Blockchain Messaging App: Top 10 Decentralized Apps For Chat

It is common among all that we start and end our day by texting someone through some or the other messaging app on our phones. Messaging applications have helped us stay connected with our near and dear ones throughout the entire globe, and we can even talk to strangers through such apps. But, there is one issue with the apps that we currently use. 

They are the messaging apps of the web2 platform. They are centralized and pose high threats to our security and privacy. We do not have a hundred percent guarantee that our data and information are safe, and even our privacy is under substantial threat. Is there a way to enjoy chatting on a better and safer platform? 

Yes, definitely! The blockchain messaging app available on the web3 platform guarantees the safest and most enhanced online chatting experience. The web3 platform is the future and the most augmented web form. It beholds the future of the Internet, and the blockchain messaging app available on the platform offers numerous benefits. 

Therefore, we will discuss the Top blockchain messenger in the following discussion. So, follow our discussion below and choose one of the best decentralized messaging apps.

What Are Decentralized Messaging Apps? 

First, let us understand what a Decentralized Messaging App is. We all know about messaging apps. They are the applications that enable us to communicate with people across the globe through messages or text, video calls, voice messages, sending images, videos, and the like. When these apps are built on the decentralized platform of web3, which automatically enables them to have the foundation on the blockchain system, they imbibe the best characteristics. They include decentralization; no permission is necessary for the app to function.

No authority holds ownership of your data and information on the blockchain based chat app. It guarantees you optimum security. Privacy on these apps is impeccable. And they offer the most highly enhanced user experience. The users have complete ownership over their data, which marks the significant difference between the messaging apps you use now and the apps of the decentralized platform. 

Now, let us begin the list of the Top blockchain messenger applications with their features. It will help you choose the one that you find will suit all your needs the best. So, the list is as follows. 

Top 10 Blockchain Messaging App

  1. Secretum
  2. ChatSecure
  3. Dust
  4. Wickr
  5. Echo
  6. Telegram
  7. E-Chat
  8. BlackBerry Messenger
  9. Status
  10. Cryptviser

List of Best 10 Blockchain Messaging App

  1. Secretum 

Secretum is the Decentralized Messaging App with its foundation in the Solana blockchain system. It is an incredible, safe, encrypted messaging application that enables users to exchange crypto assets effortlessly. It is as simple as sending SMS to one another and is possible because of the cutting-edge design of the platform. The web2 platform apps use cloud storage for storing the chats and messages of the users. But, at Secretum, the messages stored in the Secretum network are entirely secure and encrypted. No external source or individual can access the chats except for the user. 

The signup procedure is equally safe on this blockchain secure messaging app, and it is because it utilizes only the crypto wallet address of the users. Therefore, it is a hundred per cent safe and anonymous method of signing up in the app. Additionally, suppose you message and contribute to added nodes that lead to the expansion of the Secretum network. In that case, you receive regards to staking and native SER coins at this decentralized messaging platform. 

  1. ChatSecure 

ChatSecure is another blockchain messenger which uses blockchain for secure messaging decentralized and encrypted, and it is compatible with ios and Android. The app is free and open source that includes the feature of OTR encryption over XMPP. If you have an existing google account, you can readily link it or create a new one on public XMPP servers that even include Tor. The users can also connect to their servers for better security. 

Through its decentralized messaging protocol, the app is interoperable with clients compatible with XMPP and OTR, including Adium, Jitsi and the like. It uses popular cryptographic libraries that keep all the chats of the users secure and private. 

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  1. Dust 

Dust is the blockchain messenger that was the first blockchain messaging platform to arrive. The date of its arrival or launch was March 1, 2014. This app has its foundation in Los Angeles, and Mark Cuban is a significant backer of the app. And he was responsible for the platform gaining popularity among the media. 

The Blockchain chat application has some exciting features. One of them is its feature of automatically deleting the chats from the sender and the receiver’s end after 24 hours. Many refer to this feature as “Dusting”. After the users receive the confirmation message, they can delete their messages from their inboxes. 

  1. Wickr 

Wickr is a Decentralized chat application using blockchain technology that makes chatting more secure than ever. It aims to return the control of security to the users. World leaders, journalists, executives, celebrities, world rights activists and all your nearest peers trust this platform for connecting and communicating most privately and safely. The four most renowned organizations in the world have verified this platform’s codes, premises, and policies. 

The Wickr team includes the most experienced and skilled security and privacy professionals who are diligent towards offering the best and the most robust social system across the globe by providing the most secure and private system of communication by using blockchain secure messaging.

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  1. Echo

The blockchain that this Blockchain chat application uses is the Graphene blockchain system. Therefore, all your chats are optimally safe, secure and under optimal protection. The app offers the feature of sending multimedia messages added with live encryption of every video and audio stream possible with the service. You can also readily transfer crypto transactions directly through this blockchain based chat app. And it is possible because of the decentralized feature of the platform and its built-in ability. 

  1. Telegram 

Telegram is a Decentralized chat application using blockchain technology, becoming increasingly popular in the past few years. It helps in not just communicating via messages; it also helps in watching various movies. It is impeccable and inimitable in its speed and security measures. This free app syncs across all devices, and you can use it daily on your laptops, phone or computers. 

The blockchain messenger app offers no limit on the number of messages, videos, photos or file types through it. This app’s groups and broadcast lists have been as high as 220 members, and it is undoubtedly one of the best applications on the decentralized chat system. 

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  1. E-Chat

The E-Chat software uses blockchain for secure messaging and enables you to use IPFS technology and peer-peer messaging services together. There is no central data storage on this platform, unlike the ones available in the apps that we frequently use today, and it ensures the security and privacy of our messages. The MIM attacks do not occur on this platform because of its dev realized fayre.

This blockchain based messaging app offers the users rewards for their content contribution to the platform through monetary compensation. You can readily make subscription channels that we call Crypto, like in the content producer section of the app. 

  1. BlackBerry Messenger 

BlackBerry Messenger also uses blockchain for secure messaging and is comfortable for iOS and Android. You can call this app BBM as well. Its decentralized messaging protocol ensures that whatever the users share on this platform is under the complete control of the users themselves. The app is free and was quite a popular messaging app in the decentralized world until the introduction of the iPhone. In this blockchain based messaging app, only you and the receiver, that is, the receiver and sender, have access to the encryption keys. 

  1. Status 

Status uses one of the most well-known expensive blockchain systems, Ethereum. The decentralized messenger blockchain enables users to keep their private information secure from external access. All messages and texts you drive through this app are specific through end-to-end encryption. The decentralized messenger blockchain system utilizes the built-in browser and enables the users to discover the numerous decentralized applications we more popularly call the DApps.

  1. Cryptviser 

Cryptviser is the most secure messaging app because of its decentralized feature and its ability to eradicate man-in-middle or MITM attacks. This most secure messaging app eliminates the central servers and the user information from being under centralized control. The CCO of this blockchain messenger app, Mark Rabbit, stated that this platform aims to offer an equal level of secure chat services that huge enterprises and governments enjoy worldwide. 

Final Words 

Using the blockchain for secure messaging is the best and safest decision. The apps of the decentralized platform ensure the safeguarding of your messages and information from any external source, and complete ownership of your data belongs to you only. And we have offered you the list of apps that provide your messaging services on the decentralized platform. You can readily opt for the decentralized messaging platform that suits all your preferences and needs and enjoy the safest and most enhanced experience of chatting with anyone in any corner of the world.

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