Best Web3 Startups: The Future of Internet

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Technology is an unstoppable cycle of improvements. Through its progress, we have been enjoying the best of the world. We have also received the entire globe under our fingertips. And to our amazement, technology and its advancements are now promising us a better future for the internet. The current internet is all about the Web 2.0 iteration. But, the future will be all about Web 3.0, which is even more enhanced, filled with benefits of all aspects, and will make our user experience incomparably fascinating.

And on such an enhanced web platform, one of the most beneficial things to do is start your own business or look for startups to work with. For such a well-integrated and far-fetched plan, you must take assistance from worthy startups. And thus, we have the following discussion laid out for you! We will discuss the ten best web3 startups to help you grow your business on the web3 platform.

We will include the different features of each startup so that you can analyze them precisely and choose the best-suiting startup that would effortlessly fit in and comply with all your preferences and goals. So, let us now begin our discussion without any further ado.

What Are Web3 Startups?

Web startups offer corporations and startup investors ready-made and low-code technological platforms that help them deploy and manage new solutions. It helps them with minimum effort, risk and investors.

Web3 startups include patents in mobile wallets, security, digital currencies, and payment solutions. Therefore, if you are looking forward to utilizing one of the web3 startups available, you must hire the best ones. And thus, we have the following list of the ten best web3 startups with their features that will ultimately help you pick the most suitable one.

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List of Top 10 Best Web3 Startups

  1. Chaingrep
  2. OpenSea
  3. Terra
  4. Gemini
  5. Pillow Fund
  6. Circle
  7. KrypC
  8. Celsius
  9. GuardianLink
  10. Polygon

Chaingrep: Fastest Growing Web3 Startup 2022

With its foundation in 2022, it is one of the fastest growing Web3 startups. It has its headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Rosco Kalis is the founder of this startup, and he founded Chaingrep as a search engine. It was supposed to be for the on-chain transactions and digital assets.

To ensure the optimum experience for the users, Chaingrep made an Etherscan. Therefore, it has removed all the unrequired noise. As a result, it has guaranteed that the experience of obtaining on-chain information is equally effortless for the users.


OpenSea is a marketplace with its foundation in blockchain systems and is a platform for NFTs. The foundation of this startup platform was in 2017, and it is in New York City, United States. OpenSea offers a marketplace for digital assets; crypto-collectable and non-fungible ERC-20 tokens represent them.

The investors of this platform include as many as 57 investors. Among which some of the names are Paradigm, Andreessen Horowitz, and Coatue. Further, the platform also supports other tokens related to arts, domain names, music, trading cards, the virtual world, and many more. This makes it one of the top web3 startups.

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Terra is one of the top web3 startups in Seoul, South Korea. It had its foundation in 2018. We can refer to Terra as a decentralized financial infrastructure that effortlessly allows its users to carry out payments through cryptocurrencies. It focuses on price stability and the users can readily use it for payments and many more.

The platform attains its value from transaction costs that it collects on the Terra network. And as a result, the platform can offer a decentralized asset. Therefore, it has become one of the finest and most efficient decentralized financial apps. All the eCommerce platforms allowing the token enables users to carry out crypto payments.


Gemini is one of the simplest yet one of the best web3 startups. Its foundation year was 2015, based in New York City, USA.

Gemini is an app-based platform for regular trading with cryptocurrency. The app is compatible and available on Android and iOS devices. Further, enables users to effortlessly exchange digital currency with the help of electronic reading tools. It allows you to buy, sell and trade digital assets. The digital assets include NFTs and crypto. The platform has 16 investors behind it, including, 10T, and Morgan Creek Capital Management.

Pillow Fund

Pillow Fund is one of the fastest growing web3 startups India, with its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka. With its year of foundation being 2021, it is new to the Web3 startups list. Although it is quite a recent startup on the web3 platform, is equally efficiently thriving. It is a decentralized platform for financial investment and enables users to optimize their earnings in crypto. They guarantee minimal or negligible hassles in the process.

The research team of this startup ensures going through more than 500 protocols on ten different chains. They do so to guarantee their users the safest and the most secure approach to earn the maximum level of profits one possibly can. The users need not bend backward and go back and forth from the exchange to their custodial wallet to bridge the suitable chains and discover their assets. Instead, at Pillow Fund, they can invest in just one step.

Circle: Best Web3 Startup USA

The Circle is one of the best web3 startups in the United States. It is a cross-border payment solution for all businesses that emphasize cryptocurrency. Its foundation was in 2013, and its key investors include BlackRock, Fidelity Investments, and Marshall Wace. Although other than them, there are 32 other investors behind this startup platform. It also provides its users with an API for payment processing and payouts, APU for global payouts solutions. There are many more beneficial features that this platform has to offer its users. The application of Circle is available and compatible with Android devices. 

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KrypC is another top web3 startup in India, based in Bangalore, Karnataka. The year of its foundation was 2016, and it is a blockchain software corporation. It has offices all around the globe, in the United States, India, and the Netherlands. Further, it includes patents in digital currencies, mobile wallets, payment solutions, and safety.

KrypC offers ready-to-use and reduced software packages to entrepreneurs and businesses. It helps to deploy and manage creative solutions by instilling minimal time, risk and money. The platform most recently created the Prototype version of its technology, KrypCore. It will help eliminate all the barriers that bar businesses from adopting blockchain. As a result, the company can create its blockchains. KrypC uses technology platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger, and multichain.

Celsius: Top Web3 Startup 2022

Celsius is one of the fastest growing web3 startups that offer solutions for online exchange, liquidity, and swap for cryptocurrency. You can readily borrow loans on this platform using crypto holding as your collateral. The platform has its base in Hoboken, United States, and its foundation was in 2017. There are 14 investors behind this platform, two of which are Tether and WestCap. The users can earn interest through the coins that they use as POS collateral or the coins from the user’s wallet. Celsius also provides P2P crypto transfer solutions to its users.


GuardianLink is the next name in the web3 startups list. It is the fastest growing web in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The year of its foundation was 2016, and it is a no-code NFT platform. No-code NFT means that it includes non-fungible tokens. It allows businesses, artists, celebrities and investors worldwide to design dropships for NFTs. Moreover, it enables high-end companies and artists to make their own no-code customised NFTs. GuardianLink makes it possible by using built-in templates and professional contract management.

Furthermore, the primary functions of this company include the No Code NFT Platform, Legitimacy Protocol, Cross-Blockchain Royalty Rights and Cross-Marketplace. It also took a more incredible and effortful leap to ensure that the safety, legitimacy and personal details of the users and NFT are unsurpassable and robust.


Polygon is a well-known web3 startup 2022. It is a platform that includes Ethereum scaling and has obtained its popularity by enabling programmers to create scalable decentralized applications with the lowest transaction fees. They also ensure that the users enjoy optimum security. Polygon uses a customised proof-of-stake consortium blockchain to guarantee uniformity on each block. 

This platform can enhance the blockchain project’s scalability, flexibility and sovereignty effortlessly. It also uses MATIC for patent network administration, security and transaction fees.

Final Words

So now you are all set to choose the best web3 startup among the top web3 startups mentioned above. It will be best if you go through the features and visit their respective websites to learn more about them and analyse your goals, requirements, and available skills. Then choose the startup accordingly that will help you thrive and flourish and reach all the goals you set the aim for.

But, if you want to know a little about every best web3 startup, this list is enough.

Choose wisely!

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