Decentralized Autonomous Organization Examples – List of Popular DAOs

We cannot skip appreciating the rapid developments that our technological world is making. Every day, new advancements are coming up, making our lives more effortless and organized. The most recent and popular rise that the technological world has offered is the platform and quality of decentralization. The authority of control and access no longer stays with a particular individual group. Instead, it belongs to the owner of the information and data. It is as safe and excellent as it sounds.

And one of the many uses of the quality or aspect of decentralization has been in creating decentralized autonomous organizations or as we more popularly call them, DAOs. Let us know more about the DAOs and the different decentralized autonomous organization examples in the following discussion. 

What is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization?

First, let us have a brief introduction to what a decentralized autonomous organization is. It is a legal structure that is increasingly becoming popular and has no central governing body. The members of this organization share a common goal of carrying out all the activities and decisions necessary for the betterment of the entity. 

We can also refer to it as the entity structure where the token holders manage and make decisions for the entity. It lacks the presence of any central authority. And in place of it, the power belongs to the stakeholders equally, who cast votes collectively. All the activities and votes on these organizations are present or posted in the blockchain, enabling the public to view them. 

The primary objective of all DAO organizations is to ensure optimum security because exploitation might cause a DAO to lose millions from its treasury savings. There are many decentralized autonomous organizations available. Let us now look into the list of DAOs that offers you all the necessary information about the bets and the most popular DAOs.

Types of DAOS
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List of Top 10 DAO Examples

  1. BeetsDAO
  2. Uniswap
  3. BitDAO
  4. DAO Maker
  5. ConstitutionDAO
  6. Aragon 
  7. DecentralandDAO
  8. Decred 
  9. LexDAO
  10. MakerDAO

Popular Decentralized Autonomous Organization Examples

BeetsDAO is a dao blockchain example that collectively enhances buying music-based NFTs or non-fungible tokens. The reason behind the formation of this DAO is that it enables people, or assists people, to make money from their interest, skill and talent in music and NFTs. Jordan Garbis and Sasha Redwood were the founders of this organization. 

The organization includes 58 members who were thriving within the more extensive EulerBeats NFT community. The EulerBeats NFT laid extensive emphasis on all music-based NFTs. BeetsDAO is an organization that gets its funds from group investments, and however, it has commissioned new art and music on several occasions. 

Uniswap is the most well-known dao blockchain example for crypto exchange worldwide. It is undoubtedly one of the most prominent devitalized autonomous organizations at present. It launched its governance token in September 2020 and earned itself the title to be a legitimate DAO. It works as one of the top-tier active decentralized autonomous organizations as it provides more than thousands of crypto tokens that you can trade.

When a user remains active for some time, they can readily apply for their governance rights within the organization. And through this, they can also become an integrated member. The membership and quality at Uniswap have thrived magnificently, and it is because it enjoys form control over the Decentralized Financial markets or the Defi markets. 

The crypto community is now well aware of this organization for the past few years. And recently, the market capitalization of Uniswap has also taken an impressive turn. 

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Peter Thiel, Alan Howard and Ben Zhou are the founders of BitDao. It is a Dao Example that is the largest treasury in the world. It reflects in the amount of investment this organization has, which is $2.5 billion. The organization invests in a broad range of decentralized financial or Defi projects. We can refer to BitDao as a robust and unique situation in this ecosystem. It has already successfully gathered a treasury of over $2.5 billion. 

The community uses mega raises for gathering its treasury, and it has also gained the attention of some of the most renowned investors, such as Peter Thiel, Alan Howard and the Founders Fund. Now, this organization is to begin investing in Defi projects, offer grants and lead token swaps to make its treasury more diverse. 

This Dao Example aims to attain the name of the most significant growth solution provider to the new crypto startups in the blockchain market. It has fueled and inspired numerous successful and well-known projects. Some of the examples include the Seascape Network (CWS), My Neighbor Alice (ALICE), Infinity Pad (IPAD) and Orion Protocol (ORN). The native cryptocurrency of this platform is DAO and you can stake it in the vaults of the DAO Maker. It will also enable you to earn a yield without much hassle. 

The DAO Maker is a platform for discovering new avenues in the crypto market, and it is doing so by enabling easy access to real-world assets. Since granting governance privileges to the organization’s members, this platform has reached out to new areas for moving tradable goods. They include freight-shipping invoices, business loans, real estate (both commercial and agricultural) and other receivables.

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The founder of the Constitution is Julian Weisser. It is quite a popular daos that instils group efforts for purchasing a copy of the U.S. Constitution. Now, you might ask, what is the purpose of such an organization? Well, it does have a purpose: to preserve history and follow the establishment. 

Even after failing to win a scarce copy of the U.S. Constitution, the ConstitutionDAO successfully vaulted the concept of DAOs with mainstream culture. The rare copy of the U.S. Constitution was in the Sotheby’s auction. It reflected how powerful a community organization could be, and the speed of the fundraising in the DAOs demonstrated how the crypto groups could experience sways in the world. Additionally, it has been an inspiration to several similar activities and incidents. 

Aragon is a well-known popular daos that enables other platforms to introduce their decentralized autonomous organizations. Its motive is to empower clients to connect with anybody, despite their location worldwide, through assisting the DAO infrastructure. At present, Aragon includes over 1500 decentralized autonomous organizations, each with substantially high investments and money behind them. 

ANT is the DAO token of this platform and is very popular among its users. It allows the users to decide the future of any project they want. The platform also provides one of the best DAO tokens, enabling token holders to join and create DAOs based on Aragon.

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The MANA and LAND holders are the main reasons the DecentralandDAO is the best dao platform. They are a decentralized city planning committee, in the metaverse. When you decide if mall developers deserve a grant, this platform comes into play. As its name suggests, the platform includes a decentralized governing body that has the duties of more than ninety thousand parcels of the virtual platform.

We can call this platform an amalgamation of a homeowners association and a committee for city planning. The difference is that everyone on the committee has voting power in the case where the functioning of the organization has to rely on elected representatives. 

Decred is another best dao platform with high ratings that deals in DAO projects. DCR is the native token of the forum and functions as a governance cryptocurrency. 

The platform is an integration of working mechanisms that include the blending of the proof-of-stake and proof-of-work consensus models. It does not allow any radical policy, because of its feature of being a decentralized and self-governing organization. 

The new DAO members are familiar with Decred because it enables everyone equal rights and project chances, except for a few prominent stakeholders and miners. The market capitalization of Decred is also highly impressive. 

In our list of daos, LexDAO is for legal engineers or for legal-minded engineers interested in the world of crypto. But what is the function of such an organization? Well, it functions to transform legal services into codes. It is a common step for many to consider this organization a law firm or a place to reach out for legal advice. Instead, it is a platform where there are people who are attorneys and are keen to build tools that blockchain projects can utilize to replace the hard-to-access and expensive legal services. 

The MKR token holders are the leading minds of this organization. It is the largest central bank for the decentralized financial sector and the creator of the most prominent decentralized stablecoin DAI. the organization functions to bring real-world assets into crypto. The Maker has been one of the most crucial components in decentralized finance because of the essentiality of its native algorithmic stablecoin DAI. 

Final Words

The upcoming prospects of online transactions and decentralized networks can be all the decentralized autonomous organization examples. It offers autonomy and liberty of functioning. The majority of the users of the DAOs have been satisfied and happy. It is because they have been enjoying the independence and benefit of the self-governance model that the DAOs have offered. 

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