Top 10 On Demand Staffing Apps & Platforms in 2023

These days a number of recruiters are in search of gig workers for temporary jobs. But it’s not always easy to find the right employees, and it’s quite a task to vet them before hiring. So, recruiters rely on an on demand staffing application which makes the process much simpler.

In this article, we will understand the features of such apps and a list of the top apps for on demand recruitment services!

What Are On Demand Staffing Applications?

On demand staffing apps connect businesses or individuals with freelancers or temporary workers for short-term projects or tasks. These apps can be downloaded to smartphones, computers, and other gadgets. So they’re easy ways to find the perfect people for a temporary job.

Other than that, background checks, scheduling, payroll processing, and communication tools can all be provided by these on demand staffing solutions to make the hiring process easier. By allowing businesses to post jobs, set pay rates, and create job descriptions without having to speak with an account representative, these apps give them control over hiring.

How Do On Demand Staffing Apps Work?

These apps offer similar solutions and hence have a similar process of working. Their features and usage might differ, but the ultimate goal remains more or less the same. Signing up and creating a business profile are the first steps in using the majority of on demand staffing apps. You can immediately post open shifts from there. 

In most cases, there are fields in the job posting that let you describe the skills needed, the hourly rate, the expected length of the shift, and any other necessary information. 

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So, you can fill in these details and make the post live, where workers will finally apply. Typically, all temp workers go through a screening process that includes a phone interview and an online skills test. You can also read reviews and look at candidates’ profiles with the majority of apps.

List Of Top 10 On Demand Staffing Apps To Explore

  • UpShift
  • RecruiterFlow
  • Workday
  • Zoho
  • Jobber 
  • Zelos
  • FlexShift
  • Gig Assist
  • Wonolo
  • Adia

Best On Demand Staffing Apps To Recruit Temp Workers

1. UpShift

Upshift is a free business and commerce website for job seekers and employers as well. People can hire staff on an hourly basis using this website and its on demand staffing solutions. Workers can choose where and when they want to work from this location.

The app enables businesses to quickly and easily hire qualified employees. The employees who apply are subjected to stringent screening. Upshift is pleased about offering something beyond momentary movements. It has every one of the kinds of employing needs for organizations. The app can be downloaded from both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

2. Recruiterflow 

Recruiterflow is a cutting-edge CRM and on demand staffing application made to boost recruiting efficiency. Among the features are the capabilities for sourcing, pipeline management, recruiting workflow automation, productivity support, and a comprehensive reporting suite. It has a user interface that is clutter-free and packed with powerful features without sacrificing user experience. 

Utilizing the Google Chrome extension provided by Recruiterflow, you will be able to quickly and easily locate potential candidates on LinkedIn, Github, AngelList, and Xing. In addition, you can post jobs for free on job boards like ZipRecruiter, Indeed, LinkedIn, and others.

3. Workday

Companies can use Workday to manage talent development, performance, compensation, and recruitment. The hiring procedure is centralized by Workday’s recruiting software. It is one of the on demand work apps that provides internal privacy and security controls for sensitive requisitions. 

A leaderboard with points for recommending candidates makes the platform ideal for employee referrals. Workday also permits employees to offer endorsements, which assist recruiters in enhancing talent pools. The collaboration tools in the app make it simple to connect recruiters, hiring managers, and other stakeholders. As a result, you can create hiring teams and customize workflows to fill roles more quickly.

4. Zoho  

Zoho Recruit is a staffing software for corporate hiring teams and on demand recruitment services. The tool makes it easier to hire a workforce that meets the changing demand for talent and hire more qualified candidates. Users can automate and manage candidates, clients, and contacts, post jobs to multiple job boards, and spend less time on routine tasks. 

The staffing software from Zoho Recruit addresses a number of obstacles that recruiters face. Zoho Recruit provides comprehensive solutions for both in-house recruiters and staffing agencies, allowing users to find, track, and hire the best candidates without having to juggle multiple media.

5. Jobber 

Jobber is a cloud-based field service management software solution. It also works as a great on demand staffing platform. And its scheduling module can update any job in real time with information on completed tasks and project progress, allowing management to effectively monitor field staff. Management teams can assign multiple field technicians to a single assignment by creating individual jobs or recurring contracts. 

The customer relationship management (CRM) module of Jobber lets users create custom fields, tags, attach files or phones, and do other things. It will keep track of past employees’ contact information. All of this can be traced back to the work history and billing. The app has some interactive features like creating appointments easily or keeping track of jobs. 

6. Zelos 

Zelos is one of the leading on demand job apps that encourages self-scheduling and live communication among flexible teams. Managers can establish communication groups and open shifts and tasks. Team members are notified whenever there are new jobs that match their profile. Since picking up a task only requires one click, onboarding new employees is quick and does not necessitate additional training.

Employers can use it to locate gig workers without having to manage multiple platforms. Mobile workforce management and volunteer management benefit greatly from their on-demand staffing solutions.

7. FlexShift

FlexShift is a platform for on demand staffing services that connects companies with high-quality, verified gig workers. They help companies fill hourly positions in the hospitality, clerical, and light industrial sectors. There are job listings for a variety of industries and the app is easy to use. It is a reputable staffing platform as a service due to its features and variety of jobs.

To guarantee consistent and satisfactory service for all of your temp staffing requirements, they conduct regular audits. The on demand staffing platform caters to all kinds of hiring requirements for businesses.

8. Gig Assist 

Gig Assist is one of the top work on demand apps that will change the way you connect with talent. You can use Gig Assist to get access to a large pool of skilled people who are ready to help you with temporary staffing. You can easily review a wide range of professionals who have gone through a rigorous screening process. 

This procedure includes in-depth user ratings and reviews, thorough background checks, social verifications, and comprehensive skills assessments. Using this app, recruiters can easily find and choose the best candidates for their needs. It will help you find gig workers whom you need to effectively meet your customers’ needs. 

9. Wonolo

Wonolo connects businesses with skilled workers who perform well. Specifically tailored to your requirements and interests, their team provides market information on growth trends, local earnings data, and performance metrics. The on demand staffing application enables businesses to manage their temporary workforce, review worker profiles, and post job requests.

Before any employees can begin using the app to work, the app screens them all. This helps businesses find the right workers for their needs and ensures that workers are dependable and effective. The Wonolo app can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android devices. 

10. Adia

Adia is a platform for on demand staffing services that helps businesses hire gig workers. They make it easier for warehouses, factories, and hospitality establishments to find the people they need. Adia’s fully digital staffing solution gives you talent on demand whenever and wherever you need them. The governance and strategic program expertise necessary to manage your workforce is provided by their scalable solutions.

The app manages the paperwork for talent screening and staffing within their system, making it simple to find the best employee for your job. Employers can use Adia’s on demand staffing solution to find the right workers for their open positions from a wide range of fields.


It is easier to find employees who are efficient with the help of an on demand staffing application. This list has some of the leading apps that offer recruiters with a number of fields to find gig workers who are trustworthy. And the best part is that these apps do most of the work, so you find good people while also saving time!

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