Best Web3 Social Networks & Top Web3 Social Media Platform

Precis: Social media is a place where idea grows. So, here we will talk about the top web3 social media platforms. 

If we ask about one web part we can not live without, what can that be? Well, the undeniable and common answer has to be social media platforms. Only a minor part of the global population does not use social media platforms. And those who use social media know how influential they are in our lives. 

As we all know, the future of the web will be all about Web 3.0. It will contain the features of decentralization, openness, and optimum safety and security. The best part about it is that the web3 platform also consists of a social media platform. This implies we can enjoy the different benefits of the web3 platform and at the same time experience all the features of social media platforms that we use today but in a decentralized form. 

Therefore, we have put forward the following discussion where we talk about the web3 social media platforms and the necessary aspects of it. We will cover what the web3 social media platform is and how it is different from traditional social media platforms and then offer a List of Web3 Social Media Apps & Sites which are the best available on the web3 platform. So, let us begin the discussion without any further delay.

What Is A Web3 Social Platform?

So, what is a web3 social platform? Most simply put, we can say that the social media platforms on the web3 platform are the social web platforms. These platforms are decentralized and do not require any authority’s permission to function. The question-  “what is a web3 social platform?” makes it necessary that we mention one crucial aspect of web3 social media platforms. It also promises to go beyond the 2D interactions that we get in the web2 social media platforms and therefore, enables us to enjoy a more profound experience. It instills integrating the physical and the virtual worlds. 

The web3 social media apps are the reactions on the blockchain system, which makes it possible to use crypto, does not require the users to rely on one another, and does not track the data or information of the users. Therefore, it ensures maximum safety and privacy. 

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Web3 Social Media Vs. Traditional Social Media

You can consistently hear that web3 social media platforms are better than web2 platforms. Why is it so? A Web3 Social Media Vs. Traditional Social Media list will help you understand where the difference lies between web3 and conventional social media platforms. So, here is the list that offers you a brief explanation of Web3 Social Media Vs. Traditional Social Media.

  • Use Of Currency 

The first point of difference can be the type of money or currency that is in use on the two platforms. A web3 social media platform uses cryptocurrencies and digital currencies that undergo encryption for making payments and transactions. Whereas, in traditional social media platforms, the currency is fiat money, which the government issues.

  • Information Ownership 

The web2 social media platform assumes all the powers of content ownership. Therefore, it leads to issues and concerns about access to the content. Moreover, the users lack anonymity and protection of their data online. On the other hand, being decentralized, the web3 social network enables users to stay anonymous. Their data is secure, and their privacy is also unbreakable.

  • AI And Machine Learning Decentralized Applications 

The social media platforms for web2 include bookmarking, blogs, podcasts, video streaming sites, RSS feeds, and the like. At the same time, the Decentralised social media platforms include AI and Machine learning decentralized applications, also known as the DApps. They also have 3D portals and virtual worlds. 

  • User Experience 

A web3 social media platform undoubtedly offers a better user experience than a web2 or traditional social media platform. Because the speed of web social media apps is faster than traditional ones, the security and privacy of content in web3 are inimitable. Lastly, the ownership of content in web3 social media platforms belongs to the users, unlike the web2 social media apps.

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Now, let us look into the List of Web3 Social Media Apps & Websites that are the top available on the web3 platform. The list is as follows. 

List of Best Web3 Social Networks

  1. Minds
  2. Steem
  3. Mastodon
  4. DiamondApp
  5. Audius
  6. Aether
  7. LBRY
  8. Peertube
  9. Pixelfed
  10. Signal

Top 10 Web3 Social Networks


Minds are among the best Web3 Social Networks, similar to the popular web2 social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram. It is an open-source platform and offers the users optimum internet liberty, social reach, and, most importantly, revenue. Yes, the users, in reality, receive payment for their contribution on this web3 social network. Users can post images, blogs, videos, and statuses and definitely can chat with their friends or have video calls via Minds. 


Steem is another one of the most popular and best web3 social networks. It is a social blockchain with an impeccable design for app builders looking forward to creating content-focused and social applications. 

It offers the benefit of not starting from the beginning in developing a blockchain. This crypto Social media app ensures robust and rapid transitions and has the reputation of carrying out more transactions than theorem and bitcoin together. Steem is the first blogging platform that used crypto as its reward system. 


Twitter is one of the most well-known social media platforms on the web2 platform. And in the web3 social network, Mastodon is a web3 twitter alternative. It is a decentralized open-source social media platform that is not a single website but a global network that includes numerous communities. These communities are “instances”, and different organizations or individuals run each instance. If you want to create your community on this platform, you can readily. And like you, anyone can do the same. 


DiamondApp is a Crypto Social media app that is another alternative to Twitter. We can also call it an enhanced and better version of BitCloud. This social media platform allows its users to buy and trade tokens of the influencers that they prefer on it. The readers can readily commend the tweets of the platform users.


Audius is a Web3 Social Media Example for musicians and users who are fans of video streaming platforms. Among all the decentralized social media platforms, it is one of the top platforms for streaming. It fetches as many as more than 5 million users every month. This blockchain-based streaming platform provides artists with a considerable reward for their contribution. This crypto Social media app gives unsigned musicians and artists a chance to publish their music, evolve, and grow unstoppably. 


Aether is a Web3 Social Media Example for Reddit alternative on the web3 platform. It is an open-source, P2P platform that is devoid of self-hosting. Further, it consists of self-governing communities that include auditable moderations and mod elections. The communities here are democratic, electing the mods and impeaching them via voting. Thus, this becomes a unique feature of Aether. 


Youtube is the most popular video streaming platform on the web2 platform. And for the web3 platform, LBRY is the perfect Web3 Social Media Example for YouTube. 

It is an open-source and blockchain-based decentralized platform for video streaming, and users share content like books, games, and movies. 


Peertube is one of the many alternative web3 social media apps for Youtube. It is a decentralized P2P platform that includes self-hosting. Framsoft, a French company, developed this social media platform on web3. The goal of this platform is to curb the corporate monopoly and, thus, does not depend on advertisements and does not track its users. 


Pixelfed is one of the Best Web3 Social Networks that forms the perfect alternative to Instagram. It is also a decentralized and open-source platform that includes self-hosting. The underlying open protocol Pixelfed uses is the same as that of Mastodon. It is similar to that Instagram, except for the features of it being decentralized, open-source, and based on a blockchain system. 


In our list of web3 social media apps, Signal is the last one. It is similar, the perfect alternative for WhatsApp, and the interface also looks almost alike. Since it is a social media platform for chatting, it also becomes an alternative to Facebook messenger. It is open-source and does not include self-hosting. 

Final Words

We can say that our discussion was quite a fruitful one. You can answer the question- What is a web3 social platform? Along with it, you can also discuss the beneficial aspects of Web3 Social Media Vs. Traditional Social Media. And our most important part of the discussion was the List of Web3 Social Media Apps & Sites. Now, you can substitute all your traditional social media sites and apps with the more enhanced and advanced web3 social media apps and sites. With these apps and sites, you can enjoy a seamless and the most secure social media experience.

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