List of Third Party Delivery Services – Updated List 2022

In this contemporary world, when everyone is busy making their living better every day, you can utilize third party delivery services to boost your sales. Whether you sell food, groceries, or alcohol, incorporating third party delivery services can take off a lot of burden from your shoulders. With busy schedules, most people order their luxuries and necessities online. This is making online ordering grow 300% faster. On this account, most businesses have started reserving their space online to make ordering easy for their customers. Yes, building your territory online is quite easy if you follow the right procedure. However, delivering things to your customers’ doors is not as easy as said. This is when the third party delivery services come into play. 

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Although you can opt for your own delivery services, why take so much stress when you can just abide by the assistance of the experts? This may sound a little expensive to you, or you may think, why share the profits with anyone? But trust the process with them as the right, and on-time delivery with a polite attitude will only spread the positivity for your brand. Consequently, boost sales. Therefore, keeping in mind the benefits businesses can get from third party delivery services, we, in this article, are representing the list of third party delivery services.

So, without dawdling, let’s jump to the list. 

List of Third Party Delivery Services

Just like the businesses differentiate themselves in different categories, we will also cover the list accordingly. First, in the list of third party delivery services, we will talk about the third party food delivery services.

  1. Doordash
  2. Uber Eats
  3. Grubhub
  4. 2ndkitchen
  5. Postmates
  6. Instacart
  7. Whole Foods Market
  8. Hungryroot
  9. Drizly

5 Best Third Party Food Delivery Services

List of Third Party Delivery Services
Source – LA Times

1. Doordash 

Doordash is the big cheese in the food delivery game. Confused, what do we just state? Well, it managed to hold the largest share in the delivery market. To be precise, as of early 2019, it owned a 27.6% share, which is huge. Operating in 4000 cities, with over 310,000 restaurant partners, it claims to serve 80% of US customers.

Further, Doordash has massive popularity. Due to this, it pleads that it can get your restaurant new customers. Not only this, but it also states that your restaurant can get around 92% of orders from new customers.

Furthermore, the features like categorizing restaurants according to location, type of food, delivery speed, and live time status tracking of the order make this the user’s favorite. 

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2. Uber Eats

With Uber Eats, Uber offers consumers third-party delivery services in addition to rideshare services. You’ll have to pay a one-time processing fee of $350 and a commission charge of 20%-30% after that. It may seem a little pricey, but it is worth the pay. To back up this statement, we have some facts for you. 

As per McKinsey & Company, Uber Eats is the second most popular delivery service in the US, after Doordash. Although this third party food delivery service came late in the delivery game, it caused a stir. One of the reasons behind this success was that this food delivery service got a huge benefit from its Uber ride-sharing service customers. The Uber profile, Uber Cash, Uber rewards, and Uber One pass can be used across both Uber Eats and Uber. Thus, it encourages Uber drivers to use Uber Eats. Further, the Postmates users have been absorbed into Uber’s network following Uber’s recent acquisition of Postmates and merger with that company.

3. Grubhub

GrubHub is another name that offers third party food delivery services. It is the elder in the food delivery market as it was founded in 2004. And from the time it was based, it managed to become the big boy in this market. It claims that its partners enjoy the 6x higher growth as the restaurant’s takeout order volume increases by an average of 20% in a month. Adding Grubhub to your restaurant’s delivery menu can be expensive, depending on your marketing package. Still, on its website, you can calculate your restaurant’s projected monthly profit using Grubhub’s price calculator. 

4. 2ndKitchen

Well, this is another third party food delivery service, but it works a bit different. This is a food and drinks delivery service company that offers its service to hotels that are kitchen-less but still want to deliver the food to their customer’s rooms. Restaurants can become exclusive delivery partners (or room service providers) for local businesses such as breweries, bars, hotels, and residential buildings through SecondKitchen. They then offer your food to customers and promote your business. In much the same way that traditional delivery services pick up and deliver orders to businesses, 2ndKitchen works as well. In addition, restaurants and ghost kitchens may join 2ndKitchen to expand their online sales.

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5. Postmates

We often wonder from where the online food delivery service trend came up. Well, we can say that Postmates was a great influence. Gaping, why? Because it was one of the first third party food delivery services to exist. They charge a commission fee that ranges from 15% to 30% per order. And, further, the sales tax hinges on that state. This third party delivery service provides services to around 7500 restaurants in about 4200 cities. With high popularity, it delivers food to about 80% of American houses. Besides, you can utilize its services if you want to grow your restaurant’s takeout deals by 200%. Furthermore, one of Postmates’ advantages is its user-friendly and well-designed interface. The site boasts engaging motion visuals and frequently gives discounts to existing customers.

And here, the list of third party food delivery services ends. By collaborating with the names on the list, you can definitely increase your reach and sales. Now, moving forward to the list of third party grocery delivery services

3 Best Third Party Grocery Delivery Services

Even after the pandemic, people prefer to order groceries online. So, if you want to grow your sales number, go through the list of third party grocery delivery services.

3 Best Third Party Grocery Delivery Services

1. Instacart 

This is the world’s largest online grocery service. It has the following specialties: 

  • You can shop from 500 million products available across the catalog 
  • Partners with 40,000 stores, ranging from local grocers to chain stores
  • Covers 5500 cities across US and Canada 
  • Picks and delivers millions of orders

Although Instacart’s main focus is grocery delivery, it also delivers alcohol and other retail products. In comparison to restaurant delivery services, there isn’t much for retail shop owners to consider when collaborating with Instacart. Its helping hand is so popular that you may find your business on the Instacart platform even without knowing it. 

Further, if you wish to provide online sales and delivery but do not currently have your own internal online delivery system, Instacart is excellent. Instacart is a hands-off service that takes no work from retailers other than listing products on Instacart and ensuring they are in stock.

2. Whole Foods Market

With the vegan and organic diet trends, businesses have now started listing their organic products on third party delivery services that offer organic groceries. This third party grocery delivery service caters to people that require a gluten-free, vegan, and paleo diet. The Whole Foods delivery program works the same as Amazon Fresh since Amazon owns Whole Foods.

3. Hungryroot

Like Whole Foods Market, this third party grocery delivery service allows you to list the items for diet-conscious people. They permit plant-based items. This service caters to health-conscious people. When the user lands on its service, they need to complete the quiz based on their food preferences, and then the service curates the plan to fill your cart. This includes the grocery and recipes. 

Hungryroot products are devoid of artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, high-fructose corn syrup, and artificial preservatives. Thus, making them a standout in the eyes of our Registered Dietitian. 

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Other Third Party Delivery Services

Drizly – For Alcohol Delivery 

Ever thought of letting people booze by ordering online? Well, this is possible now with Drizly. It is a popular alcohol delivery service. Just like groceries, people also want their booze bottles to be delivered online. Therefore, Drizly, aka a third party delivery service, came to the rescue of such people. It allows alcohol sellers to sell alcohol online. 

Like other third-party delivery applications, liquor stores and other alcohol suppliers can pay to add their business and its items on Drizly. Customers may then use the app to place orders and deliver goods to their houses. Despite the fact that retailers must pack and transport their own Drizly orders (except in places where third-party delivery services are allowed), Drizly assists you in putting your liquor store online and ensuring compliance with alcohol sales legislation.

Wrapping Up 

As you have gone through the list of third party delivery services, you are now all set to collaborate with them. However, you may wonder what the benefit of collaborating with them is. So, read the benefits to come out of this dilemma. 

  • Increase Your Visibility
  • Customers Expect Delivery Options
  • Survival During Pandemic 
  • Can Save You In Overhead
  • Third Party Delivery Services Are Convenient

After knowing the benefits, every business may want to get in touch with these third party delivery services. So, why wait? Take the necessary action now!

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