be some other reasons, which are as follows. 

  • Checking whether your device is in battery saver mode 

Another common cause of why your personal hotspot keeps disconnecting is that your battery-saver mode might be on. Whenever your device, whether your PC or your phone, is running low on its battery, the battery-saver mode automatically turns on and starts functioning. This feature or mode is functional in enabling or allowing you to use the device as much and as smoothly as possible with the minimum spending of its battery life. And for doing so, it automatically shuts off or switches off specific functions and features of your device. One of them being the hotspot of your device. 

It is because the hotspot is one of the features on your device that uses a lot of battery charge. Therefore, to save battery, the drive automatically turns it off. Sometimes, you might also turn on the battery-saver mode for some reason, and it might be to save the battery for further use or even by mistake. Whatever the reason, the bottom line is that the battery-saver mode is another reason your device’s hotspot keeps turning off constantly. 

Therefore, when you face this issue, check your device’s battery saver mode and turn it off. And this factor ensures that you put your device to charge. Otherwise, two things will happen. One is that your device will not function for long because of its low battery. Also, without a proper charge, the hotspot will keep turning off, along with your device. 

When you are using the mobile hotspot, you use two things simultaneously. One is the cellular data of your sim for data transmission, and another is the wifi feature on your phone. Therefore, it takes up a considerable amount of your device’s charge. When your hotspot is at 5GHz, the battery-draining process is even faster. Consequently, it might cause your system to stop functioning for one or more tasks to use and optimally utilize your device’s battery life. 

  • Out-of-coverage and interference 

Sometimes, when the device uses the hotspot to use the data from another device, it might become out of range. A common example is that when you use your phone at home, it works fine. But, as you step out of the house to travel somewhere outside and far from your house, where the internet provider or the wifi source is, you can no longer use the internet or the hotspot. Why? Because the device becomes out of coverage. And therefore, this became another reason you find your hotspot constantly turning off. 

The ideal range of connectivity of the mobile hotspot on both wifi and Bluetooth is around 30 feet. When you go outside this radius, you can see a visible drop in the performance of the internet. Sometimes, the distance might not be the issue, and it might interrupt the internet connection or the working of the wireless hotspot. For example, you are using your phone, which is connected to a hotspot. You might walk from one room to another, which might be out of the coverage for the wifi internet provider.

It might be a different hotspot router in your surrounding area. Additionally, laptops might not be able to offer a better wifi range than phones, and however, no other device world is as efficient as a router. 

  • Fault in the system 

If none of the above reasons is attributable to why your hotspot keeps turning off, then the last reason might be that there are some issues in the system and its functioning. If you are using any old device set up with the hotspot, it is not always optimally functional. Older devices often consist of damaged wifi antennas, or they might not receive software updates. It might be the system’s issue, thereby causing the constant turning off of your hotspot. 

It might also be the presence of specific bugs in the system. Therefore, it implies system issues that call for attention and resolution. Until you fix the problems and eradicate the bugs, it will keep causing the same interruptions and cause your device’s hotspot to turn off constantly. 

How to find your hotspot password?

Knowing your hotspot password is imperative in these situations. It is because when you find that your hotspot is constantly turning off, the most general way of fixing it is by restarting or restoring your wifi by choosing the motion of “forget” and reconnecting with the wifi connection. And for the same, you would need your wifi password. Now, how to find your hotspot password

Sometimes, you might forget what it was, but there is a solution. Most models or devices have the password on the screen as a wifi key. At the same time, some devices may require you to press the power button after the device is already on. And it will display the password for you. In simpler words, the part of your device where you can find the different functions of the wifi and hotspot is where you can view the password to your wifi. So, when you find the issue of constantly turning off your hotspot, you can fix it immediately, as now you know how to find your hotspot password. 

Final Words

Finding your device’s password turning off can be worrisome and interrupting. It can bar you from doing your work correctly and smoothly and restrict you from surfing the internet for enjoyment. Therefore, we have discussed the possible reasons that can be attributable to this issue. When you know about the cause, it automatically helps you find its solution. So, follow our discussion to know the different reasons and find quick and easy solutions. 

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