Top 10 Decentralized Social Media Platforms

It is no secret that every day, our very first job for all of us is to check our phones. And it is to check for any messages, updates, likes on our photos, and views on our content on our various social media accounts. Undeniably, social media has become an inseparable aspect of our lives. But, when we talk about social media, we generally think about platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like. However, we do not know that it is just a tiny part of the vast area of social media. There is a massive area of decentralized social media platforms, which covers another major part of the world of the web and technology. 

The platforms that we commonly use are mainly centralized. But, the present is about better utility and openness, which we receive through decentralized platforms. So, we have the following discussion where we will discuss the top decentralized social media platforms. We will include all the necessary details about them so that you gain precise knowledge about this other major part of social media. So, let us begin the discussion without further delay. 

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What Are decentralized Social Media Platforms?

Let us begin the discussion by knowing what decentralized social media platforms are. We can refer to them as block-chain based platforms that enable users to exchange information. And at the same time, it allows them to publish and distribute content to the audiences. The characteristic of being decentralized occurs because the applications run on the blockchain. And thus, they are censorship-resistant and don’t have to undergo undue control. 

List Of Top 10 decentralized Social Media Platforms 

Now that you know what decentralized platforms mean, we will proceed with the discussion about the best decentralized social media. We will put forth a list of ten such ideal social media platforms, and along with them, we will also include their characteristics. So, follow the decentralized social media list below to know the top ten decentralized social media platforms. 

  1. D.Tube
  2. LBRY
  3. Mastodon
  4. Minds
  5. Peertube 
  6. Signal
  7. Diaspora
  8. Pixelfed
  9. Aether
  10. Peepeth

1. D.Tube – Decentralized Youtube Alternative

D.Tube is the best decentralized youtube alternative and the first crypto-based video platform in the world. Additionally, it is decentralized and has its foundations in the infrastructure offered by the STEEM blockchain and IPFS P2P network. Its characteristic feature is that it provides its users with state-of-art video streaming options, and here, the users can readily find and upload any content. 

D.Tube, as a decentralized social platform, D.Tube includes an incentive for integrated cryptocurrency. It allows activities such as watching, sharing, uploading, and commenting on videos. The aspect of commenting on videos occurs through the STEEM blockchain, which also enables the users to earn coins.

2. LBRY – Decentralized Facebook Alternative

After we have talked about the alternative of youtube, let us now know what can be the perfect decentralized Facebook alternative. LBRY is the ideal decentralized alternative for Facebook. We can refer to it as the marketplace for every type of social content. And here, the focus is on the videos. The aim is to make an association on the protocol causes, which will be between users and their content.

The content should be digital, which includes movies, books, images, and games. Because it is a video-sharing service, we can skip using it as a decentralized youtube alternative and use it instead as a Facebook alternative.

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3. Mastodon – Decentralized Twitter Alternative

Mastodon is the perfect decentralized twitter alternative. FOSS enthusiasts commonly hear this name, including a network that provides for numerous communities. And different organizations and individuals operate in these innumerable communities.

Unlike Twitter, Mastodon is open source and not a single website. Because of these operations, the users can enjoy an ideal social media experience, which we can also refer to as “Fediverse.” So, now you know what the decentralized twitter alternative is, along with the other options for Facebook and youtube.

4. Minds

Minds is also a decentralized facebook alternative and the perfect alternative for youtube. It is an open-source codebase platform with no self-hosting. It allows the users to post blogs, videos, pictures, and also our statuses. They have the opportunity to video chat securely with friends as well as in groups. Here, the hastings and trending feed enables users to discover their preferred content.

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5. Peertube

Here is another decentralized youtube alternative that includes self-hosting. Framsoft, a french company, developed this excellent decentralized social network. We primarily use it to stream videos and use the BitTorrent protocol for sharing the bandwidth among users. Its goal is to constrain corporate monopoly. Additionally, it doesn’t depend on advertisements and avoids tracking its users. However, your IP address is not anonymous in this decentralized social network.

6. Signal

Singal is the best decentralized social media that has become the perfect alternative for WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. It is an open-source network with no self-host. In WhatsApp, the users experience end-to-end encrypted chatting features. In Signal, the platform bars itself from tracking its users, sharing their data, and, thus, avoiding invading their privacy. This decentralized social platform gained popularity after its endorsement by Edward Snowden. 

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7. Diaspora

Diaspora is yet another decentralized facebook alternative that is open source and includes a self-host. It is one of the earliest platforms of decentralization, and this platform received recognition as an alternative to Facebook in 2010. Like Mastodon, a decentralized Twitter alternative, Diaspora also consists of pods. 

8. Pixelfed

The next name in our decentralized social media list is Pixelfed which is the perfect alternative to Instagram. It is also an open-source platform that includes a self-host. The underlying open protocol of Pixelfed is the same as the one in Mastadon, and the name of the underlying open protocol is ActivityPub. Therefore, the users can communicate with Mastodon instances via Pixel Fed. 

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9. Aether 

Aether is the following social media platform in our decentralized social media list. The alternative for Reddit is open source, P2P, and does not include self-hosting, and it also involves self-governing communities with auditable moderation and mod elections. The unique feature of it is that the content on Aethera is also transitory, as they are for six months only until someone saves the content. 

10. Peepeth 

Peepeth is one of the best decentralized social media apps as an alternative to Twitter. It includes the Ethereum blockchain. Besides, the users here need to think before they post or contribute to this platform. Here, the posts are “peeps,” and the users have firm control of their account and content because the storage of “peeps” occurs on the blockchain. You will find this app aims for good causes like supporting charity and knowing more about oneself, among the many decentralized social media apps.

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Final Words 

It was all about the top decentralized social media platforms. We can readily say that now you know about the other part of the vast world of technology and the web. We didn’t just learn about the best decentralized social media apps; we discussed the related aspects of this topic. 

We have discussed the characteristics of all the top decentralized social media platforms and included the alternatives for the typical social media applications. So, you also got to know about the best decentralized social media alternatives. So, now you can enjoy the seamless experience of the decentralized platforms, which would offer you better social media exposure and experience. Follow the above discussion to choose the best decentralized social media platform.

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